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Day #30 CED – Collector? Hoarder?

Well, I actually spent some creative time today. I’m back to knitting in my down time. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I’m starting back up with a fluffy lavender scarf for Bea, then I’ll follow it up with a pretty pink one for Hannah.

Yesterday I wrote about what I would want to take if out house was in the path of a fire, and it got me to thinking about “stuff.” I decided that most of it doesn’t mean much to me, but for it having such a small amount of meaning to me, I sure have a lot of it! Heeheehee!

And that led me to thinking about “collecting” vs. “hoarding.”

Except when I go into the studio, I think it’s just a little collecting, rather than hoarding. But I have lots of collections.

One of my favorites lately is my “F” monogram collection. I got my very first one 35+ years ago.

It’s been on my wall all these years. But now it has friends…

And then there is my latest (and perhaps BEST addition!)

I’m still just giddy over this one. Love, love, love…

Tomorrow I will be starting two new challenges. The first is “Get Your Art On” – a one month commitment to being creative an hour a day every day the whole month of October. The other is “Blogtoberfest.” Last year, this was the challenge I did that got me into blogging every day. “Blogtoberfest” will be a piece of cake – “Get Your Art On” – not so much! After failing miserably with my own “Creative Every Day” I’m hoping the commitment to other people will get me on track. I NEED to have an hour a day to create, AND I deserve it!

Day #29 CED – What Would You Take in a Fire?

A friend of mine brought up an interesting question…in case of a fire, do you know what you’d take? Do you have a plan?

I sorta mentally went through my house today imagining that we had an hour to get out, and wondering what WOULD we take?

There are some things that are no brainers – important papers that cannot be replaced, the wedding album…but beyond that, what?

I have more scrapbooks and pictures that have not yet been put into them than I could fit in a car, I think. But I’m sure they would be the first things out. I’ve put so much work into them, I just can’t imagine leaving them behind. I do need to get them a bit more consolidated, so they’d be easier to pack out.

The photos on the wall would probably be next. And there’s lots of them.

I can’t imagine that clothes would be too far up on the list…they can be replaced. Jewelry? I pretty much wear every day the things that mean much to me. My Christmas ornaments? Those I’d like to save. They are another form of a scrapbook. I pretty much know where every one of them came from.

The rest is just stuff.  I love it, as much as one can love stuff, I suppose.  But would I cry over losing any of it? I don’t know. I would be sad, but to the point of tears? I can’t be sure, but I don’t think so.

That comes as a surprise to me.

I thought I would be pretty much distraught, but now that I’m REALLY thinking about it, I’m not thinking I would be. Hmmmm. That feels kinda good. I have often been concerned that I love “stuff” too much. But after careful consideration, I can say say that I don’t. I do love it, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t love it too much. I’d be okay without it.

So, do you have a plan? Do you know what you’d be really upset about losing?

Today’s creativity? Continuing to clean out the studio, and I bought yarn for a couple of scarves… If I’m going to actually be creative every single day, I HAVE to have something that is very portable!

I also signed up for another month of creating every day on another blog! Get Your Art On! A friend mentioned that she was signing up, and sent me the info. Since I’m having such a hard time doing it on my own, I figured why not? I had to commit to an hour a day of creativity, starting on the 1st of October. Maybe being responsible to someone other than myself will help. It can’t hurt.

Day #28 CED – Okay, A Little Progress!

I actually did a little better today on the creativity front. Nothing monumental, but movement.

I bought some awesome old, ratty containers to store my art treasures in, and finally got them set up. Some needed to be spiffed up a little. One had some writing on it that I didn’t like, so I gessoed over the words and repainted. I still need to “antique” the drawers a little, but at least I got it started.

I’m thinking I may add some cool old drawer pulls to them, too.

In the back of my mind I thought I might actually get a project going, but unfortunately, the mess got to me, and I had to start cleaning instead. It’s not fair. I know I am capable of being a slob…why I can’t I be one when I need to be one most?

Oh how I wish I had “after” pictures to show you, but I didn’t make enough progress for you to be able to see! Heeheehee! Maybe tomorrow…I am really getting into “hoarder” territory, here!

Day #27 CED – Unhealthy Relationships

Do you have any unhealthy relationships?

I do. Well, not so many anymore. My worst one is a thing of the past – the one I had with food. A friend asked how I was able to get out of the relationship, and it really was surprisingly easy, at least so far. I may slip back into it, but I’m thinking not. I’ve had a few pretty stressful weeks, and I’ve managed to not take it out on my tummy!

Anyway, I got out of it by just deciding that I’m not going to spend the rest of my life participating in self destructive behavior. Having an unhealthy relationship with food is just being mean to myself, and I’m trying really hard not to do that any more. Plus, I REALLY want to be able to wear cute clothes again, before I’m too old to appreciate it!

