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Flat Fanny!

Well, I finally finished my Flat Fanny She’s been sitting here for what seems like months with her face and hair done, but buck nekked. She finally got a cute little dress and is waiting for her first adventure.




Flat Fanny is the brainchild of Lindsay Ostrom, one of my artsy buddies. Anyone who wants to participate in the adventures of Flat Fanny can. Go to Lindsay’s page, at, download, Fanny, dress her up then take her with you whenever you go on an adventure. Take a photo of her having fun wherever, send it to Lindsay, and she’ll post it on her blog. OR, join her facecbook page (at and post it there!

This is a kid-friendly project! Feel free to have your kids and/or grandkids join in. There’s even a Flat Felix for the boys!

I can hardly wait to take her on her first trip!


I’ve always been pretty much a “go with the flow” kinda girl. I might give in to an occasional eye roll or snort, then let whatever it was go – nothing major.

Lately that has been changing. I still don’t say much, but the eye rolls are more frequent, as are the snorts, and I’m having a little more trouble letting go of things that just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

Take for instance my mani/pedi this morning. Now, I don’t take being able to get them for granted. It’s an extra in life, certainly nothing I’m entitled to. I know not everyone has the extra money to be able to get one every two weeks. Every time I get one, I think about how wonderful it is. I appreciate it. And I don’t go just anywhere. I’ve sought out the best place I can find in terms of lowest price and best value. The place I go isn’t fancy. It just gets the job done well, with few frills (even comes with a free hot paraffin wax for my tootsies – LOVE.)

But the boss’s wife has done my manicure the last two times, and she’s really starting to bug me. By way of background, I am very hard on my hands. My nails look nice for about 5 minutes, then I mess them up. They break easily, and rarely are they all the same length. I have taken to not caring. Rather than evening them out to the shortest common length, I want each one to just look as good as it can. And I don’t like them oval, I like them squared. I go in with them squared, and I expect to leave with them squared. I have like two nails that seem to escape the battering, and stay longer than the others. I like them. And I want to keep them.

Last time I had them done, I kinda zoned out enjoying the hot water on my feet, and getting my legs massaged, and didn’t realize that she was cutting down all my nails until it was too late and my two lovely nails were short like the others, and they were all oval. I bit my lip, making a mental note to make sure to remind her the next time that I don’t want them cut down. And I don’t want them oval. I was a little pissy about it, and grumbled on the way home, but I got over it pretty quickly.

Then this morning, I went again. And I remembered to mention it, telling her I didn’t want them cut down – each one as long as it can be, and NOT oval – squared off. Then I dozed a little. Again. Something about the swirling hot water on my feet just knocks me out. Oh, yeah, I guess the spa chair gently rocking me helps too. And dang, if I didn’t come around to see them short and oval. I didn’t say a word, but I stewed. And I’m still stewing. We’re talking nails here. It’s not like they look fabulous all the time, or that my job requires them to look good. No one notices but me. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but it’s REALLY annoying.

As I thought about how much this seemingly small thing bugged me so much, I realized it is only one of many things that annoy me lately. I generally find myself getting annoyed more easily now than in my younger years. Is it an aging thing, do you think? Is it that as you get older you just have a better sense of how you like things? I don’t know if I need to add it to my list of things I want to work on it (is it even anything I CAN work on?) or if I need to just accept it. Thoughts?

Yet Another Food Plan?

I was reading through my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday and came across a post about a book that sounds promising…It’s called “It starts With Food,” (the umbrella outfit is Whole 9) and puts forth the proposition that it is carbohydrates and sugar that are making us (read: me) fat. I already know that simple carbs are a problem. It never occurred to me that even complex carbs could be an issue, as well. Sugar? A no-brainer. Both react the same way in the body.


It is a primarily meat-based program, which presents some huge problems for a vegetarian, but it is doable. It’s only 30 days, and I can do almost anything for 30 days (except eat meat, but there are ways around it – tough ones, but again, doable.) Vegetables become your primary food, along with eggs, and really, for a vegetarian, eating primarily vegetables shouldn’t be all that hard.

The biggest drawback is no grains. No grains. No pasta, no bread, no quinoa, no corn, no tortillas, no crackers – AND no soy. Part of me can’t even believe I’m contemplating this. It REALLY hits me where I live.

But you know what? Nothing I’ve tried has really worked very well. So where I live doesn’t seem to be all that healthy of a place. Maybe it’s time to try some thing out there. I’m not feeling like I could do it for life. But what if after 30 days I really was good with eating primarily vegetables, was off sugar almost completely, got off wheat, and seriously reduced the need for all but a few grains now and then? I can’t help but think I’d be healthier.

