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Where Women Create: Business

Those of you who are following my crazy journey know just how back and forth I’ve been about business, or no business.

I just KNOW I’ve made the decision that it will not work in my world, and I turn around and do something that makes it obvious the decision isn’t final.

What’s up with this???


Yep. I caved.

I was determined I was NOT going to buy this publication. When my art board was all abuzz with chatter about the announcement that it was coming out, and people were pre-ordering it, I held firm. I didn’t pre-order. I mean, after all, this is a publication for people who are already in business or looking at starting one. Right? And since I’m not either one, I don’t need it. Right?

So why did I drive 30 minutes to buy it? And why is it sitting on my coffee table mocking me?

The only possible answer is that somewhere deep inside my little pea brain I am still holding onto the hope that there WILL be another business. Please don’t rat me out. Mr. Tattered is still thrilled with my pronouncement that there will be no business, and I would hate for him to have to worry in advance of need. Heeheehee!

Through a Tattered Lens – Nature Preserve


Today we went with our girls to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve In Carmichael – an oasis in the middle of suburbia. What a wonderful day. It was a bunch of happy to cap off off a really crummy week!


Acorn Woodpecker


Hannah with her binoculars


Bea with hers


Heart Rock


Alder Cones


Blue Breasted Meadow Tooter (heeheehee!)


Reflection in pond


Beautiful branches




We were surprised to see deer!



I really needed a wonderful, “happy” filled day! Thanks for the invite, Annie!

Happy, No Trauma Days Ahead. Surely?

Creativity has taken a back seat to life these past few weeks, and there is no end in sight.

I had sorta hoped 2013 would usher in a new year of less trauma, but so far, it’s not looking like that will be the case.

I injured my knee (NO IDEA HOW!) and after a couple weeks of re-hurting it nearly everyday, decided it wasn’t going to fix itself. I went to the doc and she sent me to get it x-rayed, even though she didn’t think anything would show up. X-ray was clear. so I will need a referral to an ortho dude and an MRI. Yay, me! I had her check my lungs as long as I was there, since this cough is nearly a month old, and sure enough I’ve got a little bronchitis! So, antibiotics for that.

Then there was my dad’s death. And, come to find out, I am the trustee for his trust. I don’t mind doing it, but it appears he is using the trust to settle old scores no one knew were still bugging him and I resent being thrown into the middle of his revenge project. It’s stacking up to be a time-comsuming mess.

My friend Rae, who lost her mom, said she likes to think that her mom is now healed and that the healing extends to the situations here on earth. I hope that is true, and that he now knows the truth, and somehow feels remorse for the mess he left here. What he did with a stroke of the pen many years ago, will cause repercussions that will last years, if not forever, here on earth. Makes me very sad. BUT, it’s a good reminder to talk things out with our friends and loved ones instead of keeping perceived wrongs bottled up and festering. How sad it is to live for years with mis-perceptions that could have been cleared up so easily.

So, there is little time for doing what I WANT to do right now. I’m trying to remember to find the “happy” in each day even if I don’t actually get to my “Happiness Project.” And the art class I signed up for will be there when I can get to it. I’m feeling very STUCK on my creative journey, and although I know that stuckness won’t last forever, I’m getting impatient. You’ll remember that patience is NOT my strong suit. BUT, life has to be dealt with. The journey will still be there when I can back to it.

Wishing you happy, no trauma days!

Happy is Spending Time With Friends

My happy the last couple of days came from spending time with my real world bestie and her hubby!

One of the sad parts about moving away from a place where you spent 25 years of your life is leaving all the friends you made over the years.

As you get older, it becomes harder to find people in the real world to bond with, or at least it has been for me in my new surroundings. And, most of my friends from Mt. Shasta have forgotten that I-5 runs both north and south!

But this week my bestie, Jan, and her hub were heading off on a vacation and stopped off to see us for a couple of days.

We didn’t do much at all…mostly just visited and caught up. We laughed and laughed. It was restorative for me.

While they were here, I found out that my dad had passed away. I couldn’t help but think that God may have had his fingers in that. He’s been ill for quite awhile, so it wasn’t a surprise, but it was nice to have them here with with us to keep us from obsessing. We’ll have plenty of time to deal with the sadness. I was glad to not have to do it right then.

I can’t believe that the whole time they were here, we never got out the camera!

My posts will be hit and miss for the next few days. I have lots of family obligations with little time for activities you’ll find interesting, so I’ll be quiet unless I have something I can’t wait to share!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll miss you!

The Continuing Saga of Studio Cleaning

If you’ve been visiting every day, you know I have a love/hate relationship with my studio, and I’ve been working on getting it cleaned up.

I ran out of time before company is coming and had to get all the crap I’d taken out of the studio and dragged into the guest room to sort, back into the studio so they’d have a place to sleep!

