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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Day #27 Flowers and Layouts

Yay! Something different today for my National Scrapbook Month layout…

Today I did one for the neighborhood of Soho, one of our very favorites in London!







We can hardly wait to get back!


Version 2

Red calibrocha (million bells) is one of my favorites…Enjoy!

Day #26 Flowers and Layouts

Let’s mix it up a little and start with my flowers for the May flower challenge today… Yeah, I’m running out of big flowers, and a ground cover, Alyssum is looking pretty good!




The more time I’m spending searching for something blooming to photograph, the more anxious I get to be out there working. The garden is going to be getting a facelift soon. I have had to accept that an English garden in the middle of what, left to its own devices would be called a desert, is not practical. In order to get water to it, we HAVE to use drip irrigation, but drip is not real sturdy, and tends to leak, so you have to be able to get to it to repair it. If you have a jungle of plants, it is difficult to get to, and my drip guy (AKA Mr. Tattered) gets a little cranky when he has to venture into it. It has lead to some huge arguments. So the plan is to simplify. I can’t say I’m really excited about it, because the more sterile look is not something I love, but I think I’ll be able to seat aside a small area where I can play with the plants I love…I hope. And if it preserves the peace, it’ll be worth it.


Today my layout is of 2 restaurants (uh-oh, I’m sensing another theme here!) Govinda’s, a wonderful Indian restaurant, and Pizza Express, one of our favorites from the last time we were in London several years ago.




Ooooh. I wonder what I’ll do next?







Day #25 Flowers and Layouts

It’s crazy doing so many posts in one day (or really 2, maybe 3 days) but I got so far behind in posting that I’m scrambling to get them all posted by the end of the month.

I keep getting pulled off task, so I think I’m only going to get 4 up today. That will mean I am still 4 short, which will have to go up tomorrow. All in all, given all the factors I couldn’t control, I’m pretty pleased with how the month’s challenges have gone. At least I’ve followed through on getting the layouts done, and that was my biggest concern!

Today, I’ve shifted to a restaurant we enjoyed. Tortilla. At this point in our trip, Mr. Tattered was CRAVING Mexican food, but it is hard to find in England. Tortilla is a direct knock off of Chipotle, one of his favorite fast food Mexican places, so we gave it a try.








My floral offering today is the California Poppy. It is the state flower, and not real easy to grow in a garden setting because they don’t like to be overwatered. The drought is working in their favor. I find them tucked into the most unusual places…


Day #24 Flowers and Layouts

Well, silly me. 24 days into my National Scrapbook Month Challenge, and a lot of worry over showing the same subject matter day after day, and it suddenly occurred to me that just because my scrapbook will ultimately be in chronological order, doesn’t mean I necessarily have do the layouts in order! Duh!

So, after today, I’ll be mixing it up just a little. But until then, Yet another view of Windsor Castle!








My flower for the day is a purple Veronica. The pink variety is actually my favorite, but they didn’t come up this year.


I’m excited for tomorrow and another subject!

Day #23 Flowers and Layouts

This makes my 4th post of the day, and with any luck, tomorrow I’ll be doing 8 more! What a crazy way to end the month, but it makes up for all the days I missed earlier in the month due to wordpress malfunctions and illness.

But, I stuck with my dedication to getting a minimum of 31 layouts done this month. Yowza!

This layout continues with Windsor Castle and some of the outstanding details I couldn’t help but document…







I played with using some kraft-colored photo corners on this layout. I like the look.



Today’s floral offering is my hot pink verbena. It isn’t real happy, but photographed pretty good. If it doesn’t perk up, it’ll get yanked out. But for sure, it’ll be replaced. Verbena is a great ground cover.

This will be it for tonight, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my last 8 posts of the month!

Day #22 Flowers and Layouts

Welcome to my crazy challenge month. I didn’t think it through real well…

It’s National Scrapbook Month, and I thought it would help me to make a bunch of progress on my London album if I challenged myself to do a layout a day for the whole month, and use the blog to keep me focused.

It wasn’t until I started getting bored seeing layout after layout, day after day, that I realized I’d be boring my readers, too. If you’re still hanging in there with me, I appreciate it very much!

I was unable to post for a few days when my wordpress account started acting up, then I got sick and barely felt like getting my layouts done, let alone getting them posted, and I fell way behind on my reporting. So now I’m cramming a bunch of posts into just a couple of days to get them all done by the end of the month.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I also decided to post a flower a day, like I did for a couple of years when a friend was doing a blog hop for a flower a day in May. Life got in her way and she quit doing it, but I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d give it a go on my own. Of course, I didn’t keep in mind that my garden is a mess, and I haven’t planted any annuals for two seasons. So, my offerings aren’t as exciting as they have been in the past.

Welcome to my world.

So. Today, instead of an actual real flower, I’m posting one of the metal stakes that are keeping the garden from looking too awful!



It’s kinda funky and beat up, and I love it. I’ll be back to a real flower tomorrow!


My layout for the day is yet another from Windsor Castle. These photos highlight the back side of the castle and a continuation of the amazing architecture.




I’m continuing to enjoy exploring adding paint and stamping to my photographs. It really helps to make me feel like I’m being creative and not just slopping photos onto pages – doing double duty with the time I’m spending scrapbooking! I just got a bunch of new stamps and will be doing more experimenting!

Day #21 Flowers and Layouts


Yep, still Windsor Castle. I hope I’m not totally boring you to tears. I’m feeling like this challenge, although a really good thing for me personally maybe wasn’t such a good thing to do for the blog. If I’m getting bored showing you the photos, You MUST be bored seeing them.

UGH! Note to self: Don’t do this again next year! The challenge for myself, personally, YES! But for publication? I’m thinking no.









My flower for this 21st day of my May flower challenge is a lovely little balloon flower. The pods (which look a little like balloons,) open into these sweet little blooms.


Somehow, I’m managing to hang in there with flowers. Thankfully more things are coming into bloom, just as I need them! Heeheehee! I sure hope that by next year, I’ve got the garden planted a lot better than I did this year!

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