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I’m Guessing You’ve Noticed…

it’s been awhile since I posted!

But it hasn’t been out of laziness or lack of something to say!

You remember that cruise we went on back in February? Well, when we got home, we sat in our recliners and wondered who was going to feed us. Then a couple of weeks later we were reflecting on how nice it was to be fed, and before we knew it we were on another cruise! (Heeheehee! We MAY have some food issues!) Ha! We seriously had not even finished unpacking from the last one when we booked another. So, of course, we quit unpacking and just threw what we HAD unpacked back into the suitcases! And before we knew it, we were off on another adventure!

Once we got onboard, I posted every day (just like I was home) mostly about the art projects I was working on while we were on the ship (yes, I took LOTS of art supplies! And actually used them!) Then it went to every other day, then the posts stopped altogether. But it wasn’t my fault, honest!

I knew that the internet aboard ship was going to be slow and expensive, but I figured if I did the writing in “pages” and copied it into wordpress, and went light on the photos, I would have enough pre-paid minutes to keep posting the whole month – if not every day, at least MOST days.

Well, the best laid plans…

Turns out that the ship we were on developed some internet reception issues a little over a week into the trip. Some days I could get on-line, and some days I couldn’t. Then it got so s…l…o…w… that even when I could get on, going from page to page took so long it was painful. You know that little spinning circle you see when a page is loading? It was making me dizzy!. And mad. And the more I watched the minutes going by with nothing happening, the crazier I was getting. I finally gave up.

I ended up the cruise with 105 unused minutes. Me. “Miss internet junky” had 105 already paid-for minutes – sitting there unused! And I had PLANNED to buy even more onboard! I was NOT a happy camper. (Well, mostly I was a happy camper, just not about that one particular issue!)

This morning before we left the ship for dry land I stopped by the purser’s desk to ask for credit for the unused time (expecting to have to do battle to get it) and they actually gave it to me. In fact, they credited 340 minutes (half the time I had pre-purchased.) So, even though I wasn’t able to keep in touch nearly as much as I would have liked, at least I got compensated, so it’s a little less painful now.

And, just as it takes a little rain to make rainbows, having crummy internet service makes you sooooooooooooo appreciative to be sitting on your recliner, laptop in your lap, watching the screen zip from page to page at lightening speed. I may sit here all night. But I do have to admit I wish I was doing it on the ocean. Maybe if I rock a little as I type…

Anyway, stay tuned! I have more art to show you, and pictures from the trip, and a few reflections on life that came from my time “unplugged.” Hope you’ll join me!

Is It Obsession? Or…

just being really, really focused on what I’m doing and not wanting to stop?

I know I have an an addictive personality, and do the same thing over and over again. But is that really a bad thing? Obsessive is such a negative description of such a fun thing.

Right now my “obsessions” are Suduko and Gelli plate painting (and if I’m being completely accurate, naps and stuffing my face!)

In less than a week I’ve done 52 Soduko puzzles. I just started a new book, so the easy ones came first. I whipped through them, and am now working through the intermediate ones. I can’t put them down. I do “just one more” and I get through it fast and want to beat my last time, so I tell myself “just one more.” You know how that goes!

Well, I guess that’s inaccurate – I CAN put them down, because I’ve done nearly as many gelli prints. So I’m stopping at least long enough to play with my paints!


Seriously, as many as this looks like, it’s not even all of them.

I even had a gelli plate play date (say that 3 times fast!) with a new friend. It was fun to teach her how to use it and watch her giggle with the results, just like I did***do. Pretty sure she’s going to buying one for herself!

I finally made myself clean up the plate and put it away for awhile. I’m out of white ink, and dangerously close to being out of black. So whether I like it or not, I’m going to have to do something else for awhile.

Nah, I can add some hand-painting to the backgrounds, and maybe do a little stamping.

And I could always start making entries in my planner/journal.

Or not. I think I’m stuck again. Maybe I’ll just have lunch again and then take a nap!

Yep, I’m Organizing!

Not the studio. I’ll get there eventually, but right now I’m working on photos.

Yep, like the rest of my physical world, they are pretty much a mess. You’re not surprised, are you?

My computer has been running pretty slow for awhile now, and I think part of the problem is I have over 15,000 photos in iPhoto. I didn’t think I had a lot of duplicates, but when I really got in there looking around, I realized that somehow I’d accumulated a MESS of them! PLUS, I had some events where I had literally 20 of roughly the same shot! Go figure. And on top of that I had taken a lot of photos for a laugh, and I didn’t really NEED them. So, last night, I worked for hours thinning them out.

At first it was hard. Some photos (especially of the kiddles) are just so darn cute that even ones with just small nuances are hard to toss. But, I put on my big girl panties, and started sending them to the trash. The more I did it, the easier it got. Just in case I got cold feet, I emptied the trash from time to time. Out went loads of the same bear over and over, slight variations in more sunsets than you can imagine, and the same flowers in the garden season after season. And yes, some of the kids. But really. Some were so similar you could hardly tell the difference!

I’m sitting at just a little over 14,000 now, and in the grand scheme of things, probably not a lot, but for me, it’s huge!

I don’t know if “organize” is ever going to stop being a dirty word in my world, but I’m trying with all my might to embrace it, and I’m having SOME success! At least in some areas.

In the studio? Not so much. But I’m working up to it!

Remember DLP?

s in, Documented Life Project?

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about a project and did so little with it!

