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It’s Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!

Yet I’m feeling the need to give voice to my gratitude.

I am a very fortunate woman, and I know it.

I have a family I love very much, and they love me back. Not everyone has that.

I have a husband who loves me enough to risk the “wrath of me” by nagging me to take care of my back, when he can see me in pain, and not doing as much as I should to get rid of it. Takes a brave man to do that. I tend to not take nagging well.

I have wonderful friends in both the real world and cyberspace, and every once in awhile I get to meet one of the cyberspace friends in real live person, which always makes me happy. I got do just that twice in 2 weeks, so I’m grinning from ear to ear. This is Sally Rose. We’ve been friends for over 2 years, but we just got to hug for the first time!


I have the profound privilege of being able to care for my 3 grandchildren (soon to be 4!) while their parents work – which helps them out, while at the same time allows me to see them more often!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my time with them, even when we’re not doing anything special!

I live in a great town – big enough to have all the amenities I want, but not so big as to be claustrophobic – a quiet neighborhood, and a house I’m very comfortable in (yeah, I could use another bedroom, but other than that it’s about perfect!)

I am very grateful to have the freedom to do or not do pretty much anything I want. I can do art, I can clean house (Heaven forbid!) or go shopping, or sit on my booty all day and visit with friends on Facebook. It’s one of the few perks of old-ish age. It ALMOST makes the wrinkles seem like not such a bad thing. Okay, that’s a reach. I do hate the wrinkles.

Anyway. I’m grateful for so much. And I’m glad I take none of it for granted. That’s why it’s good to give thanks far more often than just on Thanksgiving!

Will You Consider Helping?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you had a sick child and could not afford whatever the treatment/therapy was that would cure them? If, in spite of all your hard work, you had no health insurance, or the insurance didn’t cover the therapy?

I think about it a lot, and to me it is grossly unfair.

Health care should not be something that only wealthy people can have. People should not have to sell everything they own, or have bake sales to raise money for medical treatment. It just feels so wrong, that at a time of intense emotional upset, raising money has to be such a huge energy suck.

This is an issue I am passionate about, but I’m going to try to stay off my soapbox and just do what I can to help. That’ s where you come in!

I have a friend who is going through this horror right now. She has a sick son, and his treatments are $10,000 each. It is not a covered treatment, even with the new provisions in the ACA. So she is thinking outside the box, trying to raise the money.

She is a jewelry artist, and is designing a bracelet or two she can sell with all the profits going into her son’s medical care. This is one she is considering.

pearlbracelet-wPhoto by Carolyn Chenault

She’s still working out the details, so I don’t have any information yet on how you can participate, but I wanted to plant the seed.

I’ll be posting about it again as soon as I have the details, and asking you to share the information with all your contacts and perhaps even buy a bracelet, if you feel moved to help.

In the meantime, please pray for this family. God will know who you’re talking about!

Another One?

Dang, I’ve got good taste in jewelry (if I do say so myself!)


And I’ve got very talented friends!

One of the wonderful things that came out of my business class “Flying Lessons” was the amazing group of women, my “tribe,” that came with it. In addition to learning some valuable lessons from the class, we’ve become friends and supporters of each other’s work.

Violet, the creator of this beautiful piece and owner of Kelly Mae Kreations, is one of those friends. Shortly after I purchased my last fabulous bracelet, she posted this amazing piece, and before I could shout “I want it!” I’d ordered it!

And now it has joined my prior purchase as one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

To see more of Violet’s work go to her blog at

When you find something you can’t live without, tell her I sent you!

It’s Complicated!

It was a funny movie, but it applies to life, as well.

Have you ever stopped to think about all the little thousands of things that need to be done to keep your life in some semblance of working order? I’m not talking about completely organized, running like clockwork, just run of the mill functioning. It’s really daunting how complicated life has gotten.

In spite of all my efforts to simplify, it just seems to get harder and harder to keep track of it all.

