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Travel Wall – I’m Making Real Progress!

Do you remember the travel wall I started awhile back? If you want to refresh your memory, my original post which outlines the plan can be found here in my Travel Walls Dream post.

It started because I wanted a way of displaying my travel photos. The albums are nice, but I wanted to have them out where I’d see them more frequently, so the dream of a wall was born.

I’m happy to report that it’s gone from the dreaming stage to actually looking like a travel wall! I can’t seem to get enough light on this wall for a good photograph, so try to imagine it without so many shadows!


I’ve done the easy part first – just traditional frames with photos. The plan calls for using more repurposed things, and those are coming – I’m just not there yet, and that’s okay. This is going to be a process, not one of those projects that actually gets DONE. At least not until we’re through traveling, which I hope is still years away.

I did complete the first wooden tag – simple, but kinda cute. It’s just a commercial tag from Michael’s that I glued a photo onto.




I still have lots to do – I don’t have any of the photos from our last trip up, and I think I still have a few places from previous trips that are not represented.

I’m thinking I probably should have a list of countries visited up there that I can add onto as time goes by. I’ve lost track again!

I think I’m going to get a slim line Christmas tree to put up in front of the wall display. I get ornaments from our travels, and have been putting them on the regular big tree, but I think I’ve got enough now that they could be on their own tree!

Anyway, it’s a fun project!

I’d be curious to know how fellow traveler’s are documenting their trips, if you’d like to share!


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  1. I just do scrapbooks for easy storage. Our walls are taken up with art-no room for travel photos!

  2. Quite an effort. I really like having “memories” on the walls of my home. I found the perfect frame last week for one of my photographs. I smile and remember Waterloo Village in NJ every day now.

    • That’s nice. The wall that I’m doing is just outside Mr. Tattered’s office, and he came into the great room recalling a memory that one of the photos I had just put up had sparked. That was EXACTLY what I was hoping to accomplish!


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