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Oh, No! Not Monopoly!

Monopoly. A game I despise. I shouldn’t, I know. It’s JUST a game. But over the years it’s brought out the worst in our family members. I bow out whenever I can. I mean, seriously, it’s a game where the point is for one person to amass all the assets while leaving everyone else bankrupt. Not exactly aligned with my values.

It’s actually been a long, long time since we’ve played. But now that there’s a whole new generation of victims players, interest has been revived – with Mr. Tattered as the ringleader.


I was sitting around enjoying my morning coffee when plans were made to get a game going. I did my best to beg off, but they just wouldn’t let it go, and I was pretty much FORCED to play.

Once her mama encouraged Bea to put hotels on her property,


things began to go downhill, as one after another of us had to pay the outrageous rent! First to go bankrupt was Mama, then Mr. Tattered.


Mr. Tattered called me and Hannah and Bea the Koch sisters, and we posed with our “haha!” faces!


Bea was the next to fall, followed by Hannah, and the person who dislikes the game and doesn’t like to play it, and who disagrees with nearly everything it teaches was victorious! We laughed and laughed and laughed.


It was a bit of a delicious irony!

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