I can’t do it just yet. I have a few weeks of commitments I need to keep first. But when they’re done, I’m going to go for it. Just a day at a time, and see what happens. All I have to lose is 30 days worth of eating food I probably shouldn’t have eaten anyway, and if I can’t do it, at least I will have tried.

I can live with that.

Today is a Manic Day

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on these pages that I am a self-diagnosed mildly manic depressive (bi-polar in today’s language.) What it amounts to is that my highs are a little higher than normal, the lows a little lower. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember, and for the most part, it’s gotten better with age.

Well today is a markedly manic day. I am full of hope, enthusiasm, and energy.

The first thing I did (after pouring a cup of coffee, of course!) was to open the computer and close the “game” tabs. What a foolish waste of time. I know I can easily pull them back up should I choose to, but out of sight, out of mind (I hope!) Once I read through the most important things (FB notifications, my news feed and emails – including the morning articles Mr. Tattered sends me most days) I was up and moving.

Mr. Tattered asked me the other day what I was going to do to ward off my potential heart disease and Type II diabetes (based on my finding that I am genetically predisposed to both) and I replied, “watch my food intake even more closely and move more.” He then thought it would be hysterically funny to compliment me every time he saw me reaching or bending or getting out of the recliner. He has no idea how close he is to serious physical peril.

So anyway, moving… I’m making a concerted effort to be up and moving around more, hoping that soon it will result in actually getting back to real live exercising. Grrrrrrr. Enough said on that subject, lest my manic state get reversed real fast! It’s barely 9am and I have already watered outside, dusted, vacuumed, done a load of clothes, put away dishes, refilled my coffee cup, and marched around the house several times (in a meager attempt to be able to say I actually exercised!) Fortunately for him, he’s at the gym, so missed many opportunities to tease me. Off to a good start, I’d say.

Anyway, the day continued to be a good one as far as getting things accomplished, and not wasting quite so much time. Still haven’t figured out the creativity angle, but I’m working on it. Me and my baby steps!

Just Not Feeling It

The challenges I set up for myself in both June and July to keep myself moving forward and goal oriented have been busts. June was “paper crafting” and you would think a paper crafting junkie would find it to be a piece of cake. But, no. It was hard every day. Getting anything worked on, let alone completed was nearly impossible. July has been even worse. The idea of tackling my green frogs was a good one, I think. But again, the execution has been terrible.

So, I’ve blogged about the stuff that was on my mind instead – not a bad thing – just undisciplined. And I dislike being undisciplined. No really. I do.

One of my favorite blog buddies is taking a few weeks off from her blog. She’s feeling a little overwhelmed, and like she needs to spend a little extra time with her family. Maybe she has the right idea. Is that my problem? I need to take a break?

Blogging is an optional pursuit. I don’t HAVE to do it. No one’s day is going to be ruined if I decide NOT to blog for a day or two. Seriously.

But somehow if I don’t do it, I feel like I’m letting myself down. No, that’s not right. I don’t feel like I’ve let myself down, I miss it. If I don’t write every single day, I really, really miss it. I LOVE to write.

Maybe the problem is that this is supposed to be a blog about my creative journey, and by reading it lately, you’d barely know I have a creative bone in my body. So the discontent I’m feeling isn’t so much that I’m having trouble coming up with stuff to blog about (I can talk about almost ANYTHING!) it’s that I’m once again missing the creativity in my life, and it’s coloring my whole world. The more I blog about non-creative pursuits, the more I recognize that I’m not being creative.

So, I’ve identified the issue. Now what to do about it?  I am most definitely in a rut. I find myself playing games on the computer whenever I have down time rather than doing the things that bring me real joy. It seems like I’m (dare I say it?) BORED? Is this what boredom feels like?

I have lots to do. I have lots to do that I like to do. I have projects lined up around the block. But I have to admit, none of them are really lighting my fire at the moment. I’m just not feeling it.

I found some pictures of jewelry I REALLY liked on pinterest a few days ago, and my heart actually started beating faster at the thought that I would love to try them. But, recreating them would have required buying a few more jewelry items, and I forced myself not to. I have way too much stuff I’m not using already. I’ve forbidden myself to buy more until I’ve used a substantial amount of what I already have!

Maybe I need to rethink that. Maybe a splurge now and then is needed to keep the creative juices flowing.

Hmmmmm…what do you think? Should I treat myself to some new toys and see what happens?

A Little Kindle Humor

And what is so humorous about a Kindle you ask?

