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I NEED More Yarn…

Okay. I’m about to run out of yarn.

I finished one scarf,


…and 2 more are in progress.




Now that I’m this low, I’m starting to panic.

But the weather is so yucky I hate to drag Lexi out in it for non-essential stuff. I DO have to go pick Josh up from school, anyway. I could leave a little early and make just one stop, right? It’s just a little water, and we have raincoats. And I don’t have to go on any freeways or high-speed roadways.

I think I have myself convinced. But then there was a break in the rain, and the deal was sealed.


Here we are. The yarn department. And my very favorite yard is on clearance.


Now to decide…do I get more yarn for family? Start on the 12 I’ve vowed to make for the homeless by this winter? I’m going with both. 3 for family (including one for me – I love this yarn so much!) 12 for homeless. 15 skeins.


This one is for me!


These are for everyone else!

Ahhhh, obsession, sweet obsession. What would I do without you? Ha! It’s better than being on Facebook 24/7, amirite?


Lexi said, “You need more yarn, Gaga. More and more and more.” That’s my little enabler!

It COULD have been worse!

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