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New Lens!

I missed having coffee with you this morning! We are visiting with family and the time got away from me. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Back a year or so ago I decided I needed a new, closer up lens for photographing birds and animals from a distance. My 55/200 lens just wasn’t allowing me to get pictures I was happy with.

So my sweet Mr. Tattered got me a big ol’ mongo 300 lens. I was ecstatic! But, come to find out, it was a fixed lens, not a zoom, and until I finally tried it out months later I didn’t realize what that meant. It was sooo very frustrating to have move myself to get a clear picture rather than just adjusting the focus. After a few unhappy experiences, I quit trying, and until now haven’t even looked at different lens.

I was wandering about Best Buy while Mr. Tattered helped his brother-in-law with a sound bar, and I remembered that I was interested in a new lens, so I sauntered over to the camera department and they had a 55/300 lens on display. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but not ridiculous, so I decided to go for it. The helper guy asked me what kind of camera I had, and I confidently said a Nikon. He asked the model and again confidently answered a Rebel. And he said well we have a problem…a Rebel is a Canon. Hmmmmmm. All my confidence went out the window and I had to track down the man. Fortunately he remembered – it was a Canon.

I had him slip the lens onto a base so I could check it out, and I think I am going to be very happy with it.


I was saved from myself. AND the Canon lens was $200 less than the Nikon! Yay!


So, I am now the proud owner of a 70/300 lens and can hardly wait to come upon some poor, unsuspecting critter whose privacy I can invade (hopefully without him knowing about it!)

I Did It Again…

It seems impossible that I could have done it again, but I did.

I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a couple of Harry Potter books for my granddaughter for Easter, and the next thing I knew, a bunch more magazines were on the counter and I was paying for them…


I can’t keep doing this! Well, yeah, I can I guess. But I shouldn’t. Or should I? I could have worse addictions. I try to stay away, I really do. I don’t need any more inspiration. I have more ideas rolling around in my head than I could every actually create. But if I don’t get an issue, I feel like I’ve missed something. Something big.

I really am tired of feeling guilty when I buy them. I need to either stop doing it, or stop getting mad at myself when I do. I think I’ll just accept that I’m going to continue to do it, figure out how best to dispose of them after a few months and get over it. I mean seriously, how could I ever stop? They are just too yummy.

And lest you think the Somerset/Stampington Magazines are my ONLY downfall, guess again. My enabler, I mean my friend, Sylvia introduced me to another wonderful magazine, Daphne’s Diary. It is published in the UK  – and you know me and all things British! It is stuffed with project ideas and recipes, none of which I’ll probably EVER do, but I sure do enjoy looking at the photos! Isn’t it darling?


Yeah, I’m not going to stop.

So, this is me showing you all my amazing new publications. Aren’t they wonderful?


Yeah, I love paper. So when Beth Nichols and Rachel Hazell came up with this awesome course exploring all things paper, AND one of my internet besties, Naomi (another paper freak) suggested we take it together, I jumped at it. And, the fact that it wasn’t starting for a couple of months so I had time to get my act together first made it even more attractive.

Well, the time has come. Only I’m not ready for it. In fact, the timing couldn’t be much worse!

As a part of the course, I ordered a paper and goodie package which just arrived. Not in good shape, but it arrived.


At first, I couldn’t figure out what in the world I had ordered from the UK. Getting something marked “Royal Mail” isn’t something that happens every day.


As soon as I opened it and saw the “Paperlove” tag I remembered.


I gave the contents a quick look, as I was in a big hurry and didn’t have time to pour over it. Looks like some fun stuff!


Then before I could get back to it, I got an e-mail from Beth telling me that Rachel is ill and has to postpone the class until June. I’m really quite relieved. I still haven’t had time to go through all the goodies, let alone prepare for the class, so this gives me some breathing room.

In the e-mail, Beth offered those of us who signed up a gift certificate for a free class for a friend as her way of thanking us for our patience. How cool is that?

My friend Kim (aka “A Paper Addict”) was the perfect choice! It was so fun to be able to offer it to her, and being a crazy paper person like me, she accepted! Yay! Now I get to take the class with two friends. And I get to do it a little later in the year. I can’t believe how well it worked out!

