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Day 30 AEDM – Bye Bye AEDM! See Ya Next Year!

I’m so sad that this is the last day of AEDM. Just that little bit of pressure to do something artistic every day was enough to get me back into my scrapbooks – something I REALLY not only needed, but WANTED to do.I’m hoping I am in the habit now and will continue doing a minimum of a page every day, at least until this album is done.

Made GREAT, GREAT progress today. The pages are simple, but they practically did themselves. I think that means I’m in the groove! In fact, I did so many, I’m not even going to show you all of them, but here’s a sampling.




There was another 2 page layout, plus a 2 page collage…Wow! Can’t remember the last time I got so much done in such a short time!

My daughter and her girls came in for a few minutes (on the way home after discovering that “Frozen” was sold out for the time we wanted to see it! – Cute new Disney film, for those who don’t know!) to see the album’s progress. We got out the completed Yellowstone album from Fall of 2010 and compared it to the one I’m working on now from the Spring of 2012. The girls have grown so much! In 2010 I took a picture of them walking as they held hands…


Then took another photo in 2012 at the same place, doing the same thing. So stinkin’ sweet to be able to compare. I’m pretty impressed that I thought to take the same pic again!


Actually it’s a little sad that they are growing up sooooooo fast!

BUT, speaking of impressed – I also took multiple photos of the Grand Tetons and strung them together for a poor man’s panoramic pic, then used them to make the bottom border for this layout.



Yeah, I’m feelin’ pretty awesome right now! I’m going to make a copy of the older picture of the girls to put next to the new one. Then when we go back in 2015, I’ll take another picture and put all 3 in THAT album…How fun will that be?


Feeling grateful today for traditions. Like making my mom’s special fudge recipe every year, and having Grandma Forrest’s favorite, Graber olives, and Aunt Virginia’s Sweet Potato Cups. This year my son-in-law made an Armenian rice dish that was part of his family’s Thanksgiving meal, and we’re looking forward to carrying on with that every year. And the Christmas advent boxes have become a favorite for my grandchildren. Luckily I bought 4 of them, so when baby Lexie (due in March) is old enough, she’ll have one, too! I love traditions, and am hoping to add more and more. My parents used to do a family Christmas jigsaw puzzle every year. I’m thinking of resurrecting that now that they are both gone.

Well, to those of you who have been joining me from AEDM, don’t be strangers! If you’d like to keep in touch, just click the button in the right side bar to get an e-mail notification each time I post, or just stop by from time to time! Thanks again for participating. I’ve had fun…hope you have too! Now let’s go out there and continue to ART EVERY DAY!

Day 29 AEDM The Aftermath…

Well, the end of a wonderful day. Ate too much, laughed a lot and made wonderful memories, although if you look at the scrapbook years from now, you’ll wonder if my camera was broken.

It was not. And the battery was charged. I don’t know what happened. I barely touched the camera all day. I’m sure the kiddles were thrilled, but I’m almost embarrassed. I just didn’t think about it hardly at all! I got a picture of the olives (a tradition carried down from Mr. Tattered’s mother) My son-in-law cooking (for the first time ever) an Armenian dish his family had every Thanksgiving, one of the kids painting fake nails…seriously, that’s about it.

I guess THAT will be the story! Gaga messed up!

Earlier in the day I got a little more scrapbooking done. I finished the pages I was working on yesterday…


And I started the next layout.


Not too bad for a crazy day like today!


Well, of course, my family, ‘cuz that’s what the day is all about. But beyond that, I’m grateful for all the  crazy things – that I HAVE a house to clean, dishes to wash, weeds to pick, clothes to fold – ya know what I mean? Life and all that goes with it is a lot of work, but I am so fortunate I have all this stuff, and taking care of it comes with it!

Day 28 AEDM – Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful day of family time!

We’re headed over to the daughter’s for the day and are looking forward to wonderful company, great food, and the old-fashioned version of Miracle on 34th Street!  We’re so blessed to all be together and living so close to each other!

