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Got Time For A Quick Gaga Story?

I am very lucky to be the caregiver to all four of my grandchildren while their parents work.

Three of the four are in school full time, so I don’t have a lot of time with them. Lexi (or Lulu, to me!) is in pre-school three days a week, so we have two days that Lulu calls “guhl’s days” –  or “girl’s” days.

We do a lot of different things – watch movies, do workbooks and puzzles, practice her ABCs and writing, go to her ballet class, she cooks for me in her little kitchen, we go shopping, and sometimes we just play.

One day last week we’d been playing princess. Lulu put her new “Ariel” crown on me and laughed and laughed.

SO, we finished our playing, had a little bite to eat then headed out to run a few errands.

First on our list was a visit to the credit union.

I walked up to the first available teller (a young lady I’ve known for years, and loves to visit with my grandkids when they come in with me) and she smiled and said, “well, hello there your majesty!” I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass, and I was still wearing the crown!

One of the nice things about being old is that things like that don’t phase you at all. I laughed and acted like I wear it all the time, and Lulu giggled and giggled. I took a selfie of the two us and asked her why she didn’t tell me I was still wearing the crown. She said, “It looks pretty!”

Ha! I think she’s right! Princess Gaga. I like it.


This Is What Crazy Looks Like

It’s December. Three days in, to be precise. Now is NOT the time to think of 25 projects I want to do, but here I am.

My house looks like a bomb went off in it.

The trees are up (all four of them) but only two are decorated.







I hit a wall with getting the big tree done when I couldn’t find the decorative lights that compliment the twinkle lights. What the heck? There are only so many places I could have put them, and they aren’t in any of them, so I suspect I thought they were getting old and needed to be replaced, so I tossed them last year. That’s my working theory, anyway. I have no recollection of doing it, but I can’t come up with another explanation.

Well, except that I can’t find the bows for the travel tree, or the grownup kid’s Christmas stockings either, so there might be a missing box. But how is that possible? I always put the Christmas decor away in the same place, and it’s not there. If there even is one. I guess I need to count this year.

I could have just gotten on with decorating the tree and skipped the extra lights, but that’s so not me. By the time I came to the conclusion I was not going to find them and needed to buy new ones, it was too late yesterday, so it went on the list for today. Half the weekend gone. And the towers of boxes glared at me.

This morning I headed out to buy lights and get my toes done, but I got sidetracked after the lights were purchased (I do love them, even though they aren’t exact replicas of the ones that went on a walk-about.)

So as I sit here tonight, I’m not much further along than I was yesterday (and my pedicure is so bad I had to wear closed toe shoes to go to Josh’s basketball game!) But I DID force myself to empty the boxes so I can see what I have to work with.

And I got the Nativity Set up. I’ve never found the perfect one until this year – Lori Mitchell’s skinny legged kids…I’m in love with it!

And yet the desire to make something is burning strong.

We went to a neighborhood social gathering last night, and I met the hostess, who it turns out is a “beader,” like me. She introduced me to Robert Redford’s “Sundance” catalog, with it’s eclectic curation of clothing, home decor and jewelry. She gets many of her ideas from it, and flipping through it, I just wanted to rush home and get my beads out. But no can do.

There are decorations to get up, advent boxes to be finished, A family Christmas letter to get written, cards to address, decluttering in advance of getting my new flooring in (which is its own nightmare!) And, oh, yeah, shopping yet to be done…

I joke that I get my best work done when I’m under incredible pressure. I hope it’s still true, because time is flying and I keep adding things I need to do instead of subtracting them.

Tomorrow I take the littles to school, then I have a few hours at home with no Mr. Tattered, and I’m going to try to be super productive. No excuses. But those toes DO need to get fancied up. No, no, no. I can’t allow for even the possibility. Toes must remain a mess until the decorating is complete. For sure. Ish.



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