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Frames Need Photos – DUH!

I am a photo freak. I LOVE taking family photos. And landscape photos. And just crazy, no-one-ever-photgraphed-that photos.

And, I am a frame freak.

I LOVE finding new, exciting frames. And I love buying them, OWNING them. You would think it was a marriage made in Heaven.

But what I don’t love so much is finding just the perfect photo for the frames. So I often don’t. The frame just sits there. Empty. I hate to admit how long these empty frames have been on the wall.


Or worse yet, sitting there with the photo that it came with.


It’s become a family joke. The kids tease me mercilessly.

We’ve even taken to naming some of the people. The one above is Aunt Matilda.

I wish I could say I’ve gotten better, but I haven’t. I keep SAYING I’m going to. But I never do.

It hasn’t always been that way. When we first moved into this house, I set up a wall of immediate family photos – the kids, grandkids. And there wasn’t an empty frame on it. It’s actually a pretty cool wall. Of, course “wasn’t” is the key word. I’ve added a few since then, and there they are. Empty.


Another wall fared a little better, but there are still a few empty frames.


But somewhere along the way, the frames became the focus, more than the photos, and it’s been going downhill ever since. At least I used to get the frames on the wall. Now, even THEY are stacked.



I wish I could tell you this is the extent of it. It’s not. There are even more.

So now I have set aside a whole wall for travel photos. Why do I do this to myself?


I want it to be an easy visual for our travels – at a minimum, one photo per vacation, and one per large country. And I want to combine landscapes, selfies, and the occasional odd photo I love…Maybe even a few words. I don’t know.

At least I have a lot of frames to choose from (heeheehee!) And there are even a few I want to embellish. But the photos – they’re going to be an issue. I have WAAAAAAY too many choices.

A friend told me to look at my front lawn as a blank canvas and to just start working. I can probably use the same advice here. It’s just a canvas. Every nail hole is not set in concrete, nor is every photo choice. I can gesso over whatever I don’t like (figuratively speaking, of course) and either start over or make changes.

So. I need a plan. Or a deadline. Or something.

How do you make yourself do something you know you need to do, but for whatever reason, are hesitant to start?

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  1. Connie Rawlins

    Seems like an awesome problem to have — just start making those decisions! Love, LOVE all your frames — I sort of have a frame addiction too.

    • Yep, pretty much most of my problems are comparatively awesome. I really don’t have much to complain about. Thanks for the support. I’m trying to move this project up on the priority list! It’s just a shame to have so many frames AND photos stacked away where they can’t be seen…

  2. Ha, Ha Janet! I’m working on family photos for our condo and my problem is finding enough frames that look good enough to be in the same grouping. Mine won’t be all the same or even the same color, but some of my older frames may need to be repainted or fixed up in someway to look good with all the others. You’re lucky you have the wall space. I’ve decided to do ours at the bottom of the stairs and going back up. Our family from TX is coming here in another month and my goal is to have them hung by then. We’ll see.

  3. Could it be that you don’t wholeheartedly want this project anymore? Things change. Maybe what you really want to do is spend your time elsewhere. You have your scrapbooks of the trips. What about putting all those frames, that are sitting on the floor, in boxes and stowing them away somewhere for a few months? If you decide then that you really do want to do this large project, you can proceed. But maybe you’ll decide you’d rather keep your clean floor and keep the trip photos in their albums and donate all those frames and spend your time doing something more enjoyable. I find that I have so much stuff sitting around I think I must do something with that I no longer enjoy those things in the least. They represent stress. So I’m now boxing them up and enjoying the cleaner space. If I haven’t been itching to see them 6 months later, they’ll get donated. Most of the things I bet dollars to donuts I won’t even remember having.

    • That’s probably a good idea, Janet. I have the coming up weekend to myself, and if I don’t make any progress, boxing them up and sitting on the project for a bit sounds like a good plan. Maybe I can figure out between now and then which pics I want to put up and have them duplicated, ready to go. How I spend this next weekend is going to be a pretty good indication of where my heart is since I have very few claims on my time! Now watch. I’ll sleep all weekend! NO!!!!!!!

  4. I always go for the SARK micro movements when a project seems daunting – setting a timer for 10 minutes and working. Then continuing if I want to or stopping if I don’t.


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