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4th Time’s a Charm

Well, I got to bead a little today. Or pretend to bead. It wasn’t my most successful project to date.

I started off good. The earrings went quickly – no goof ups at all. And I love them.

The bracelet is another story.

A sad story.

I’d found a worn piece of coral on the beach that was very much the same shape and size as the wide-holed barrel beads I use to make my beaded bracelets (5 strands of beads running through the barrel bead to keep them together.) I’ve made several, and I really like the style.

Anyway. So, today’s project was to use the coral to make a bracelet.

Everything started off good. I cut the elastic string, anchored a bead on one end so the beads wouldn’t come off and got started. It looked so pretty! Then as I was starting to tie it off, (you can imagine what is coming!) I dropped the end WITHOUT the anchor and the beads poured off and into the carpet. Shag carpet, of course. So, not only did I not have the finished bracelet strand, but I got to pick all the beads out of the carpet and restring the beads (although the 2nd time, it was shorter so I know there are still beads hiding in the carpet – but not to worry, I have plenty of extras.) So, I finish the second strand, tie it off, go to put it over my wrist, and the knot comes undone. AGAIN, beads go flying, but this time I’m sitting at the table and the beads are there instead of in the carpet.

Strand 3 – This time I got out a youtube video on beading elastic bracelets to see what I did wrong. Oh, yeah. I used a regular knot instead of a surgeon’s knot and THEN a regular knot, and this gal did a second surgeon’s knot and another regular knot, then a dab of bead glue, just to be sure. Sounded like a plan to me.

So I faithfully followed the instructions, but I forgot to run the strand through the coral bead first, so I cut it apart and started on strand #4.

By now I’m getting just a little pissy, but I power through. I’m not going to let a SIMPLE beaded bracelet get the better of me!

I tie on an anchor bead. I string all the beads. I tie another anchor bead at the other end (just to be sure the little suckers don’t run away again!) I run the strand through the coral bead, and tie it off just like in the video, including the dab of glue. Success! The 4th time was the charm!

Now I just have 4 more strands to go (I thought, but after the 2nd – or 5th depending on how you’re counting) it became obvious the hole would only be able to accommodate 3 strands if I was lucky.

Strand 2 went off without a hitch, and with a little ingenuity (using tiny seed beads on the last inch) I was able to make third 3rd strand fit through the hole. Barely.

It isn’t as full as I normally like them to be, but the coral is special, so the trade-off works for me. I’ll always remember that I made it on Maui, with coral I found on the beach.

We only have 3 more days left on the island, and we’re going to do a little running around tomorrow and Sunday, and I really need to start organizing all my treasures for the trip home, so I don’t know if I’ll get to do any more beading. It figures, just as I get on a roll. Oh, well. I’ll wait and put this stuff away last. Maybe I can squeeze in another piece. Or two.

Ocean Hearts

We’ve been coming to Hawaii for over 20 years, nearly every year. And, yes, I appreciate just how very spoiled we are. Maui is our favorite island, and the one we come back to every year.

Part of the ritual is walking on the beach and looking for sea treasures. Hawaii has very little in the way of shells, but loads and loads of coral washes up. The types and shapes never cease to amaze me.

My favorites are the “hearts,” bits of coral that have broken off and been tumbled into heart shapes.

Sometimes you have to look for quite awhile to find any.

Some have tails that make them look more like “Ys.”

Other don’t have the tail, but really look more like “Vs.”

And some you have to use your imagination a bit to see the heart shape.



Most years I only find a very few that are no doubt about it “take-home-quality” hearts.  This year I don’t know if I’ve just spent more time walking the beach, or have developed a better eye, but I’ve found so many I’m going to either take home a bunch, or figure out how to whittle them down to a more manageable number.

The problem is, they each have their charms.



And then there is my very, very favorite, which can’t come home with me because it’s too big…


I do love my ocean hearts. And I love the name Ocean Hearts. It would make a cute name for a shop, don’t you think? Oh, Lord. I’m losing my mind. But there is an empty commercial building just down the street…

Where Did The Day Go?

I woke up this morning, and before I knew it, it’s almost time to go to bed.

Where did the day go?

I was actually quite productive, and that’s probably why it flew by!

I started the day trying to decide between what I NEEDED to do – work on my cards for National Letter writing Month, and what I WANTED to do – work on my beading.

Well, I was a responsible girl and worked on my cards.

Over the last week I have been working on the components – making tags, cutting backgrounds, popping out circles. Today I finished the prep work.

And since I was on a roll, I decide to start constructing them. I really, really, really want to show you the finished card (I’m kinda impressed with myself!) but we’re not supposed to show the finished work until they are received by the participants.

I got 50 of my 75 cards completed (only because I ran out of base cards) and was STILL on a roll, so I started the envelopes as well, and completed 50 of them. With those, I got a little cray cray. I wasn’t coming up with a group of three shapes I liked ready-made, so I actually drew out a little starfish, and hand cut 75 of the little suckers out. Heeheehee!


I spent hours and hours working on them, barely coming up to breathe or eat (but I DID get my 10K steps in!) and I guess that’s why the day disappeared so fast!