The Announcements Are Done! Whew!

Well, at long last the announcements are done!

ALMOST, anyway. I ran out of the paper I’m using to back her photo, but I’ll get that tomorrow, and it’ll only take an hour or so to finish up. Wow! This has been a project – 80 of these little suckers!

I designed them using her crib quilt as my inspiration.


The cover was obviously the hardest part – all that paper piecing, tying floss into the buttons, and pen work…


The inside has a picture of sweet little Lexi and all her stats…Her daddy took the photo.


Then tucked into each we’ll add another photo taken by daddy showing big brother Joshua giving his little sister a smootch.


Joshua wasn’t too sure he wanted a sibling, but he is obviously quite taken with his little sister and is turning out to be a sweet, helpful big brother.


Really, It Wasn’t JUST About the Food…

I’ve been accused of posting 3 times a day, which makes me laugh because although I am a fairly prolific writer, I NEVER post 3 times a day. But, I AM coming close at the moment.

I am doing a 31 posts in 31 days challenge. The idea is to post once a day, but if that doesn’t happen, you have to make it up another day. So, Since we took the girls on a little trip over the weekend, I missed posting for several days, and now it’s make up time.

Fortunately, the ideas for posts are coming fast and furious.

So, since I am behind because of our trip, that might be a nice place to start.

Mom and Dad took a little trip to Las Vegas for the Baker to Vegas run. Normally my daughter runs in it, but she’s been injured, so she went as support services this year. Anyway, since it was spring break the kids were off while they were set to be gone, so we decided to take a little trip of our own.

I’d been wanting to take them to the coast to search for sea glass, but Mr. Tattered came across info on Pt. Reyes National Park which was closer and looked like there was quite a bit to do. So off we went.

Our hotel was located in San Rafael, near one of my favorite cafes – Cafe del Soul. They make a killer edamame wrap called Hummus Yummus, and man is it ever yummy! Hannah loved it, too.


I was looking forward to going there multiple times. But, life has a way of throwing even better stuff at you and we ended up finding an organic bakery and cafe that is beyond amazing. By the end of the weekend, we’d eaten breakfast AND lunch there 3 times – 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches – all the same. We ARE creatures of habit.

parfait-wYogurt/granola Parfait

rusticbakery-wDemi baguette of brie, figs and arugula

I swear, if I never ate anywhere else for the rest of my life, I’d die a happy woman.

But then of course, we had a favorite find for dessert, as well – Three Twins Organic Ice Cream…oh, yeah.


Silliness aside, it was heavenly.

Dinners were less spectacular. Yelp pretty much let us down. But, that’s okay. We did well enough with the other meals that we hardly noticed.

Lest you think we did nothing but eat, check back in later to see what we did when we WEREN’T eating!

More Reading Fun!

Just as I have a tendency to buy more classes than I can ever complete, I think I buy more books and magazines than I can ever read, much less spend time practicing the techniques!

Here’s a peek at what I have lined up…


I don’t even know where to start, but at least I’ll have some time coming up, so if I don’t get them read AND practiced, it’ll be because I made other choices. Don’t they look fun?

It’ll be interesting to see what I decide to do!


Vaccuming -or- Coping With Overwhelm

How do you cope with being overwhelmed?

I vacuum! How crazy is that?

I have a LOT to do this week. It was all rolling around in my mind and I felt pretty good about meeting my deadlines, but I was afraid I might be forgetting something. So I started jotting down notes, and the longer the list got, the more I realized I might be in trouble. The overwhelm set in – I started to panic.

So what did I do?

No, I did not get started on the list. I got out the Dyson and started vacuuming a rug that didn’t really need it.


That is how I roll.

I don’t know if it is the noise that relaxes me or just doing SOMETHING. But I do it every time I reach this point. Every. Time.

Once the room was vacuumed, I was able to settle down and get to work checking things off the list.

But I did have to take a moment to laugh at myself.

Am I the only one? Or do you have a little off-kilter way of managing your overwhelm?

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