Well. I finally got my Kindle on the charger in preparation for getting it set up. After sitting there plugged in for a day and a half, Mr. Tattered decided to be helpful, and took it off the charger. Somehow in the process (and don’t ask me how, cuz I have NO CLUE) he managed to inadvertently change the language to Chinese.


Chinese. Ha!

Now, you have to remember, this is brand spanking new. I haven’t even registered it yet, let alone learned how to use it in English.

I know there has to be a way to change the language back again, but how do you find the appropriate screen when you can’t read it?

So I figured resetting it to factory specs might work, but there doesn’t appear to be a reset button, just an on and off, and that doesn’t work. So I get on google and try to find a fix. Now I have to tell you, me and tech are not good buddies. I learn what I need to know to do what I want to do, and that’s about it. I don’t care to clutter my mind with anymore than I need to. So the prospect of having to follow some bizarre instructions is not appealing.

So, after site after site with no luck, I’m beginning to feel like I’m the only person on the planet that has had this problem. I start to stress and get a little cranky. Before he headed to bed he said if I couldn’t figure it out, he’d take care of it in the morning. I’m not impressed. He messed it up, he should be fixing it, and not tomorrow. Now. BUT, I know that he doesn’t function well when he’s tired, and I’m probably better off in the long run if he doesn’t tackle it right then.

Now I’m obsessing. I can’t put it down. So I keep searching. And FINALLY I find a guy who says tap the little three line icon, then tap the 5th row of symbols, on the next screen tap the 4th row of symbols, then the 5th, then the 1st, which takes you to the language screen and hurrah! English! I did it!

I have decided I must be a good wife – my hub messed up big time, and lived to tell about it!

SO, today I went out and got a cute little case for it…


then sat down and loaded book after book after book. One of the great things about the Kindle is that you order the books through Amazon with their huge variety and good prices, rather than the puny selection and high prices of the Sony library.


And another great thing about e-books? No waiting for them to come in the mail, or waiting for the local store to have the book you want in stock. Case in point, J.K. Rowling has new book out that she wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Once everyone discovered that it was really her, the books flew off the shelves and are on back order. On the other hand, my copy is on my Kindle, just waiting for me to read it! Woohoo! I even pre-ordered some books I want to read, but haven’t been released yet, and when they are, they will magically show up on my device! AND, for books I want to read, but not really enough to buy them, our library has them available to “borrow!”

I think I’m in love.

Can You Have Too Much Information?

I was raised by ostriches. You, know, those big birds that hide their heads when something is happening that they don’t want to experience, know about, etc. (They don’t REALLY hide their heads in the sand, they just lay them down on the ground and it LOOKS like they are!)


Okay, not LITERALLY raised by ostriches, but by people who adopt that philosophy – “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.”

I know it’s ridiculous. Often times what you don’t know can KILL you. BUT, if you know something has a higher risk than normal of killing you, do you want to know about it so you can try to protect yourself from it? Or ignore it and hope it goes away?

I recently had some genetic testing done at a site called 23andme.


It’s really a pretty cool deal. You order the kit, then spit in the tube and send it back. A few weeks later you get the results. It’s all VERY interesting. But now I’m sorta wishing I hadn’t. It’s forcing me to confront some things I’d just as soon not confront. It’s one thing to think you are at increased risk for certain diseases. It’s another to KNOW it. Especially when the things you need to do to attempt to prevent them are things you’re already trying to do, with little success.

It’s just a major buzz kill.

I didn’t do the testing primarily for health reasons, but more to see if there were any hidden surprises in my ancestry (which there weren’t.) The health stuff was a side benefit (um, NO!) As nervous as the prospect made me, I couldn’t help looking. And seriously, my ostrich-like protective instincts were in full force. But, I overcame them and looked anyway.

A lot of the stuff I had elevated risks of I assumed in advance because of family history, but it was unpleasant to see it in black and white. Like Heart disease and Type II Diabetes.  I had reduced risks of a few things that I thought would be elevated (like Alzheimer’s – because my memory is so lousy and my grandmother had it.) So that was good. I also have no genetic pre-disposition for breast cancer, and that’s comforting.

I guess now, after a few hours of absorbing the information I’m not quite as freaked out as I was initially. Maybe it IS good to get the confirmation. Even with the increased genetic pre-disposition, there are preventative measures that can be taken on some of these things. Maybe the next time I make the conscious decision to over eat or opt out of taking a walk, I’ll reconsider. Maybe I’ll try harder to participate in active pursuits instead of the sedentary ones I tend to prefer.

Don’t laugh! It could happen!

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