Tomorrow I’ll go across island (again!) and pick up the last 25 bases I need to continue, so until then, I may be able to get a little beading done (before I forget how to do it!)


Remember That Trip To Aloha Bead Co.?

By now you know, that with me, there’s always a story.

And here’s the latest.

So, last week I went to Aloha Bead Co. in Paia and fell in lust. Big time. I’ve been dreaming about those garden bracelets I told you about. Day and night. Night and day.


I got on line looking for their web-site (there isn’t one) and stumbled upon their Etsy store. The owner literally has everything you need to make the bracelets, as well as kits, available on-line. So the pressure was off. I could think about it, mull it over, and if the urge was still there months from now, I could always order it and have it shipped.

Have you met me?????

That’s just not how I roll. I spent way too much time scrolling through all of Sarah’s offerings (Yes, Sarah. We’re on a first name basis now.)

I ended up messaging her through Etsy to tell her what I was looking for, and she said she could make up kits for me in whatever color combination I was interested in and ship them within a few days. I told her the color I was interested in, and mentioned I was on the island. She suggested that I come in and she’d show me how to get started.

And then she went to her studio and MADE some lamp work beads she thought I would like for the project. OMG. How can you not instantly LOVE this woman? Of course, I didn’t know this in advance.

Wednesday just couldn’t get here quickly enough. I was beside myself excited.

So I walk in and she’s got “our” project laid out on her table, including the newly made beads I ADORE, and we set to work. Well, she started to work. I never dreamed she’d do the set up for me.

She very patiently explained the process as she went along along with the whys. I watched her every move.

You start with the basic set-up on wire…

…measuring along the way to get it the right length.

Then she started sewing on the beads with thread, one little set at a time.

When she had to stop to wait on a customer, I summoned the courage to try myself, and from there, she just coached. Here’s my very first bead! There, that little bell-shaped one. I did that!!!

I was very slow, and made a lot of mistakes, which I caught and fixed, but every second of it was fun. As it got more and more beautiful, my excitement grew. And with each little set, I got a little more confident, and a little faster.

All my fears of not completing the project flew out the window.

By the time I left, I’d completed half of the first phase.

Once I get the second half done, I’ll go back over it and add a few larger accent beads. We decided the pendant heart I purchased would match these beads quite well if we introduce just a touch of pink. So I’m going for a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and then the pendant on a simpler beaded necklace. We tossed around a few ideas, and she included enough extra beads for me to play with.

I have to confess, I purchased more beads for more projects, but…

…at least until it’s time to blog about it, so you’ll have to wait to see just how naughty I was.

Now, I have to tell you, had she not shown me how to do it, we would probably be looking at a very different outcome. I am a visual learner, and I’m not sure reading directions would have been enough. But watching, then doing under supervision, I’m sure I can do it, and I love it so much, I’m convinced I will follow through! Thanks, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart. As you would say, “much aloha!”


Now, you may not be able to get to Maui to meet Sarah in person, but she has an Etsy shop that contains everything you need to make these wonderful bracelets, as well as kits if you’re afraid to just dig in and try them on your own.  But even if you don’t like the bracelets, her beads are really quite amazing, and she is even open to custom designing lamp work beads for you!

You haven’t heard the last about Miss Sarah on these pages. I’ll be sharing with you my treasure trove of purchases along with my finished pieces in the days and weeks, and hopefully months, to come, and I’ll be giving credit where credit is due.

And before I close, I need to give props to Mr. Tattered. The plan was, I’d go play with beads for a couple of hours, then pick up a flat bread pizza to bring home for dinner. Well. I called to check in mid-afternoon, and it was pretty obvious I was having a blast, so he suggested I stay longer and we’d do pizza another time – he’d figure out dinner for himself. I think I’ll keep him.



Creative Bliss

It took a little over a week to get there, but I’m now firmly in the zone. The “creative bliss” zone.

I realized it last night as I surveyed my little crafty kingdom away from home. I am beyond collecting supplies, and onto actually having something to show for my efforts beyond dreaming about what I COULD do.

But it’s not just producing that makes the “zone.” It’s LOVING it. Feeling totally energized by it.

I remember back when I had my store that I would reach the point where I was toast. No creative mojo, no energy…just dragging.

The market time would come and I’d be off into creative Disneyland. The inspiration was everywhere, and before I knew it ideas were coming faster than I could write them down. My team and I would plan a minimum of 6 months of themes, windows, and displays to highlight the merchandise we were buying and we could hardly wait to get home and start executing them. It was like being plugged into an electric socket and totally recharging the batteries.

It didn’t mean that every day life sucked, it just meant that we burned so bright we had to have some recharge time.

And so it is with me now. I LOVE my life, and I love what I do every day. But I do it with passion, and I need recharging from time to time.

So here I am. I am charged.

I’ve soaked up all this yumminess…




Now it’s time to get to creating.

Finished another simple pair of earrings for Bea.


And of course, that means she’ll need a bracelet to match, so I started a new bowl of lavender/purple beads.

