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Get Rid of a 1000 Things Challenge

1000 things. I wonder if that’s something I can do? Is it even possible?

One of my fellow bloggers came up with the idea after she heard about the challenge to KEEP only 100 things, and realized there was NO WAY she could ever do that. But she was interested in reducing her clutter to jump start her creativity, and the Get Rid of 1000 Things Challenge was born.

I love my stuff. But I have lots of it, especially if you count the vacation house. We’ve been threatening to do some serious “stuff” reduction up there. This might be just the incentive I need.

Fast forward a few days… I started with some of the stuff in the garage that we brought down from the vacation house. Between giving stuff away and tossing a few, I got rid of 45 things. Hmmm. Not as much as I thought.

Then, the master bedroom closet. Too many old t-shirts…how many back up gardening shirts does a person need?  And old shoes…surely there are some that can go. 15 things gone. We’re only up to 60. This is hard!

The book shelves should be a treasure trove. I have way too many books, and the vast majority will never be read again. If I REALLY want to, I can always order them from the library. Woohoo, another 50. 50! Jeez. Okay 110.

Kids toy closet. Oooh. Haven’t cleaned it out in awhile. There’s bound to be some things they’ve out-grown!  Bummer. Not as much as I thought…only 10. 120.

The idea is to give yourself a time limit to encourage making this a speedy process. Makes sense, but I don’t know…  If I give myself a deadline, I’ll wait until the last possible moment. If I leave it open ended, maybe I’ll actually do it sooner.

So, after one day, 120 things. More that 10% of the way there. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Great idea I am moving from Austin to St Louis and I need to down size!

    • I saw that you were leaving one child/grandchild and headed toward another…what a decision! Good luck with the downsizing! Count! It will be fun to see if you can do it!


  2. Wow 1000 things, that’s a lot!! I want to do it! Please keep me updated on your progress.

  3. I think I need to jump on this bandwagon!

  4. 1000 seems overwhelming to me. I think I will try to start with getting rid of 100. It’s a start : D
    But you go for it with that 1000!!! Keep us updated and maybe it will encourage me to go beyond a 100. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Well, the nice thing is, everything counts! Expired cans of food, pens that don’t write, stacks of old magazines, that odd spice you bought for a recipe 3 years ago and will never use again, the socks with a quarter-sized hole in them. I’m getting kind of excited!


  5. This something I need to do 3 or 4 times !! I still have items from a craft business I had 13 years ago and never use. It’s hard for me to toss out anything :0(

  6. We must be on the same wavelength, Janet! You should see my piles of donations being readied, how full my recycling bin became yesterday, and it’s been going on all week…I never started counting the items, though! LOL! I really needed to de-clutter my mind, lighten my emotional load, and cleaning always helps me do that….Have fun! (I think you should start a list for how much you Drag Back In, too! Ha!)

  7. Hey, you’re a bit behind me. When we thought our house was sold about 5 years ago, we went ahead and got rid of tons of “things”. Even now, I go to look for something and when I can’t find it, it’s like “did I really get rid of it?”

    • That’s part of my fear, especially as I edge closer to the studio…I have a long, long history of needing things shortly after I get of them!


  8. What a goal! I am positive I recently did just that when we moved twice in a row… first to an apartment and then to our remodeled house. I must have made so many trips to donation places and sold a ton of stuff. I feel lighter and want to keep doing it!

    • Good for you Naomi! I am less enthusiastic, but maybe when I start to see the reduced clutter, my excitement will grow. Right now it’s just a little nerve-wracking!

  9. Yes – one house move and a “half move” later I’ve got rid of a lot. But there is always room for more. I heard about the 100 thing project and declared my intention to try for that – to the sound of loud laughter from my nearest and dearest – so ok , that’s not going to happen for me either, unless all books count as 1 thing, all paint pots as another 1 etc !

  10. Janet, this is brilliant! I love this challenge, and it comes right when I was planning to focus on purging useless things from my home! I am in! Thanks for the inspiration…


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