Seriously. We are now 15 weeks in. 15 prompts, and I haven’t done a single solitary one. Not one.

I have washi tape on the edges of the extra pages before the actual planner pages (still don’t know exactly what I’m going to do on those.) And a few decorations on a couple of those pages. But to be completely candid – I did all that way back in January at Lindsay’s planner party.

Since then, my only progress has been adding the bases for the 1st two tip ins with washi tape. {{{hangs her head in shame!}}}

I suspect my problem is that I am massively intimidated by all the fabulous photos of the completed pages people are posting on the Facebook page set up for the group. Man there are some talented people out there!

Additionally, I’ve been having a terrible time deciding on a “theme,” as if it is necessary to have one. You’d think I was required to have a blueprint to follow before getting started. One day I’m marveling at all the bright, wonderful colors (even though they are SOOO not me.) The next day I see vintage pages and it seems more like something I’d do, but then I’m intrigued with kraft, black and white. But I constantly revert back to thinking I should just stick with my go-to browns, beiges and reds.

I don’t know why I’m making such a big deal about it. There is no rule that I HAVE to post photos if I’m not happy with what I’m doing. And, truth be told, when was last time I EVER did something that I ended up just hating?

So, I picked myself up by my bootstraps today and got to work.

I started by FINALLY making the decision to go with kraft, black and white on the monthly calendar I’ll be adding, penciled out each of the 12 months (no, I’m not just photocopying, but actually drawing out each month!) and started doing the white ink.

DLP calendar-m-m

I got to May and ran out of ink in my Signo uni-ball pen (wouldn’t you know it?) with no way to get a new one right now. BUT, I’m not going to let that stop me. I’m kinda on a roll, so I’m going to keep going. Next up, I’m going to figure out how to add color to these incredibly thin planner pages and work on getting caught up.

Hey! Don’t be laughing at me… I haven’t given up yet! That’s good, isn’t it?

New Project

I’ve been having time to paint (yay!) and it’s all I want to do at the moment.

I just finished 24 thank you cards for National Letter Writing month. I’ll be using them to send all my writing pals who have sent notes to me.

I started with what I thought was a set of “tone on tone” cards as my base because I wasn’t in a place where I could get completely blank cards. Turns out the pattern was embossed. I almost quit before I started, but decided to go ahead and try. The worst thing that would happen is I wouldn’t like them and could cut new cards from blank paper and use the envelopes.

Once again I am using the gelli plate for the backgrounds. I am technically capable of creating backgrounds without it, but I’m a little rigid – I have a tendency to do the same thing over and over. With the gelli plate, I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get until I pull the paper off. Then with a swirl of colors down, I can add what’s lacking with either stencils and another layer from the gelli plate or stamping. The embossing added an interesting element. Some turned out better than others, but I didn’t HATE any of them.


Next up – the doodling. I’m pretty new at this, and it doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m finding I’m doing the same circles over and over. I’m trying to branch out, but I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. Intellectually I know it takes a lot of practice, but I’m just not all that patient. I want to be good NOW.



I did all 24 thank you notes, all different. I’m not going to bore you with pictures of all of them, so here’s a sampling.

My LEAST favorite:



Middle of the road:


And, my favorite of the day:



This was the last one I did, and I wish I had thought of doing “thank you” in this way sooner. I would have used variations of it more often.

Okay. So what now? I just can’t quit!

It’s Like An Affair…

I know…you’re probably going to be getting sick of hearing gelli plate, gelli plate, gelli plate. I can’t help it. It’s all I want to think about, talk about or do. I could mess around with it every waking hour, but alas, life demands that I do other things, so I think about it quietly, and then when a few moments come available, I sneak around and do it. I feel like I’m having an affair!

Tonight I had a good excuse. I needed to get the rest of my questionnaire for my National Letter Writing Month pen pal completed and ready to out in the mail. I’d copied one of my earlier gelli backgrounds onto writing paper, and used it to write my letter. Then there it was, the dreaded plain white envelope! Wasn’t going to let THAT happen, so out came the plate, and I quickly knocked out the base for an envelope.

But it was already set up and it seemed silly to only do one, then clean up, so I scrounged around and found a few more envelopes and did 6.


If it wasn’t so late I would have done more. But I DO need to think about getting to bed SOME time today (or early tomorrow, maybe?) so I contented myself with 6. After all, I still needed to do the pen work, too.


So. Now that I’ve mailed all the postcards I committed to myself that I would do, and finished my letter to my pen pal, I have nothing else I HAVE to do for awhile.

I’m sitting here with a box of 24 blank note cards and envelopes and a whole pad of postcard weight watercolor paper just itching to get sloppy with me. I feel an orgy coming on. I’m lucky Mr.Tattered isn’t the jealous type.

Doing The Responsible Thing…

Yeah me. And I did.

I was sitting here with 2 choices as to how to spend the evening – work on the 130 postcards I promised myself I would get out to the girls in my National Letter Writing Month group. OR. Get out the gelli plate and decorate the blank envelopes staring at me. Beckoning me to play. Begging me to lay them in paint and have my way with them.


I was so terribly tempted.

But I did the responsible thing. I honored my commitment to myself and worked on the postcards. I got the address labels and stamps put on them all. I can tell you, 130 is more than 80. Although there are only 3 steps in this process rather than the gazzillion with the 80 baby announcements. But still. 130 anythings is a lotta things. Times 3 things. I will be so pleased with myself when I am done.

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