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The Messy Part

I was able to move into the grouting segment of my monograms right on schedule. The first two out of the seven I have to do are all glued and ready to grout.

The bad part is that it’s not my favorite part. It’s the boring messy part. It is more of a task that needs to be done than it is fun. In fact, it’s sorta not fun at all.

It’s time-consuming, and really not at all creative. It’s just meh.


But there doesn’t appear to be a way around it.

I had the same issue with quilting. I LOVE designing and doing the piecing, but doing the actual grunt work? Not so much. So a quilting project that I just LOVE and would REALLY like to have completed is just sitting there.

Now with quilting, there are people out there who love to quilt, and will do the finish work for you. In fact, I probably need to pull out that project, do the little bit I still need to do to get the face done, and hire out the rest. Otherwise, chances are pretty good it’s not going to get done.

But mosaics? If there is anyone who just LOVES to grout, I sure haven’t heard about them!

SO, I have to bite the bullet and just do it.

I don’t remember disliking it quite so much for the original. Maybe because I was so afraid of ruining it, that being successful felt good?


This just feels a little like drudgery. Okay, that may be little strong. But I’m not ENJOYING it. I don’t know if I have the mix of water and grout material off so it’s harder to work with or what, but I’m just anxious to have it behind me, so I can get back to designing with the remaining 5.

The good news is, they’ve turned out well, and when I’m finally done, I’m going to be very proud of them and happy to have them on display in the homes of people I love.


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