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A Permanent Condition?

My washi obsession may just be a permanent condition. I can’t seem to get it under control. The more I use, the more I need, the more I buy, the more I use…It’s a vicious cycle.

When last we discussed the issue, I was up to 10 boxes, and swearing I was going to try not to buy any more.

Ha! Did you believe me, even for a minute?

I OBVIOUSLY can’t be trusted.

Now I’m up to 14.

In my own defense (yes, we addicts must defend ourselves) not all 14 are full. Only 8 are completely full, 4 have a row or 2 full, and 2 are COMPLETELY empty. Even after adding the last 4 tubes (Which were on sale for $6.00 off regular price and WHO can be expected to pass that up?)



I’m still freaking that I may need more, and live in dread I won’t be able to find them (total 1st world problem.) I’m not going to promise I won’t indulge in a few more. In fact, as we speak, I’m thinking I should probably get on-line and search them out. Would a total of 20 and THAT’S IT FOREVER, be completely out of line? I have to have an even number (OCD kicking in) so if more than 14, it would need to be 16, 18 or 20, and 16 and 18 seem so random. 20 is a nice round number, but then 24 is an even 2 dozen. Hmmm. What to do, what to do…

I can totally justify this because I’m using so much, and it looks so cool.









Yeah, well, I can justify almost anything when it comes to buying art supplies, but I don’t have to think very hard to come up with an excuse on this one! Heeheehee!

Now I’m thinking I need more stamps…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Justifying THAT is a little more problematic, but I’m working on it.

***Editing to reflect that I DID get on-line and cannot find them ANYWHERE. Queen & Co. has discontinued them, and everyone I knew of that carried them are OUT. Can’t even find them used on eBay. It’s a sad day in Tatterednwornworld.




One Obsession Leads To Another


I’m obsessed with my giant journal. I just LOVE the format, and I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping up on it (by my horrendously low standards.)

I’m only missing a few days in July, and I’m making nearly daily progress getting caught up with the earlier part of the year where I’m having to go back and reconstruct what happened.

Vacation days and special occasions are pretty easy because there are photos to jog my memory,


but normal days aren’t as hard as I thought they would be because I have Facebook notes to fall back on, credit card statements to show where I’ve been, and notes on our regular calendar.



Did you happen to notice along the edges of the pages, the decorative stripes? This is washi tape, and it’s become a staple on this project. I use it on every single page. You could say I’ve developed a “style.”

That wasn’t my intention. I just did the first page using it, and I liked it so much I don’t want to do a page without it.

And thus was born another obsession. Well. It wasn’t BORN here. I already had noticed I seemed to be accumulating a lot of it. I purchased cute little boxes to store it in…first 3, then 8, then 10. I made myself stop there.

I was buying multiple little packages of tape at a time.

They are just so darn CUTE!

But it went from being something I bought every once in awhile, to what is becoming a full blown, “crack-addict” obsession. I can’t walk into a craft store without heading to the washi section, and now I’m buying multiple large tubes at a time instead a few little packages. What kind of an industry preys on people’s weaknesses like this???

I wish I could tell you this was the only time I did this, but it’s not. There are more.

And yeah, the 10 boxes? Truth be told, this last orgy of buying pretty much filled them and then some. I’m going to have to order more before I can’t find them. Queen and Co. (the people who came out with them) don’t have them on their website any more, so I have to go to Amazon and HOPE they’re still available. But how many more? 3? 5? Sweet Jesus, I can’t keep doing this. Seriously.

I have to have tape for every theme known to man, and if I can’t find anything, I become agitated. I’ve taken to doing google searches to locate obscure companies hoping to find what I’m looking for.

Every once in awhile, there is none to be found. Like volleyball tape. Can’t find it. So I had to improvise, using nondescript tape and adding stickers.

The lengths an addict will go to.

The good news is, I’m using it, not just collecting it, which is pretty much what I was doing before starting this project.

So, I’m off to buy more cases. But no more tape. Not tonight, any way.





Day #15 GBII – Bored? What Does THAT Mean?

I can’t remember the last time I was bored. The only reason I know it’s a word any more is from either a distant memory of my own, or more probably, one of the kids saying it, which is NEVER a good idea, because I can ALWAYS find something for them to do, whether it’s something they WANT to do or not.

But me? I’m almost always excited about doing something.

Right now I’ve got projects lined up around the block, and every time I turn around, I’m thinking of something else I want to do. THAT is not necessarily a good thing.

But, so far this year I’m staying focused on existing projects (well, except for one little addition to the knitting pile) and I’m really HOPING to get one or two projects from the incomplete list checked off before I go off on a new tangent (I would LOVE to get the two mosaic monograms I have started finished!)

That, however, doesn’t stop my brain from getting new ideas! I can’t look at a magazine without seeing SOMETHING that is just begging to have a little twist done to it to make it something I NEED. And I have to FORCE myself to stay off of Pinterest. That place is dangerous. And let’s not even talk about Michael’s. I try to wear blinders when I go in so that I get only the thing/things I went in for (not that it works, because I can’t for the life of me figure out how these packages of skinny washi tape work into the knitting projects I went in to get a darning needle and crochet hook for!)


But aren’t they adorable? How could ANYONE resist? I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with them, but they are there when I figure it out!

I don’t think I mentioned last fall that I added some washi tape storage! I LOVED the little suitcases I got from Queen & Co. a couple of years ago, and when I realized they are the perfect size for rolls of washi tape, I knew I needed more. I tried ordering directly from the company, but they were out of stock, so I tried Amazon, and there they were, at an even better price than I would have gotten from the company. Life is good. But the best part is, now I have excess storage capacity, which means when I indulge, I don’t have to concern myself with where in the world I’m going to put the new rolls!




Even though I’m enjoying tremendously what I’m doing now, I can’t help but think ahead. We leave for Maui in about a month and a half, and I’ve always got play time while we’re there. I normally take a whole suitcase full of projects, and this year will probably be no different.

If I’m smart I’ll start making cards for National Letter Writing Month, so it’s not a stress-filled month. But then, once I get there, I always get the jewelry-making bug! And of course, if I stick to my plan to make scarves all year, I should take some yard and needles (I don’t even know if they HAVE yarn in Maui!) And it would be foolish not to do some scrapbooking since I already have so many supplies there. And then the kindle is LOADED with books, and there are hikes just begging to be taken, and sun waiting to be soaked up, and avocados and mangoes and “Belgian endive, gorgonzola, and macadamia” salads to be eaten…

Did I mention that I’m NEVER bored?




On a Roll…

Now that I’ve decided the direction I’m going in my Documented Life Project planner, I’m on a roll.

I used the uni ball pen my friend Naomi sent me to finish off my calendar pages, and got them attached to the planner using washi tape up through the month of June. (That reminds me, I still haven’t ordered a ton of pens for back up – need to get on that!) I can’t attach the rest of the calendar pages until after I have the base paint done on the planner pages for the remaining months.




And I played with a design for a weekly page. Not sure I actually LOVE it, but it’s a good start. When I get things transferred from my “normal” calendar and get some fun decorating done, I think I’m going to be pleased.



Now there is no doubt in my mind that the brightly colored planners I’ve seen on the Facebook page are more fun to look at. But they are just not me. At least not today. Maybe next year. But now, this is me. Or at least it will be me when I’m done.

Now, I’m only 22 weeks behind with the weekly challenges. Piece a cake! Hahahahaha!

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