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National Letter Writing month 2015

April is National Letter Writing Month. At a time when so few people rely on snail mail, it’s kinda nice to go to the mail box and find pretty envelopes one month out of the year.

This is my 3rd year to participate in a pen pal mail exchange with a group of ladies, spearheaded by our fearless leader, Lindsay Ostrom.

Some of the things I like best about it are the opportunity to make a bunch of cards that actually go somewhere, using my gelli plate, and doing production work. The downside of no longer selling the things that I make, is that I no longer do much in the way of production work, and I REALLY like it.

Today I whipped out the last 25 cards for round one of mailing (I have a pen pal that I will be sending a minimum of 4 pieces of mail to, plus I’m on the crazy mailers list for people who want to send more mail – there are 46 of us! That’s down from last year when there were about 125 participants, and I sent one note to each. Yikers!) This year Linz decided it was getting unmanageable and limited participation to the first 100 to register and you had to sign up to be on the crazy mailer list!

Anyway, it’s been ages since I’ve had my gelli plate out, so I thought I’d show you my process.

First I laid down a background. I chose ivory, lavender and lime green for the base.


As soon as I started playing, I knew I was going to be absorbed for hours, which meant even if the weather improved I probably would’t be getting many steps in. So, I set up a station for drying the cards that created a little track so I was walking back and forth, back and forth, taking cards over and moving them back to add each layer. If I’m going to get my 10,000 steps in and still have time to do my art, I’m going to have to do some double duty when I can!


Anyway. They sure don’t look very impressive with just the base layer!



The lavender swirls and pink accent helped spruce it up a little, but still kind of “meh.”



Even the next layer of ink didn’t help a lot.



A little added pink paint…



…and a few purple accents and we’re getting there.



But the ink doodling is what pulls it all together.


I just LOVE doing these, but I don’t need many cards in my day to day life. So I’m glad every once in awhile a little project like this comes up so I can make a bunch!

Oh, and my steps? The weather did stay wet and cold most of the day, and I ended up doing thousands of steps just walking around in circles in the house. But the steps this morning helped. Yay me!

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Fabulous job and I have enjoyed seeing your technique and progress. Lovely cards created with bliss…

    • Thank you Sherry. I think I’m a little OCD! Watch your mailbox (Ha! I know you ARE!) You should have one of these little treasures tomorrow! Hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

  3. CynfulCreations

    Your cards are lovely, Janet. As you say, the ink doodling really jazzes them up!!

  4. Loved your post and the cards you made… I am honored to have received one..I am having a blast with my first NLWM… Also working on a blog post about it… Thanks for sharing !!


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