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Reasons, Reasons, Reasons

Initially I was going to title this “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.” But as I was writing was able to admit there are few excuses good enough to get myself out this screw up unscathed. So I’m accepting responsibility. With an explanation…or in other words, “Reasons, Reasons, Reasons.”

First the story (ridiculous as it is) followed by photos of the process.

I belonged to a now defunct ATC group. For years we did a monthly challenge, sending in 3 ATCs following the theme that the hostess for that month set. In the beginning there was lots of participation, and slots for getting to be the hostess were filled up a year in advance.

But as time went by, people’s lives changed, they got busy, lost interest, and by early 2014 we needed to invite people from outside our initial group to participate. Even then, participation was low. Hostesses backed out at the last minute, and it was a struggle to keep going.

But I really didn’t want to let the group fall apart, so I stayed and continued to be involved long after the thrill was gone. It really is just not as fun when only a few people are involved.

So. I volunteered to hostess for June. I knew I was busy, but I figured how much work could it be with so few people likely to sign up? As long as I’m done by early July, I’ll be able to handle it.

As predicted, only 3 three people in addition to myself  signed up. Piece of cake.

But then not all the cards came in, and by the time the last one arrived, it was July and we were leaving on vacation early the next morning, I was up to my eyeballs in preparations, and they would just have to wait until I got home.

Until that point, I was on solid ground. I felt completely justified in not being able to get them out until August. It was later when it got weird – almost a comedy of errors, a bit of procrastination, and, let’s be candid, everything else in my life being more important combined with a little “I don’t want to do this.”

Every time I would get to the point where I was about to force myself to sit down and take the few minutes needed to get them out, something would come up and it wouldn’t get done. They’d fall through the cracks again, and weeks, if not months would go by before I thought about them again.

At one point, I couldn’t find the cards I’d done myself and had to do them over again. I did that, not once, but twice. TWICE. SOMEWHERE in this mess I call a studio, there are 2 sets of “Hearth and Home” cards. And I have to confess, doing them over for a third time just wasn’t floating to the top of my “to do” list.

And, of course, our travels have gotten in the way, as well.

Finally, today I decided I needed to get these off my plate. Yay me! I’m igniting (you know, my word for the year – getting inspired to complete all those unfinished projects!)

And now that they are done, and the cards are in the mail, I’m wondering why I made such a big deal about it. I LOVE doing them, and now that the group is no more, I am going to miss it.

And while I’m at it, if any of you ladies involved in this fiasco (you know who you are) are reading this, my apologies. No excuses. I screwed up. And I REALLY don’t like disappointing people, and I know I have. I probably owe y’all a little sumpin’, sumpin’. But by the time I figured that out, I knew it would mean them not going in the mail today, and we know where THAT would lead!

For starters, my work area is a disaster (yet another “reason” why it’s been so hard to get in there and get this done.)


So. For these cards, I used stuff I already had on hand, and as much recycled stuff as I could. For my substrate I used old business cards a friend sent me, cut to size. To that I modpodged torn pieces of a book page, and sheet music left over from another project.


Then I laid down the first coat of paint, dried it, and added the sky color and a few accents in a deeper shade.


I’d purchased an architectural stamp awhile back (I didn’t have it when I did the 1st two sets!) and decided it would make an interesting accent.


Then I found a card I’d started with a background I’d done on my gelli plate. I thought it might look good for the hills, and cut them out and glued them on.




Then I paper-pieced a simple house out of scraps and added a few accents with my pitt pen.


A little chalking, a bit more color, and a little more pen work, and they were done.



So should I save the scraps for another project?


I’m tempted. But, no. They’re going in the trash.

And in the back of my mind I’m wondering “should I find another ATC group to hook up with?”

I know. I’m nuts.


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