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We’re Nesting!

Ever since we got home from our last trip in the spring, we’ve been in nesting mode.

We’d considered moving into a new house – this one is really a little too small for us – but we love the location of our lot, and our neighborhood, and neither of us are thrilled with the idea of being “house poor” again.

So we’re attempting to make it as functional for us as we can.

Unlike Mt. Shasta where we had a nearly an acre of land, and if we needed more space, we just added on, here we are built out as far as we can build, and have to learn to live within our space or move.

We’ve opted to learn to live within the space, but do as much as we can to make it meet our “needs.”

My favorite project so far is our remodeled master bath.

The house came with a bathtub and separate shower in the master bath. It was pretty, but neither of us take baths. I upgraded the tub to a whirlpool, because we didn’t want to buy a hot tub, and I enjoy a good soak from time to time. But what we didn’t consider was that the time of night I want to soak is after Mr. Tattered goes to bed, and it is LOUD, so I never used it. It took up space and sat there collecting dust.




We saw a walk-in shower in some local models, and decided that would work better for us.

Having the master bath out of commission for nearly a month was a pain, but we like the result.


I still need to find some kind or cabinet or shelves to put in front of the glass wall, which will give us storage for towels and other bath-related items that we haven’t had! Additionally it will soften the look of the glass wall. Its a wee bit on the modern side for my taste, but the contractor was a little concerned about losing the light from the window with a regular wall, so we agreed to the glass.

As a part of the remodel we switched from silver fixtures to the rubbed bronze I love, AND we installed a Toto Washlette – a bidet style addition to the toilet that has a luscious heated seat, warm water cleansing, and warm air drying. It is absolutely decadent.

I’ll show you the rest of the room when I get the decorating part completed.

This project really tested the limits of Mr. Tattered’s ability to cope, and I think he’s done for a long while. But I’m already dreaming about the next improvement!

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I love how you changed the bathtub into extra shower space! I’d like to do the reverse over here… ah well.

    • Ha! Well, different strokes… We ended up getting a hot tub, and there is a tub in the main bathroom, so we’re covered either way. I would highly encourage doing whatever it is you want. We are slowly, but surely getting this place the way we want it. Mr. Tattered suggested getting a storage unit for our overflow, but I remain committed to learning to live within our space, and if that means reducing the amount of STUFF, so be it. I’m still hoping better utilizing the space, and creative storage solutions may work.


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