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Double Duty, Maybe Triple…

I’m still plugging away on my Documented Life Project journal.

When I first decided to participate in the project, I had envisioned using the journal as a multi-purpose means of doing several of the challenges that had sparked my interest – Documented Life Project, Journal 52, and perhaps even Project Life.

But, then I ran into a problem with how I was going to put it all together, and before I knew it, months had gone by without getting started. Now I’ve got it pretty much figured out and I’m trying to play catch up. It’s going              S-L-O-W-L-Y, but it’s going.

I got all the weekly challenges for DLP written in the journal to make it easier to get going on them…


Then did the same for Journal 52 Prompts.


Now I need to figure out how to roll Project Life into it, too, if I can.

I’m also feeling good about the progress I’m making getting the weekly pages painted and decorated, and the tip-in pages set up for the challenges and prompts to be added to them. It’s turning out to be MUCH more time consuming than I anticipated, but if I can pull it off, it’ll be a great keepsake of the year. Fortunately I’m really enjoying the time I’m putting in on it!

The possibility that I won’t get caught up still looms over me, but I’m going to remain positive about it…even if I don’t, it’ll be great practice for next year, and the creators have assured us there WILL BE a 2015 project. Woohoo!

A Little Urban Adventure

We’re pretty much small town kids who are now living in the ‘burbs of a bigger city.

Every once in awhile we go downtown, but it’s pretty much targeted – the Convention Center, a restaurant. Never just wandering.

My daughter had been taking the light rail into work while the freeway was messed up with construction, and thought the girls would get a kick out of seeing what she sees everyday. So we (Gaga, Da’, Mama and the girls) headed out on an adventure, taking the light rail train downtown for breakfast, playing around downtown, then lunch and home.

It really is quite an experience when you are accustomed to driving yourself every where you go. We Californians miss so much within the cocoons of our automobiles.

With all the stops it isn’t any faster, in fact it may take a little longer, but being able to read en-route makes it productive time, rather than wasted time, so there’s that. It’s also easier on the environment. And it sure is entertaining. The people who tend to ride the light rail are much more “interesting” looking (for lack of a better word) than the folks we normally come into contact with.  Lots of tatts, piercings, and crazy hair-dos. It was all we could do to keep the girls from staring.

We had breakfast at a little vegan, gluten free bakery. As much as I like the idea, the reality wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Maybe once we get ourselves off of so many carbs and less sugar it’ll taste better? Even though we couldn’t give it rave reviews, it felt good to know we were eating something healthier than normal bakery fare.


Then we headed to a park so the kids could run around and play. There were a couple of really cool artsy sculptures I was intrigued by, and Da’ had me do a goofy pose in front of one of them. I don’t know why we thought it was so funny, but we did!


From there we hoofed it to Ernesto’s (our current favorite Mexican restaurant) for lunch where we were able to consume less healthy food to balance out the healthy breakfast. And of course, no trip to Ernesto’s is complete without a margarita.

Then it was back to the train and the ride home. We’re hoping to do it again… There are so many cute looking shops and restaurants that appear to warrant further exploration.  It was fun to do something a little different, creative even, and the girls got a little taste of urban living. I’d say it was a day well spent.


A Gift From Gelli!

Remember back when Gelli Arts used a picture of my envelopes as advertising for their gelli plates?

Well, at the time, the lady who asked if she could use it said she’d send me their new product release and asked that I play with it and see what I thought about it. I was so thrilled. I’ve never been asked to try out a new product like that. There’s a first time for everything!

So, we returned home, and I had package from them! Yay!


It’s the two new sizes of Gelli plates – 5×7 and 3×5, just in time to take to my art group on Monday, and to use with the the Inspiration Decks I’ll be doing soon!

I can hardly wait to start experimenting!


South Lake Tahoe – Through a Tattered Lens

Well, we’re back in the real world after 6 days over in Lake Tahoe. I don’t know why we don’t go more often. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump away. And it’s soooo beautiful. I didn’t have my camera out much this trip – trying not to drive the fam crazy! Bad me. Next time I need some hack around by myself time – just me and my camera.

You’ve all seen the normal photos…these are the things I take note of that are just a little off kilter! Well, except for the 1st one. The lake itself is too gorgeous to pass up.


A downed tree on our hike…


Gorgeous aspen trees against a glorious sky…


My fence fetish continues…


Finding gold (well sorta…)


From the MS Dixie on the lake…


And her paddle wheel…


A threatening sky…


An interesting blend of architecture in Carson City – the old and the new…


LOVE these little trips, and looking forward to lots more!


Seeking Zen…

The Urban Dictionary defines “Zen” as a “state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.”

