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I May Be Losing My Marbles – St. Patrick’s Day Style

No, I’m not playing a game with little green glass balls.

I am contemplating MAKING a beaded garland for my St.Patrick’s Day tree.

First of all, we could argue the logic of even DOING a St. Patrick’s Day tree. Yes, Valentine’s Day is over so those decorations need to come down.

But Easter is late this year, and although I COULD just jump in and put the Easter decor up, it seems a little early.

So, on the face of it, a St. Patrick’s Day theme seems not too insane. In fact, before I realized how little there is out there to actually put ON a St. Patrick’s Day tree, it seemed like a good choice. Now, after hitting several of my go-to decor stores, I’m having second thoughts. Except that I’ve already got it started.






So, I can either take down what I have up and cut my losses, or forge ahead.

And, yes, being a stubborn Irish lass, my natural inclination is to dig in and forge ahead. Thus the idea for making my own garland.

I can picture it in my head. There are plastic shamrock necklaces I could take apart and space them in between white and several shades of green beads (to tie in with the tacky plastic shamrock ornaments in different shades of green I already found.) Would I have preferred glass ornaments? Yes. But beggars can’t be choosers. As long as you don’t look closely, you can’t see they’re plastic. They can always be replaced down the road, right?

Can you see the beads in this garland? I’m thinking along this line but with St. Pat’s colors and icons.



Anyway. Garland. Again, plastic shamrocks. Not my first choice. But, believe it or not, this whole ST. Patrick’s Day tree idea is not yet “a thing.” Maybe I’ll be a trend setter, but the trend isn’t there yet. So, I’m going to have to improvise. I can probably fall back on my jewelry-making skills and use the plastic shamrocks for the base of “dangly earring-looking” ornaments, as well.


Well, at least I could have if the necklaces were “strung,” which unfortunately they are not. I’d hoped the shamrocks and words had holes in them, but alas, they are not. Grrrrrrr. This is even harder than I THOUGHT it would be.

So I’m exploring other options. There are fabric and ribbon garlands, but they are too big for this skinny tree. Again, I could “make.” There are suitable ribbons and fabric. I’m so confused.






The key issue here is “make.” Seriously? Don’t I have some sort of a rule about not starting any new projects? This sounds like multiple projects, and at a time when time would be better spent cleaning my house or getting ready for the next trip, or maybe even DOING MY BLOG!


Crazy Addicted!

What can I say?

I know I’m getting VERY BORING!

All I want to do in every spare moment is knit, knit, knit!

Isn’t that funny? Whodduh thunk?

It’s not a terribly creative endeavor. Just a repetitious ¬†motion. The same thing over and over and over. Almost a little OCD-ish. What does THAT tell you?

But, the very nature of how portable it is makes it a good “to go” project for a busy Gaga who is on the move from house to house throughout the day! I can pack it with me while I’m waiting for kids to get out of school. And then, when I’m home, it’s something I can be doing while I’m sitting with Mr. Tattered discussing the day or watching some tv. No need for a ton of supplies, or a big work space.

So, I finished Hannah’s scarf. I love, love, love the color all by itself, but it’s a GREAT color on her, too!


And, I’m making good progress on mine. I still can’t believe I’m actually working on one for myself. Once again, LOVE the color. Hard to find a nice, variegated red for a red lover!


I’m also making progress on the torn fabric scarf for Hannah. It’s not really for warmth, but a fashion statement. It will be interesting to see if she even likes it when it’s done. I’m liking how it’s looking, but I’m not sure how “wearable” it will be from a comfort standpoint.


AND… the beginnings of yet another.


This photo doesn’t do the colors justice – the pale gold, shades of beige and soft terra cotta are just so luscious. There’s a possibility I may not be able to give this one away!

I keep thinking I need to move on to other things (there IS a huge list, after all…) but, really, why? If I’m having fun, what difference does it make? Aside from the fact that the repetition must be getting a little boring for y’all. SO, if I’m going to keep knitting, I at least need to dabble in SOMETHING else for you, right?

Oh, I know! How about digging out the Cuba photos and FINALLY filling you in on that trip before we start the next one!?




I NEED More Yarn…

Okay. I’m about to run out of yarn.

I finished one scarf,


…and 2 more are in progress.




Now that I’m this low, I’m starting to panic.

But the weather is so yucky I hate to drag Lexi out in it for non-essential stuff. I DO have to go pick Josh up from school, anyway. I could leave a little early and make just one stop, right? It’s just a little water, and we have raincoats. And I don’t have to go on any freeways or high-speed roadways.

I think I have myself convinced. But then there was a break in the rain, and the deal was sealed.


Here we are. The yarn department. And my very favorite yard is on clearance.


Now to decide…do I get more yarn for family? Start on the 12 I’ve vowed to make for the homeless by this winter? I’m going with both. 3 for family (including one for me – I love this yarn so much!) 12 for homeless. 15 skeins.


This one is for me!


These are for everyone else!

Ahhhh, obsession, sweet obsession. What would I do without you? Ha! It’s better than being on Facebook 24/7, amirite?


Lexi said, “You need more yarn, Gaga. More and more and more.” That’s my little enabler!

It COULD have been worse!

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