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Creating on Vacation!

Part of the fun we have on vacations is spending a little time creating together.

The project for the kids this trip was to get their “flat” kids decorated for the summer.

“Flat kids,” you ask?

My friend Lindsay Ostrom is the creator of Flat Fanny, Flat Freida and Flat Felix. You can read all about them on her blog, but in a nutshell, there are 3 pdfs, each with one character, that you can download, print and decorate how ever you’d like. Then you take your flat friend/friends on vacation with you all summer and photograph them on their adventures. Then you can share your photos on their own special Facebook page.

Although this started out as a grown-up endeavor, lots of kids have joined in. My 3 grandkids and I participated last year, and could hardly wait to get going with new friends this year!


Notice they are using my copic markers? I had to swallow hard with this one, but we forgot their “kid” markers, so I had to choose between foregoing the project or sucking it up and going for it. Fortunately they were VERY gentle with them! Whew!


I’m sure not loving the photos I’m getting with my iphone (or is it operator error?)


You may notice the deviation in this photo. Hannah is now a tomboy and can’t stand ANYTHING with a dress, so we altered Fanny so that she has shorts and a top. I’ll show you later – turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!



Bea, on the other hand is a fancy girl! The more ruffles and bling, the better! She loved Flat Frieda’s extra specially fancy outfit!



Then it was up to gawgs to cut them out and glue the pieces together!

Next day it was off to the “flat friends” first outing – breakfast at the yummy Driftwood Cafe!


We’re getting excited planning more outings, and you’ll be able to see some better detail!

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