When I was at the mall (buying more beads, of course…) I ran across a jewelry artist whose ankle bracelets spoke to me. I didn’t even argue this time, just got out the money…

It’s a pretty clever design. 2 wraps around and it’s a ankle bracelet, 3 a bracelet, and just a rope and it makes a necklace. Yep, I’ll be adapting a design of my own.

And then I decided my cards for National Letter Writing Month are screaming for a tag…


Just found out there are 71 participants this year instead of just 50. Still doable, but I need more tags and a bit more paper. Bummer. Another trip to the bead craft supply store.

Yep. Creative Bliss. Just love it.

A Shout Out!

Every once in awhile I run across a shop that just needs to be advertised. The Aloha Bead Co. is one of them.

Located in Paia, Maui, Hawaii, it is a small space stuffed with an incredible array of luscious beadness.


I’d been there a number of years ago, long before my bead obsession had taken hold, and it was nice, but there was nothing I needed there.

Now it’s a whole different story.


This is just about a quarter of what they have…

I guess I didn’t really NEED anything. I’d already spent a small fortune on supplies at Ben Franklin and the shop in Kihei. And I enjoyed spending every nickel. AND, I’ve actually been using what I bought. But it was all pretty much just normal stuff – a few tools, basic beads, and a few cool things, but not THIS cool. This was a whole new level of coolness. Like the QUEEN of coolness.

But I resisted. Mostly.

This amazing bead did jump into my tray. (If you notice I’m missing an arm and a leg, it’s because it took that to pay for it, but what the heck. It’s only money, right?)


It’s pendant sized, so I know it will end up on a necklace, but I don’t have a clear vision for it yet. I just knew I couldn’t leave without it.

One of the things I REALLY like about this place is that in addition to the strings of beads, they also have lots of choices you can purchase “by the bead.” There are so many times I need just a few and I hate buying a whole string, but if it comes down to way too many, or go without, you know which one wins in janetworld. This was nice, and I did buy a few things, knowing I would be coming back with more time to dawdle.

What I AM mulling over are the kits for complicated beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets. OMG. They have me written all over them (the finished pieces) but they also have “you know, don’t you, that you’ll NEVER make these” as the sub-title. But the made-up pieces are budget busting (I keep telling myself) and I COULD make them… What to do, what to do? Even the kits are not cheap, which is what kept me from just getting them.




Now this is BEADING, beading, as opposed to the simple construction I’ve been doing. Each little bead is “sewn” on with silk thread. It feels like a real commitment, as opposed to a little project. Theoretically (if I had half an ounce of sense) I’d buy a kit for one piece, say a bracelet, and see how I do. But that is so not me. If I loved it, I wouldn’t have matching pieces to go with it. But, if I got started and wimped out, I’d be wishing I’d bought just one.

It’s been days and I’m no closer to deciding.

Maybe when I go back they won’t have complete sets of any one style in kit form so I won’t be able to get them. Or maybe I’ll decide I could live with one statement piece to make and then make something simple to coordinate. Or maybe I’ll say, “you only live once,” and buy a complete, made up set. With me, you just never know until it’s done.

Now that I’m looking at the photos again, I’m in love lust all over again. I feel another trip coming on. Wonder what I’ll do?



A Love/Hate Relationship

I seem to have a number of those, but this one is with my fitbit.

For quite some time my fitbit kept me on the straight and narrow with my walking program. A minimum of 10K steps a day, 7 days a week, week after week, month after month. (The love phase.) Then in the spring of last year I got sick on the way home from London and took a few days off and for the life of me, I just couldn’t get back into it. No matter how hard I tried, I just kept missing reaching my goal. And there was that little demon watching me, mocking me, making me feel like a complete failure. (The hate phase.) Day after day of its ridicule was too much and I took the sucker off.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tattered has been religious about his walking. And I admit, I envied him his continued commitment, his ability to miss his goal from time to time, sometimes DAYS at a time, and jump right back in.

So. What to do? I know I need to get up and move more. ALL the things I adore doing are sedentary pursuits, and it is way too easy tasty glued to a chair. And it just isn’t healthy.

And as I let the problem percolate, one of the issues I realized I was having was that the fitbit I had required that I be swinging my arm to count steps. So, all the time I am pushing a shopping cart, carrying groceries, walking and holding a child’s hand, I’m not getting credit for steps. So, maybe I wasn’t doing quite as badly as I thought I was? But, nonetheless, at the end of the day, I wasn’t getting the praise I needed!

The solution was slow in coming to me, but I finally figured out I needed a tracker that used a GPS based system to track. Enter the “Fitbit Blaze.” It’s the same one Mr. Tattered and my daughter and my granddaughter use.

I decided if I was going to jump-start my sorry behind, this might be just the way to do it.

5 days ago I bought one, and 4 days ago, I started over. So far, so good. I’ve reached my goal every day.


Four days in a row. Some days it isn’t pretty. With all the rain, I’ve found myself in the evening walking around and around and around the living room wearing a path in the carpet to get those last 4K steps, but I’m doing it.

I haven’t had to experience the demon demeaning me.

I like the Blaze better than my old fitbit. It displays my steps right on the face, rather than having to check my phone app or computer. Not crazy about the band, so I’m going to check out some less manly looking ones.

All in all, we’re back into the love phase. Whew!



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