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A Permanent Condition?

My washi obsession may just be a permanent condition. I can’t seem to get it under control. The more I use, the more I need, the more I buy, the more I use…It’s a vicious cycle.

When last we discussed the issue, I was up to 10 boxes, and swearing I was going to try not to buy any more.

Ha! Did you believe me, even for a minute?

I OBVIOUSLY can’t be trusted.

Now I’m up to 14.

In my own defense (yes, we addicts must defend ourselves) not all 14 are full. Only 8 are completely full, 4 have a row or 2 full, and 2 are COMPLETELY empty. Even after adding the last 4 tubes (Which were on sale for $6.00 off regular price and WHO can be expected to pass that up?)



I’m still freaking that I may need more, and live in dread I won’t be able to find them (total 1st world problem.) I’m not going to promise I won’t indulge in a few more. In fact, as we speak, I’m thinking I should probably get on-line and search them out. Would a total of 20 and THAT’S IT FOREVER, be completely out of line? I have to have an even number (OCD kicking in) so if more than 14, it would need to be 16, 18 or 20, and 16 and 18 seem so random. 20 is a nice round number, but then 24 is an even 2 dozen. Hmmm. What to do, what to do…

I can totally justify this because I’m using so much, and it looks so cool.









Yeah, well, I can justify almost anything when it comes to buying art supplies, but I don’t have to think very hard to come up with an excuse on this one! Heeheehee!

Now I’m thinking I need more stamps…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Justifying THAT is a little more problematic, but I’m working on it.

***Editing to reflect that I DID get on-line and cannot find them ANYWHERE. Queen & Co. has discontinued them, and everyone I knew of that carried them are OUT. Can’t even find them used on eBay. It’s a sad day in Tatterednwornworld.




So Here’s How It’s Supposed To Work…

So, you know I’m infatuated with my new journal project.

And you know I’m trying to go back and catch it up from the first of the year.

And you know that I’m working on it almost daily.

Well, in a perfect world, each day would get done at the end of the day, but it hasn’t been a perfect world.

HOWEVER, it ALMOST happened. Just missed by a day.

Yesterday I took the darlings to the Jelly Belly Factory. I took photos and brought home a hat and some stickers to use as embellishments. But by the time evening rolled around I was just too beat to get the day documented.

So I did it today! Yay! Just got out my Selphy printer, printed up the photos and got it done!

Plus I even worked backwards and made a bit more progress toward catching up.

On another note, I was a very bad girl and bought a bunch more washi tape (it is PERFECT for this project!) and ordered (and received) 3 more little suitcases from Queen and Co. for storing it. It’s more storage than I need for now, but I’m afraid they won’t be around forever (in fact, I couldn’t find them on Queen’s site and had to order from Amazon!) That brings me to 10 little suitcases, and I’m going to try VERY hard to live within that space.

For you washi freaks, Tim Holtz just did a release of  4 (at least) tubes of awesome tape that is right up my creative alley. I ADORE it. And yes, I bought all 4. And had there been 10, I would have bought all 10. I am THAT crazy.


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