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Travel Wall Dreams

Ever since we moved the furniture in our dining room and entryway to make an “office” for Mr. Tattered and freed up a whole wall in the entryway, I’ve been dreaming of putting up a wall of travel photos and mementos.

It took awhile to firm up my ideas, but I finally decided to turn the wall into a giant scrapbook page, complete with background papers, photos and embellishments. The few things I have positioned so far look a little weird all by themselves, and I toyed with the idea of waiting to show it to you until it had taken more shape, but I thought you might enjoy watching the progress.


I’m trying to think outside the box for display ideas. This shadow box has in it a few of the treasures we brought back from Italy.






I found these cute little tags. I’m going to fancy them up a bit, and mount a photo on the back of each, then they’ll hang from the cute rack above.

I’ve been collecting frames and things I can re-purpose as frames…


This galvanized mason jar lid was repurposed into a coaster. I’m repurposing it again as a frame.


I don’t know if this “P” will decorate a frame or just be mounted on the wall, but it just screams PARIS to me…


This frame is designed for changing photos easily. I may use it for the most recent trip photos while I find frames for them.


Because I KNOW what I’m thinking, it all makes sense to me, but I have no idea if it looks crazy to you at this point.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I work on it!


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  1. Super clever! I love it. And man you really have a stash of stuff.

    • Thank you, Connie! Most of “the stuff” I have purchased expressly for this project, but I do have a number of things “in stock” I can draw on, if need be. It’s a pretty good-sized wall, but already I can see I may wish it was bigger!

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