What is not to like about that? It is VERY appealing.

I’ve been so out of balance and so un-focused for so long, I don’t remember what it feels like (if I ever knew!)

I ran across this list on my Facebook newsfeed today, and it reminded me how difficult I find the whole process of being zen. It is so un-ME.

zen-wRight off the bat #1 is nearly impossible. I multi-task ALL. THE. TIME. I may be completely incapable of doing only one thing at a time.

#2, #3, and #4 seem equally unlikely to happen in my world.

#5…hmmmm. I’m not sure what that means. Put space between projects? Between stuff? Again, not sure  how it fits in my world.

#6. I like the idea of rituals, but until I began really thinking about it, I didn’t think I had any. But I do. When I get up in the morning, I tend to be a little cranky. So I start my morning with quiet time to linger over a cup of coffee and check in with the world via the computer. At night before bed, I slip out to the hot tub for a little soak to get myself drowsy.

#7. I’m guessing this means doing things a certain way all the time like walking every morning, or going to yoga every day? These are more routines than rituals, I guess, but they seem similar to me. I might could do that most of the time. But my life requires flexibility, so although I can shoot for routine, the chances of doing it EVERY day, are slim and none.

#8. I am a GOOD sitter. But I’m guessing this means sitting quietly and contemplating? That is problematic.

#9. Piece of cake. Finally, one I pretty much nail.

#10. I think I can do that.

#11. I think about what is necessary a lot. However, I have a difficult time determining what exactly IS necessary. There are things I have to do because they HAVE to get done. Those are easily “necessary.” But what about things that nourish me? Are those necessary? I think they are. But nourishing myself can easily consume all my time, so the other things don’t get done. Another problem.

#12. Live simply. Not gunna happen. I can simplify it some, but the idea of my life being simple is laughable.

SO does that mean a Zen-type life is not in the cards for me?

It may well be that it is not. BUT, any little steps I can make in that direction will be helpful.





Oh, No! Not Monopoly!

Monopoly. A game I despise. I shouldn’t, I know. It’s JUST a game. But over the years it’s brought out the worst in our family members. I bow out whenever I can. I mean, seriously, it’s a game where the point is for one person to amass all the assets while leaving everyone else bankrupt. Not exactly aligned with my values.

It’s actually been a long, long time since we’ve played. But now that there’s a whole new generation of victims players, interest has been revived – with Mr. Tattered as the ringleader.


I was sitting around enjoying my morning coffee when plans were made to get a game going. I did my best to beg off, but they just wouldn’t let it go, and I was pretty much FORCED to play.

Once her mama encouraged Bea to put hotels on her property,


things began to go downhill, as one after another of us had to pay the outrageous rent! First to go bankrupt was Mama, then Mr. Tattered.


Mr. Tattered called me and Hannah and Bea the Koch sisters, and we posed with our “haha!” faces!


Bea was the next to fall, followed by Hannah, and the person who dislikes the game and doesn’t like to play it, and who disagrees with nearly everything it teaches was victorious! We laughed and laughed and laughed.


It was a bit of a delicious irony!

Creating on Vacation!

Part of the fun we have on vacations is spending a little time creating together.

The project for the kids this trip was to get their “flat” kids decorated for the summer.

“Flat kids,” you ask?

My friend Lindsay Ostrom is the creator of Flat Fanny, Flat Freida and Flat Felix. You can read all about them on her blog, but in a nutshell, there are 3 pdfs, each with one character, that you can download, print and decorate how ever you’d like. Then you take your flat friend/friends on vacation with you all summer and photograph them on their adventures. Then you can share your photos on their own special Facebook page.

Although this started out as a grown-up endeavor, lots of kids have joined in. My 3 grandkids and I participated last year, and could hardly wait to get going with new friends this year!


Notice they are using my copic markers? I had to swallow hard with this one, but we forgot their “kid” markers, so I had to choose between foregoing the project or sucking it up and going for it. Fortunately they were VERY gentle with them! Whew!


I’m sure not loving the photos I’m getting with my iphone (or is it operator error?)


You may notice the deviation in this photo. Hannah is now a tomboy and can’t stand ANYTHING with a dress, so we altered Fanny so that she has shorts and a top. I’ll show you later – turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!



Bea, on the other hand is a fancy girl! The more ruffles and bling, the better! She loved Flat Frieda’s extra specially fancy outfit!



Then it was up to gawgs to cut them out and glue the pieces together!

Next day it was off to the “flat friends” first outing – breakfast at the yummy Driftwood Cafe!


We’re getting excited planning more outings, and you’ll be able to see some better detail!

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