I mentioned that it’s not possible to cram 25# of stuff into a 5# bag, but I may have been a bit premature. I made some shifts in the way I was storing things, and lo and behold, I managed to get a whole lot more stuff in there! A lot of it is just in boxes waiting to be sorted, but at least it’s in there, and doesn’t look too awful.

One of the reasons I have such a mess is that I save EVERYTHING!


Box tops from Trader Joe’s cake mixes (they’re so cute!) little pieces of cardboard boxes (white ones just aren’t that easy to find!) bits of ribbon and embroidery floss, random trim, and a rusty piece of metal… If it was only this, no big deal, but multiply this times a gazzillion!

But in addition to the questionable things, I found some more treasures…

There were THREE of Melody Ross’ metal stamp sets, not just two…


And a tape runner, the tools for making your own stamps, and a circle cutter…


I’m still looking for the gift card. I’ll find it eventually.

The room still isn’t clean enough for me to be proud of, but it’ll get there. THEN I’ll show you pictures!

Found Treasures

Well, I managed to get in a little clean-up of all the stuff in the studio. Mostly just sorting into bins, but I made a dent.

And I can hardly believe all the little treasures I found in the process. Things I had forgotten about, even though they haven’t been among the missing all that long.

These are the punches I bought at Archiver’s in Minneapolis when I went to Creative Connection well over a year ago. I’ve never even used them. Somewhere in the piles are the two big kits…these are just the additional punches.


Then there was this cool set of alphabet stamps. I’m so excited to use them!


I collected these heart shaped bits of coral last year in Maui, and somehow they found themselves tucked in amongst my supplies…


This sign has been in the studio for a LONG time, long enough for me to have forgotten about it! Now to find a place to hang it!


This stamp is amazing. I have something in mind for it already (if I can put it some place where I can find it!)


And this is the greatest find of all! Several weeks ago I received this bracelet I ordered from Kelly Rae Roberts sister, Jennifer Valentine, from her collection licensed by Creative Collection. I love, love, love it! I set it in the studio to photograph before I put it away with my other jewelry, then stuff got stacked on top of it. Wow! I’m so excited to wear it. As wonderful as it looks in the picture, it is even more awesome in real live person!


So, I haven’t found my missing gift certificate yet, and a couple of other things I’ve got an eye out for, but these were quite the finds.

One of the great things about being so disorganized is that you find all this cool “new” stuff! It’s almost like I went on a shopping spree without even leaving the house!

Physics Matters

There comes a time in the life of every mixed media artist when she/he has to admit that physics is not imaginary. It is real. And although you can sometimes figure out how to get 10# of stuff (for those of you with sensitive ears) in a 5# bag, getting 25# into it just isn’t going to happen.

And how did I come to that realization?

I’m finally back to cleaning the studio. Lord help me.

A couple of weeks ago (before I got the cold of the century) I dragged the majority of the “stuff” mentioned above out of the studio and piled it high in the guest room, with the intention of going through everything, sorting, and putting it back away neatly, marked so I can see what is in each container, and, well…organized.

The very next day I came down with an awful cold. See? I told you that housework, done properly, can kill you!

So, after one night of coughing all night, Mr. Tattered gently suggested I might be more comfortable in the guest room. Hmmmmm. Given that the bed was covered with the “stuff” and I certainly didn’t have the energy to put it away, I shoved it over to one side of the bed, making just enough room to get into it. It seriously looks like an episode of “Hoarders” where there is a little nest of space carved out. Oh, my.

And so it has stayed ever since.

Now we’re having overnight company on Thursday night, so the guest room will need to get cleared out. If I have any hope of creating a pleasant environment for our guests,  I can’t put it off any longer.

So back to being a mixed media artist. We are notorious for saving EVERYTHING, and do I ever mean everything. Bits and pieces of ribbon and twine, YEARS worth of old Christmas cards, feathers, strips of ribbon, rusty nails, chunks of wood, beads, styrofoam balls, silk leaves. Add to that tons and tons and TONS of scrapbook paper, stickers, bling, stamps, fabric, photos, patterns, yarn… And tools. Oh, my, the tools. Is the physics issue starting to make sense?

I can hardly bear to part with ANY of it. I KNOW as soon as I get rid of anything, I’ll need it.

I sorta thought with a little imagination I could find a better way of storing the stuff and not have to part with it. Now I’m thinking not so much.

I don’t have time to sort through everything and do an organized clear out, so I’ve decided to sort into bins to be gone through later and do the best I can to make the studio look presentable, and concentrate more on having the guest room usable!  It’s my bestie that’s coming, and she knows I’m…shall we say “messy?” As long as I have Christmas put away, she’ll still love me!

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