Changing sheets, pushing back cuticles, plucking eyebrows (before it turns into a uni-brow!) washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry (it’s that part between washing and drying that gets me in trouble – I HATE mildewy smelling laundry!) paying bills (on time!) dusting, emptying inside trash cans, taking trash out to the street on the right day, making grocery lists (and then remembering to take them with you!) going to all 4 stores necessary to buy the groceries, making sure I’ve got cash for the nail salon (since they quit taking credit cards – who does that?) gassing up the car before it’s running on fumes, turning the a/c down early enough so the house is cool before bedtime, turning off the overhead fan in the morning, refilling the soap and hand sanitizer dispensers (the downside of being ecologically aware and buying in bulk!) coloring my hair before the bright white in my part blinds anyone,  sanitizing sponges and dish cloths, cleaning toilets, using the squeegee on the inside of the shower, wiping toothpaste splashes off the mirrors, sweeping up the dust bunnies before they grow into adult-sized rabbits, returning library books prior to incurring late fees (whew! Barely made it this time!) changing the batteries in the smoke alarms BEFORE they start chirping at 0 dark 30 (okay, so it was 7am, but it FELT like the middle of the night!) – are you exhausted yet? I’ve barely made a dent. Dentist appointments, acupuncture treatments, hair cuts, lip waxing (I swear I could grow a better mustache than Mr. Tattered these days!) changing the oil in the cars, and maybe even washing them and vacuuming the interior once in a blue moon, dusting, catching a grandchild’s soccer game/recital etc. now and then, cleaning the garbage off the computer so it will run faster than a snail, changing light bulbs, wiping the tomato sauce off the inside of the microwave…yeah, you get the picture.

Then somehow on top of all the mundane things in life, we’re supposed to find time to enjoy our families, have a spiritual life, and find a fulfilling avocation. Oh, and some even need to work 40 hours a week!

I’m working on trying to figure out how to make it all happen, but like I said, it’s complicated.

Remember Blogtoberfest?

I participated in my first Blogtoberfest in 2011.

I was a new blogger – had only been doing it sporadically since it’s inception in August. I pretty much lacked inspiration for topics and wasn’t even sure I had much to say.

I don’t even remember how I heard about it, but i sounded like a challenge I needed to try, so I jumped in with both feet. Over the course of that month, I discovered my voice, and fell in love with writing.

Since then I’ve posted nearly every day that I’ve had internet access. In fact I think I just did my 625th post in just a little over 2 years.

So, it will come as no surprise that I’ll be participating in the…thing again. I can’t really call it a challenge any more, since it’s become second nature!


It doesn’t start for a few days yet, but I’m mentioning it now because I thought with a little advance notice, maybe some of my blogging buddies might like to participate, as well.

It’s really a fun way to meet new people, find new blogs, and stretch your writing muscles!

If you want to sign up, my friend Michelle, from Shells in the Bush is hostessing this year. You can find her at

Hope I’ll see you on Mr. Linky!

Spectacular Bracelet

I have an amazing artist friend who makes incredible jewelry. Her name is Susan Walls-Beverly, and she owns and operates her own jewelry business, “Susan’s Charming Trinkets.”

She recently joined the design team for a product called “Ice Resin” and has perfected the technique for making beautiful bezels to be used in jewelry-making (as well as other things!)

Her whole design team was asked to make charms and jewelry for the swag bags to be given out to the V.I.P.s at the Emmys. Prior to sending in her contributions she posted a few pictures and I fell in love immediately with the most spectacular bracelet!

I told her I wanted one just like it, and next thing I knew I had a paypal invoice, and a week later a box arrived in the mail!

The packaging was almost as pretty as the bracelet! It was a little like opening one of those little Russian dolls where you open one and find another, smaller inside. The outside box was just a normal postal box.

Inside it was the prettiest wrapped package…


and inside that a silky bag…


with the bracelet inside it.

emmybracelet3-wPhoto by Susan Walls-Beverly

To see the other amazing bracelets she made for the Emmys, click on over to Susan’s blog at

She’s making limited editions (like only 5!) of some of the bracelets, so check it out and order one for yourself!

Thanks, Susan! I just love it! (And it doesn’t hurt that someone famous is sporting one that looks just like it! Heeheehee!)

I’m So Done With Deferred Gratification

We spent the better part of our lives saving money for the future. We did without new cars, new furniture. We took a lot of “stay-cations.” We never bought brand name clothes. We deferred gratification, knowing that someday we would reap the benefits, and we are.

So, I’ve paid my dues, and I’m not really into deferring any more.

If I can enjoy life now, I do.

SOOOOOOOOO. Downton Abbey doesn’t start in the U.S. until January. BUT, it started in the U.K. this past Sunday. I could be patient and wait. But, I discovered I could access the show on British t.v. over the internet.


And you can access each episode for 6 days after it originally plays. And it’s free. And it’s legal.

So, why wait?

If you’ve got Dowton withdrawl syndrome (I’m pretty sure it’s an actual medical condition) you can take care of it by clicking on the link:

It takes about 5 minutes to load, then you can sit back and enjoy. There are commercials, but they are British commercials, and way fun to listen to!

Now I know what I’ll be doing on Monday nights for awhile! And it doesn’t involve deferring anything! Woohoo!

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