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Artistic License

Normally I’m not one to mess with other people’s art.

But sometimes I can’t help myself.

Case in point, the Lori Mitchell figurines I’ve been buying for my grandchildren (well, I’m buying them for me, for now, but with them in mind.)

If you’ll remember I started with the Christmas ones,

and now am basically going to all holidays. If there is a hall tree for the season or holiday, there will be a set of kids to go with it!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. For example, St. Patrick’s Day. There are plenty of leprechauns, but I needed three girls (or at least I THOUGHT I did when I was doing the ordering for that holiday.) And she only had two.

So, I ordered a 4th of July girl,

and am in the process of turning it into an Irish girl. The original was holding a flag (which I cut off before I photographed it) and I will be replacing it with a shamrock. The star on the dress will also be transformed.

Sorry, Lori, but a Gaga has to do what a Gaga has to do.

So with these three, the set will complete.

I hadn’t yet ordered the Thanksgiving figurines, and Hannah informed me she would rather be a turkey than a girl. SO I’m going with it. Josh will be the pilgrim boy, Bea and Lexi will be the pilgrim girl and an Indian girl (I haven’t decided which will be which yet,) and sweet Hannah will be a turkey. I’m laughing so hard!

Looking back, I’m not sure I showed you any of them other than the Christmas ones, am I right? I think I only had two of the Valentine’s Day kids the last time I wrote about them, and they are safely packed away now, as are the Easter ones. I haven’t yet found any for plain old spring.

These are the 4th of July ones that are on display now (Hannah lucked out and it a firecracker, so she doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of being an obvious girl!)

And I also have summer and Halloween, but I’ll save those to show you later.

My daughter decided there should be a “Gaga” figurine as well, and got me one for the summer set, so I’m thinking of expanding the fifth figurine into the other seasons, as well. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Tattered will get one, too!




Wreck This Journal

Have you heard of these journals?

They are designed to be trashed. Seriously. Trashed.

A friend of Hannah’s bought her one last year, and she liked it so much, when the new version came out, they gave her a new one. She immediately jumped into trashing it, and it looked so fun it made Josh and Bea wish they had one, too.

So, in typical Gaga fashion, off to Barnes and Noble we went.

I don’t know if it was a good idea or not. This whole thing is giving me heart palpitations.

I’m not a “trashing things” kinda girl. I’m all about creating beautiful things, not taking beautiful things and ruining them. But ruining is what this all about, in fact, there’s a little contract inside,

whereby the owner promises to trash or “wreck” it in every conceivable way, even over and above the suggestions.

So after I chastised Hannah for being over the top, she read me the instructions, basically demanding that the owner go over the top! Ha! Boy did she get me!

So, let me show you around the “Wreck This Journal…”

It starts out quite cute.

Then it gets slammed around, bent, twisted, the spine broken, things dripped on it, holes punched in it, screws driven through it,


And even gets driven over…(yes, we did that!)



I don’t think I’ve ever heard them laugh so loud.

So, here’s a sampling of pages, some started, some pristine (so far!)










..and so much more!

I’m trying to get past my reservations, and look at it from their perspective. I have to admit, it DOES seem like good summer fun, doesn’t it?!


Well, I’ve started (Journally Speaking!)

So, you remember my crazy idea about re-creating the 1st 5+ months of the year in a journal, then continuing on for the year?

Well, I actually started it.

The idea of going back to the 1st of the year was a little daunting, and some friends suggested I just start with June and not worry about the rest of the year, but my anal-ness won’t allow it. It was all or nothing.

I started by going over my calendar, my blog and my daily check-in with my on-line art group friends to make notes for each day. I used sticky notes to put on each day, and got caught up to the end of May in just a few hours. I’ll go over photos to add even more information.

It was a lot easier than I thought it it would be. It won’t be as complete as it will be going forward, but I’ll be able to do something for each day. An added photo here and there will help to fill the pages on the days where there is isn’t a lot of detail, and I can always do a little extra art or find sayings I want to remember if I need to fill in space.

I’ve put a little date on each page in the corner with pencil for the 1st six months, and now that the last three journals have arrived, I’ll do the same for July – December.

The plan is that I will start with a current date, and work on the earlier months as I have the time. Having the pages all set up will make it so I can work on whatever day I want, whenever I want. If I want to work on the trip to Ecuador, I’ll find those days in April. Feeling more in a Maui frame of mind? Flip to February/March. I can even work ahead on embellishing a page if there is a theme or season coming up I want to play with.

