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Day #16 GBII – Sorting Photos

This is NOT my favorite part of recording memories.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking the photos, and doing the layouts, but getting a gazillion photos sorted is NOT fun. Slight exaggeration – it’s really only 1938 give or take a few…


I sit here with a bunch of boxes in front of me, not knowing HOW out of order the photos are, and dreading the very idea of going photo by photos and comparing them to the computer images…


But this time I got REALLY lucky! The photos are pretty close to being in perfect reverse order. So it’s just a matter of confirming none are missing, and putting them in the box.

However, I quickly realized I’d taken WAAAAAAAAAY too many.

After a couple of hours of going through them, these photos cover a travel day, plus 2 full days of the fourteen day visit to Italy, which we started in Rome. What a project I have ahead of me!


The couple of days it will take to get the photos sorted by days, then by venue, will be nothing compared to the time it will take to get them all in the albums. Even if I follow my quick template and don’t try to get too creative, it’s going to take weeks and weeks. I really need to rethink keeping this many pictures.




But then I start looking at them, and I have no idea where to start thinning them out. If I’m going to have any chance of reducing the number I need to put in albums, I’m going to have to just start at the source and not take so many!

Trouble is, I’m behind a whole bunch of trips, where I’ve done the same thing – click, click, click! Heeheehee!


Day #14 GBII – Balancing My Obsessions

Or are they addictions? I guess it doesn’t really matter what I call them – they have a tendency to take over my life!

I’ve given up trying to change the fact that I have an addictive personality. It seems to be imbedded in my DNA. But I AM learning to manage them. Mostly.

Or at least I’m “participating” in more of them at the same time, allowing for a little more diversity. Instead of having laser focus on one thing, I’m spreading it over a variety of things. Projects don’t get completed as fast, but progress is made in a variety of areas.

I guess that’s what you call balance. (Although in my life, balance is normally a cookie in each hand!)



Of course, I’m writing about balance on a day/evening when nearly every extra moment was spent knitting, or getting ready to knit.

Lexi was very focused on her puzzles, and didn’t want any help (Uh-oh! Is she obsessive like her Gaga?) So I guess I worked on my obsession while she worked on hers.


She did come and watch while I turned a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn, and another skein of fabric strip in to a ball. She couldn’t believe how they turned from tiny little balls into big balls!


I mostly worked on Josh’s scarf, but then that ball of fabric strips called me, and I just HAD to see what it will look like, and how it would be to work with…


It’s not as hard as I was afraid it would be, and looks great. BUT, I had envisioned an infinity scarf kinda thing, and initially, I think it is going to be too stiff for looping. So I guess I’ll just knit away and see what happens. If Hannah doesn’t like it, it can always go into the pile to give away.

Then this evening I shifted to working on photos from Italy in 2014 (I’m not too far behind, right?) This is what 1900+ photos look like,


On their way to going into a box (in order, and trust me on this, they don’t come from Costco in order, so I pull up the photos on the computer, which ARE in order, and match them up. It’s QUITE a process. But as soon as I get them sorted, I can pull them off the computer to make room for the ones from Cuba… Lord have mercy.


Then they’ll start going into what is now a BORING album, but I have big plans for fancying it up!


I think creative people should get about 20 more hours in their days than regular people. Is that too much to ask?



London, Our Home Away From Home

Felt so good to get back to London. As much as we thought Barcelona might replace her, it didn’t.

As many times as we’ve been here, you’d think we’d run out of things to do and see, but we don’t.

Granted, there were some repeats, like the Big Bus overview of the city, Stonehenge and Bath (although it’s been many years) and Camdentown…but there were also a lot of new things we did for the first time, like FINALLY getting to the Portobello Market, going to Southwold, Sutton Hoo, seeing parts of Hampton Court we hadn’t seen before, a walking tour of downtown City of London…

Somehow two weeks just flew by.

I took MANY fewer photos on this leg of the trip, but I still got some nice shots.

I was hoping to get this wrapped up with today’s post, but I’ve had such a hard time narrowing the photos down that I decided to break it into two. Bear with me, we’re ALMOST done!











































Frames Need Photos – DUH!

I am a photo freak. I LOVE taking family photos. And landscape photos. And just crazy, no-one-ever-photgraphed-that photos.

And, I am a frame freak.

I LOVE finding new, exciting frames. And I love buying them, OWNING them. You would think it was a marriage made in Heaven.

But what I don’t love so much is finding just the perfect photo for the frames. So I often don’t. The frame just sits there. Empty. I hate to admit how long these empty frames have been on the wall.


Or worse yet, sitting there with the photo that it came with.


It’s become a family joke. The kids tease me mercilessly.

We’ve even taken to naming some of the people. The one above is Aunt Matilda.

I wish I could say I’ve gotten better, but I haven’t. I keep SAYING I’m going to. But I never do.

It hasn’t always been that way. When we first moved into this house, I set up a wall of immediate family photos – the kids, grandkids. And there wasn’t an empty frame on it. It’s actually a pretty cool wall. Of, course “wasn’t” is the key word. I’ve added a few since then, and there they are. Empty.


Another wall fared a little better, but there are still a few empty frames.


But somewhere along the way, the frames became the focus, more than the photos, and it’s been going downhill ever since. At least I used to get the frames on the wall. Now, even THEY are stacked.



I wish I could tell you this is the extent of it. It’s not. There are even more.

So now I have set aside a whole wall for travel photos. Why do I do this to myself?


I want it to be an easy visual for our travels – at a minimum, one photo per vacation, and one per large country. And I want to combine landscapes, selfies, and the occasional odd photo I love…Maybe even a few words. I don’t know.

At least I have a lot of frames to choose from (heeheehee!) And there are even a few I want to embellish. But the photos – they’re going to be an issue. I have WAAAAAAY too many choices.

A friend told me to look at my front lawn as a blank canvas and to just start working. I can probably use the same advice here. It’s just a canvas. Every nail hole is not set in concrete, nor is every photo choice. I can gesso over whatever I don’t like (figuratively speaking, of course) and either start over or make changes.

So. I need a plan. Or a deadline. Or something.

How do you make yourself do something you know you need to do, but for whatever reason, are hesitant to start?

AEDM #18 – It’s a Start!

Well, at long last, I’m starting back into a bit of art.

I’m going to be incorporating some mixed media art into my scrapbooking. The project I’m working on (getting the 5000+ photos from our European Vacation in albums) is huge, and I’m tempted to take short cuts and just slam them into an album, but I really want to get as much as I can out of my available time. Combining painting, stamping AND scrapbooking will be a great way to do that, I think.

I started with this basic paper.



Then I added some stick on letters and stamping…


This will be the title page. I plan to cut the word “London” out of photos of icons, and add a 5×7 picture of the two of us (the photos will be ready to pick up tomorrow!)

Then I embellished two papers for the 1st layout, starting with this…



…and turning it into this…


I’ll do some more embellishing, but I need to get the photos in place first.

Not a huge accomplishment, but at least I got my toes wet and I’m ready to get going! It’s a good feeling.


Today I’m feeling grateful that I haven’t completely lost my desire to create! I was beginning to wonder if I had! Altering paper isn’t anything monumental, but it’s a step in the right direction.


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