Worked on my scrapbook again and made progress on my hiking pages. I seem to be past the blockage from a few days ago. First I fixed the messed up mat on this photo from yesterday…


Also had a little learning experience – Can you see the little circular cut out of this photo?


Note to self – Don’t use the circle cutter to cut anything when there is another photo under it. It WILL cut through. I was able to salvage the photo – just don’t look too close! ***Side note – one of my art girlies has a friend who is a Creative Memories consultant selling down some of her inventory, and I’m going to be getting an oval cutter. I’m so excited!

Then I finished the second layout that was giving me problems. I like the boot prints!



After the pages of greens with rust highlights, I shifted a little for the “Hit the Trail” pages. I’ve had this paper and stickers for YEARS and am happy to finally be using them.


Truth be told, I could probably do 10 albums without having to buy anything but adhesive – but what fun would that be?

Speaking of adhesive, my “go to” adhesive for many years has been the Hermafix, but I’m making a change. It has become hard to find, kind of expensive compared to others on the market, and messy to both use and refill. The glue is wanting to stick to the applicator and not roll properly. I’m through fighting with it, so, I’m going for simplicity all around. They carry a similar product by Tombow at Michael’s. It is fairly inexpensive, refills easier, and AVAILABLE just a few minutes away. No more having to plan ahead or buying too much and having it dry out.

Just a few more pages left in this layout…


So grateful to not have the whole responsibility for Thanksgiving dinner! Having two grown daughters who live right nearby make the day’s cooking much easier, and even fun! We’re each getting started on our own Wednesday night, then we’ll finish up together on Thursday. Good times!

Day 27 AEDM – Now We’re Talkin’!

Well, I pushed through. I found a sticker with the words “Lower Falls” on it in a rusty color and figured out that the pages I was having trouble with just needed a little pop of color.


Uh oh! Now that I’m seeing the photo up close, I’m thinking the rust circle is a little too off for my anal-ness…that’s going to have to be re-done! Heeheehee!

I added rust backing to 3 areas on the layout, and now I’m happy. Well, except for the goofy circle. That doesn’t make me happy, but it’s a quick fix.


I freaked a little when I discovered I didn’t have enough of my main paper to finish the entire layout, so I made some adjustments to stretch it…It’ll take a few days to complete the whole layout, as I’m looking at 8-10 pages on this one section, but I like the direction it’s going, so it’s all good. I only have kiddles for an hour tomorrow, and not too awful much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, so I’m hoping to get the majority of this layout done.


Today’s Gratitude:

I’m so very grateful that I have a life that enables me to spend so much time with my family. There are times when I wish I could be young again, but then I’d have all the obligations that go along with “getting ahead.” One of the blessings of getting older is having all that behind you and being able to live in the moment. And living in the moment is a VERY good place to live.

Day 26 AEDM – Hittin’ Some Bumps

Well, just got started on the biggest layout for the whole Yellowstone vacation – our trek on the rim of the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.”

I took SOOOOOOO many photos, and the vast majority are vertical landscape shots. They are VERY hard to display in a visually appealing way. To say I’m struggling with the layouts would be an understatement. In fact, I’m downright frustrated, but I’m going to keep plugging along.


The first two pages were easy to lay out – although I haven’t done any embellishing yet.


From there it’s gotten challenging – not that I don’t appreciate a good challenge now and then – but NOT in my layouts, thank you very much.I’ve laid out these next two pages over and over and I’m just not there yet…



Normally this would be enough to get me derailed for awhile…Thank goodness for AEDM – it’s giving me the incentive to keep going. Hmmmmm, there IS an art journal in there I could switch over to!

Nah, I’ll take a break to do some journaling, and hope that some inspiration kicks in!


Today I’m thinking about how wonderful having the new hot tub is. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The heat and jets are great for my back, but more than that it is giving Mr. Tattered and I some special time together every evening. And THAT is really something to be grateful for!

Day 25 AEDM – Pretty Please, Leah?

Let me start by saying that it is now a month before Christmas. Yikes! If that isn’t enough to put a damper on the day, I don’t know what is. From here on I start deleting things from the “I’m hallucinating about doing this for Christmas” list, and adding them to the “ain’t gunna happen (again)” list. It’s getting a little scary.