So today I decided to jump in – that’s usually my biggest issue, just actually starting that first page. And, I was glad I’d set up the dates on pages, because I decide to start with our Maui trip which was back in February.

I’m not declaring victory yet, but I’m starting, and for me, that’s a good thing!



Scared To Share…

I don’t know why. It’s not like you can hit me or anything.

But, I know my “follow through” track record is abysmal, so I almost hate to confess when I’m about to bite off more than I can chew and I know it going in.

What the heck? My mother always said you can be a good example or a cautionary tale. I’m good at being a cautionary tale.

So. I’ve been wanting to get into journaling every day. I just can’t seem to make the commitment. I use excuses like not being able to find a format I like, or, giving into the fear of my anal-ness that makes me give up if it doesn’t look as good as I want it to. And then there’s the “I can’t do it starting mid-year” thing (yes, that’s a thing in tattered world…)

Well, I found a journal I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Yes, it’s that cool.

And I bought enough of them to do the whole year – one page per day for 2 months each. Well, I bought enough to do 6 months, then ordered enough for the other 6 months. What the photo doesn’t show is that this is a 12 x 12 format, so a cross between a journal and a scrapbook page. Don’t you just LOVE the base paper? It is a great beginning, and I can get as creative with it as I want!

And then I have at LEAST a ton of stamps and washi tape and other fun embellishments to use in it.

And trust me on this…this is but the tip of the iceberg as far as the “goodies” go.

One of the things that most appeals to me about this whole project is that it provides a format for an overview of the year, since it’s pretty obvious I am not going to be scrapbooking as much of the year as I’d like. PLUS, it’s a place to showcase any projects like the “index card a day” challenge that I have signed up for but haven’t done a single card for. So IF I do it, they’ll go in here, too. Hmmm.

Now here’s the gotcha. That means I have to go back 5+ months and reconstruct. It’s doable. I have a lot of stuff on the calendar and pictures on the iPhone to refresh my memory.

I know. I’ve lost my mind, which is why I was concerned about telling y’all what I’ve done. Even I can’t believe it. But maybe because I’m expecting an epic fail, I’ll surprise myself.

Hey! Quit laughing! It could happen!

I’ve gone back and forth with myself over this. The time could be better spent on any number of things I’m already not making time for. Knitting those 12 scarves I want to have ready for homeless people by December, for instance. Or the beaded bracelet I started. Or catching up on an impossible amount of photos I want to scrapbook. Lord, when I write it all down, it seems even crazier.

But then I think about being on level 486 on toy blast and know that it’s not lack of time, but lack of dedication. If you are what you do, I’m apparently a toy blaster. In my heart of hearts, that’s not what I WANT to be (I don’t think) but the level # tells a much different story.

So what’s it going to be, self? A toy blaster or a memory keeper/story teller?

Well, time will tell. And in the meantime, It will give you something to giggle about.



Succulent Fountain

A few years ago I rescued a large fountain that had been heading to the dump. Instead of using it for its original purpose, I made it into a container for succulents.

When Mr. Tattered and I had had a little blow up about the backyard – as my irrigation specialist he was taking exception to the “jungle” of plants I’d planted, leaving him no way to check for leaks, etc. – I lost interest and let everything go. If I couldn’t have the backyard I wanted, why have one at all? (I can be bad at adulting sometimes!) I ignored the succulent fountain for years, but somehow it survived, although not in its original beautiful state!

Ultimately, I turned the back yard over to Mr. Tattered to do with as he wished, but kept the fountain and a small area for flowers for myself. However, they’ve remained unimproved.

He wanted to move the fountain to a different area, so I used the need to empty it to move it as a launchpad for starting over. I should have taken a photo of it in it’s ignored state, but trust me, it was not pretty.

Because I am basically a frugal person, it is difficult for me to just toss things, so I sorted through the mess and pulled out plants I thought could be salvaged.

Then I went down to Green Acres, our local nursery, to pick up some new potting mix and a first batch of new succulents.

I don’t know how these ended up in my cart (but aren’t they just me?)

Anyway. The better part of the afternoon was spent returning the planter to its original glory.







It still needs more plants, but I’m going to hold off for awhile to see how many of the “salvage” plants survive.

Even unfinished, I like it. Again. I threw a regular plant into the cart, so that tells me I may be ready to get over my hissy fit and go ahead and get my little part of the garden spiffed up. It’s hard to stay uninterested when you’re strolling through Green Acres!


Year ’round Tree

Once upon a time, a tree up in the house meant that Christmas was coming.

Not any more!