Then there is my unhealthy relationship with “stuff.” I LOVE stuff, especially ratty, rusty old stuff. But I’ve got more of it than my physical space can handle. So, I need to get over this relationship, too. I’m not QUITE to the point where anything brought into the house has to have a corresponding thing leave, but I’m REALLY close.

And then there’s my unhealthy relationship with the internet. I am WAY too dependent on it. I am on Facebook too much, checking my various e-mail accounts too often, and reading too much about politics. I don’t have enough free time, and part of the reason is that I spend too much time on the stinkin’ computer!

There’s probably more, but these 3 are enough to need to work on at the same time.

The problem is, when you have unhealthy relationships, you can’t just ditch them. You have to replace them with something else. If you don’t, you’ll end up doing something impulsively, and that something can be worse than the original unhealthy relationship.

So. I’m trying to work out some new ways of dealing with my stress. Develop some “healthy” addictions. Is there such a thing? I hate exercise, but that’s certainly an option. Maybe I’ll learn to love it. I wonder if art would count? That I love already…feeling stressed? Do art. K, I like it!

How do you deal with stress? Any ideas I can borrow?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this “creative every day” thing has been kind of a bust for me this time around. My commitment to being creative has slipped way down in my priorities lately, to the point that I’m getting mad at myself. Good grief. How hard can it be to carve out an hour a day for a creative pursuit?

Tomorrow is a new day. Creative. Tomorrow I’m going to do something creative.

Day #26 CED – Brave Girl?

I’ve written about Melody Ross and her “Brave Girl” club more than once.

Melody is an artist, but she’s hit some rough spots in life that have left her very much wanting to help people see their own value. Her “little bird” messages in my inbox were something I looked forward to every day.

A few weeks ago, I quit getting the messages, and was planning to look into why, but got distracted and didn’t do it. Somehow even thinking about them slipped through the cracks in my mind.

Then I was looking through my spam for an unrelated missing message, and lo and behold, there were all my little bird messages.

What a blessing!

I have not been feeling very good about myself lately. I’ve disappointed myself on more than one front. I’ve had a hard time focusing on anything. I’ve been letting things I need to do go undone. I’ve let my physical space get too cluttered, and my mind isn’t much better.

And so finding my little pep talks all waiting to be read was a ray of sunshine in my day. Although as I read them and teared up, you wouldn’t know I was happy!

If you know me at all, you know I have a black belt in beating myself up, whether I deserve it or not, but ESPECIALLY when I mess up. I’m trying so hard to work on my deficiencies, while walking that line between being gentle with myself and holding myself accountable.  Melody came to my rescue today, showing me the kindness I have so much trouble showing myself.

You don’t have to already be a brave girl to appreciate what Melody has to offer. She will help you to be brave.

If you haven’t signed up for the little bird messages, do something nice for yourself, and do it!

Day #25 CED and Revisiting Clutter

As a part of our visit to our home in Mt. Shasta this past weekend, we worked some more on reducing clutter. OMG. We have been major pack rats. I think it is because we were both poor kids, and appreciate the value of things. We hate to throw away stuff that still has useful life, ESPECIALLY since history has shown us that as soon as we dispose of something, we can bet we’ll need it!

Anyway, I am only estimating, but I think I am now up over 500 things in my goal of getting rid of a minimum of 1000. It really felt good to see a couple of trash cans full, and another  huge pile heading to the dump.

When we bought our new home, I was bound and determined to keep it organized and un-stuffed. I don’t know what happened. Well, I take that back, I sorta do. I was doing pretty good until we realized we were, in all likelihood, not ever going to live in the Mt. Shasta house again. Leaving things that were important to us up there seemed like a bad idea, and really, having the space there was keeping us from making the hard decisions we needed to be making. So, we began moving things down into this house. Before I knew it, I had lost control over the “stuff!”

Anyway, in addition to thinning out stuff by tossing it away, we also brought another load of things back down here…mostly stuff like extra laundry detergent, shampoo…boring stuff. I can’t believe how quickly it adds up and how much room it takes up.

My creativity today involved finding ways of fitting more stuff into the same shelves and closets. Ha! I can think of ways to express my creativity that are much more fun, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. It DOES feel good to reducing the clutter up there, but man, I need to get this place more organized, too. There just are not enough hours in the day.

Day #24 CED – Out of the Dark Ages!

My iphone3 has been a champ, but (like me!) she’s feeling her age! She been dropped more times than I can count and is slower than molasses in January. So, she’s being retired!

My daughter has been enjoying her iphone4s for months (and oh, how I lusted for it) but I held out for the 5. Today I returned to find a package on the doorstep, and finally emerged from the dark ages and into enlightenment!

SO. The few minutes I had for creativity today was spent getting my new iphone5 set up.

I’m so excited to make friends with SIRI, try the panoramic feature, take a video and see what else this puppy can do!

I’m an Apple girl through and through.

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