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Day #19 Flowers and Layouts

I’m rolling right along with my scrapbook layouts! I challenged myself to do 31 layouts this month. It was really perfect timing because I had just started my London Album and hadn’t been making a whole lot of progress. One thing or another kept getting in the way.

But now that I’ve committed to getting a layout done every day for the month of May (or a minimum of 31 layouts during the month) I’m getting a lot done, and I’m loving the result!

For the last couple of days I’ve been working on our visit to Windsor Castle. I took a mess of photos from every angle I could think of, confident I’d whittle the number down dramatically. BUT, I’m kind of attached to them all, thus making for a MANY page layout. So here’s the next installment…








Meanwhile out in the garden, I’d like to show you my wild lilac.


It’s a beautiful bush, but it’s really too big for the space. I’ve cut it back quite a bit, and it probably needs more trimming. BUT, I think I’ll wait until fall. The blooms right now are just incredible.

I’ve really lost interest in the garden. For a lot of different reasons, I can’t have it just the way I want it to be. And being the spoiled brat I can be, when I can’t have my way, I lose interest. But I’m working my way back, keeping in mind that it really is shared space, and I need to keep in mind how much work my other half is willing to put into it.

SO, simplification is necessary. I don’t have an actual action plan about what exactly that might mean, but at least I’m rolling it around in my head and trying to come up with some action steps. Needless to say, it will almost be better off tearing it up and starting over.

Check back often! I AM going to get my outside space organized, and when I do, I’ll be showing lots of pics!

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