A couple of years ago I added a super skinny tree to my hallway to showcase my “shabby chic” ornaments. They were getting lost on the eclectic “big” tree. I loved it so much I really hated to take it down.

So I decided to leave it up and do a Valentine’s Day tree. And after Valentine’s Day was over, I really didn’t want to put it away yet, so I did an Easter tree. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of them, but if I’m being honest, they really weren’t all that “photo worthy.”

Christmas 2016 my daughter-in-law decided SHE wanted a skinny tree, too, so that was her Christmas present – a tree and some ornaments to get her shabby chic tree started.

I think she was being funny when she said she wanted to leave it up all year, but I thought, why not? Surely we can come up with cute things to do trees for holidays and/or seasons.

And the year of  a “year ’round tree” began.

Valentine’s Day was easy. I had some decorations from the last year’s decorating that could be modified for the tree, and lots of heart-shaped ornaments that had been on the main tree – it was totally doable.

For me, anyway. Finding ornaments for her was a little trickier, having waited until after the stores had put away their Christmas decor to make the decision. We’ll beef hers up next year.







Then came St. Patrick’s Day. Much more difficult. The whole “year ’round tree” thing is not really a thing. Yet. I’m on a mission to make it one! So, it was pretty weak. But next year, watch out. It is going to rock.




I never did find a garland I liked. I’m pretty convinced I’ll need to make some ornaments.

Easter was easier. Not even close to perfect, but we’re getting there. I don’t have a topper, and the few decorations I “thought” might work either went on a bit of a walk-about, or I hallucinated the whole thing, so it isn’t nearly full enough. But I have ideas…

After Easter I went to Spring. Now we’re talking.





It was a bit of a challenge, but with a little improvising, it worked. Pretty well, actually. I particularly like the hose “garland.” My friend, Lindsay, made me a topper for it that says “Spring has Sprung.” I lOVE it! I need to make some ornaments to match.

I thought the little girl’s gardening gloves were a nice touch, as were the seed packages!

Now I’m onto 4th of July (Meegan went right from Easter to patriotic.) I’m not sure why, but ornament-sized decor was much easier to find for this. I love the wild garland, the topper, and the lights! The lights are a bit on the gaudy side, but I think they look festive!





After this, the plan is a summer tree, but I have 2 thoughts that I’m not sure can be combined onto one tree…one is summer fun (lemonade stands, bicycles, ants, watermelon, campers, s’omores, picnics…) The other is beachy, as in mermaids and shells. I’m not sure I want to combine the two, but doing them separately would mean neither would be up for very long.

I guess I don’t have to decide right this minute…


Why Do You Let Me Do This?

Oh, it’s not your fault. It’s mine.

I lack discipline. I am getting extremely lazy in my old age. I lack focus. I may even be a little depressed (with all that’s going on in the world, I guess that’s to be expected.)

But none of these “excuses” cut it.

One post in April, two in May? What’s up with that?

Seems like we were right in this exact place a very short time ago, and I committed to getting back to blogging on a regular basis. I even did it every day for a whole month. So we know I can do it if I want to. And yet, I’ve fallen off the wagon AGAIN.

It’s not from lack of material.

We’ve been on two trips, I’ve had two get-togethers with my art group, participated in a snail mail month, decorated my hall tree for spring, accumulated a bunch of skinny legged figurines for my grandkids, made a pair of earrings, and started spring clean-up in my abandoned garden. I’ve spent time with my grandkids, had dinners with the family, experimented with new recipes, made a dent in the disastrous mess my house had become…seriously, I have PLENTY to write about!

So what’s my problem?

Well, PART of the issue is my computer is full of photos again. Yes, my computer (or as Mr. Tattered would call it, the world’s most expensive photo storage thumb drive) has nearly 20,000 photos on it. AGAIN. And I’m afraid if I add many more, I’ll crash this computer like I did the last one.

And I can’t blog without photos. Or so I tell myself. But that’s really a weak excuse. I could download the ones I want for the blog, then delete them.

That’s all I’ve got.

The truth of the matter is, I’m spending entirely too much time on Facebook and playing toy blast (I’m on level 465 and some of the levels take me 3 days to get through…that tells you a lot.)

Good grief. It’s not like I’m some stupid kid that doesn’t know any better. I know that every day I spend treading water is a day less I have to actually accomplish anything. If I had back all those wasted hours, what could I have to show for the time?

But then, wasting time isn’t really wasted time if you enjoyed yourself, right?

NO, NO, NO! I’m not going to make this okay.

I WANT to blog. I really do. So I need to put up or shut up. Now. Right now. With no pictures.

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