WHERE has this year gone? If I had been keeping up the scrapbooks like I should, I’d know!

Anyway. I’m starting to get sad about AEDM coming to an end…think Leah would extend it another month if we asked pretty please? I am SOOOOO much better at actually allotting time to my projects when I have adult supervision.

Today I made time to clean the garage with Mr. Tattered. I guess he hasn’t noticed that the house needs it more than the garage, but whatever. We lightened the load out there – some donations, some trash, and some pushing things from our piles to the kids (Hey! Whatever works!) I took before and after photos, but truth be told, the massive progress can only be seen by us! Still looks very cluttered to a casual observer. My back knows I worked hard, and the hub is satisfied, and those are the important parts.

On the art front, I returned to the scrapbook again. Another layout done. I think you’ve gotten the gist of my process, so I’ll just show you the finished product from here on out, unless there is a new technique I think you might find interesting!



Today’s Gratitude:

Today I am feeling grateful for the simple fact that I am me. I don’t want to be anyone else, I don’t want anyone else’s life. I’m not perfect, and my life isn’t perfect, but I’m pretty darn content with both. Not COMPLETELY satisfied – I’ll continue to attempt to improve on both. But if life never gets any better than it is right now, I’m good with that.

Today is also my first week to participate in “Inspire Me Monday!” If any of you are visiting from there, I am a media media artist, photographer, and avid scrapbooker who is in the midst of the monumental task of documenting our last trip to Yellowstone. Feel free to roam around on prior posts if you want to see what I’ve been up to lately. I’m also working on a “Happiness” Art Journal, and sharing a daily gratitude. Whew! Lots on my plate. Thanks for coming by!

Day 24 AEDM – A Good Day. A VERY Good Day.

What a day! I hardly know where to start…

I went to a vintage arts and crafts show today and had SOOOOOOO much fun.


My friend Lindsay invited me (she was a vendor!) and I’m very glad I went. I could have just laid in the aisle and soaked up the ambiance for hours.


I spent too much and I’m almost certain I left slobber in more than one booth.

But the very most remarkable part of the morning was a major breakthrough for me – not even ONCE did I wish I was a vendor. Not ONCE. It feels huge.

Those who have been following my creative journey for any length of time know that I’m practically schizophrenic in wanting to sell my work one minute, then I don’t the next- changing my mind back and forth so quickly I  ’bout give myself whiplash. It is rare thing when I pass by an empty store front and don’t immediately try to figure out how I would decorate it if it were mine. And even rarer that I go to a craft show without yearning until my heart almost breaks to be one of the vendors.

Not this time.

I had so much fun, and I got so many ideas. But it never translated into wanting to make anything to sell. It was “Ooooh, ooooh, I could do that for MY tree!” Or, “Oh, man, I’m going to need to do a vintage tree next to the angel display this year!” Or, “I could do something like that for the guest room!”

I can’t tell you how happy it made me – how freeing it was to want to do just a few of many things instead of exploring how I could set up an assembly line for doing a whole mess of fill-in-the-blank quickly and cheaply enough to be able to sell them at a price people were willing to spend for them.

I’m not declaring total victory yet. But in the war I’m having with myself, I won this battle, and it wasn’t even a close call!

We’ll see where I am when I get back from CHA (the craft and hobby industry trade show) in January. (YES, I’m going with some of my arty friends – we’ll see if I am STILL this chill then!)

When I got home from the craft show I pulled out the stuff to add another 2 pages to the pocket page layout I did yesterday. Contrary to the quick project the pocket pages were, this one took hours. How can that be? It is so simple…




Anyway. Progress is good. The stack of photos is getting smaller and smaller and the stack of finished pages is getting taller and taller. I’m actually beginning to see a glimmer of the light at the end of the Yellowstone Album Tunnel. Then it will be Alaska, and Disneyland, and Heaven forbid I should finish  any of the gazillions of every day layouts! In my head I’m laughing hysterically. I’m so screwed. I think I’ll go get in the hot tub.

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