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AEDM #18 – It’s a Start!

Well, at long last, I’m starting back into a bit of art.

I’m going to be incorporating some mixed media art into my scrapbooking. The project I’m working on (getting the 5000+ photos from our European Vacation in albums) is huge, and I’m tempted to take short cuts and just slam them into an album, but I really want to get as much as I can out of my available time. Combining painting, stamping AND scrapbooking will be a great way to do that, I think.

I started with this basic paper.



Then I added some stick on letters and stamping…


This will be the title page. I plan to cut the word “London” out of photos of icons, and add a 5×7 picture of the two of us (the photos will be ready to pick up tomorrow!)

Then I embellished two papers for the 1st layout, starting with this…



…and turning it into this…


I’ll do some more embellishing, but I need to get the photos in place first.

Not a huge accomplishment, but at least I got my toes wet and I’m ready to get going! It’s a good feeling.


Today I’m feeling grateful that I haven’t completely lost my desire to create! I was beginning to wonder if I had! Altering paper isn’t anything monumental, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Eureka! I May Have Found It!

Well, I’m getting closer to finding my style!

I’ve been very happy with the canvases I’ve done up until now, but they weren’t quite ME, if you know what I mean.

I love the techniques I’ve been using, and I love the color combinations, but they were just a little more “Pier One” or  “Pottery Barn” than “Tattered ‘n Worn” which is pretty obviously what I’m ultimately going for.

My most recent canvases make my heart smile. They look more like me than anything I’ve done so far, and I’m really excited to be figuring out how to get there.

I can picture each of these as greeting cards as well as prints and canvases. Now all I have to do is figure how I’m going to print the little suckers and get them onto Etsy. EEEEEK! I have oodles of ideas floating around in my little head just begging to get out!

I have been less than confident I would be able to get the images in my head onto canvas, but I’m making real progress. I’m beginning to think I might actually get this business thing going after all! Woohoo!

The Love of Art

I am a creative. Have been for as long as I can remember, and that is a really, really long time!

But, I have always considered myself a craftsman, rather than an artist. I always WANTED to be an artist, but just never felt like I made the grade.

Well, I am now actually creating mixed media art, on canvas, with paint, and brushes, and mediums…sounds artsy, huh? And for the first time in my nearly 60 years {{shudder}} I feel comfortable (well, almost) calling myself an artist. Not the paint an ostrich so realistic that it gives you goosebumps kinda artist, but an artist, nonetheless. And I LOVE it. Not like it a lot, but LOVE it!

When I am messing around with paint, whether I’m using a brush or my fingers, or one of any number of other textural devices, I am in my element. It makes me happy in a way that few other creative pursuits can come close to.

Today I went shopping to add to my studio away from home (It’s amazing how much I DIDN’T bring!)

And then I got back to the canvas I started yesterday, adding layers and colors.

…It’s taking on a life of its own, so it’s taking longer than I planned. Come back in a day or two and take a peek at the finished product if you get a chance!

In the meantime, be sure to check in with my “Fly Tribe” and see what they are all doing for this special blog hop celebrating our “Love of Art!” You’ll find great stories and amazing art!

We Made Up!

Well, my paintbrushes forgave me my  indiscretions, and we kissed and made up. I spent a good portion of the day fondling all of them, along with all their random textural friends. I tried out a few new stamps, some new sources of texture, and the dye ink. I was thrilled with the ink. It stayed in place when I used the mod podge over it. It was a good day.

I finished a 4 piece “faith” series. I’m holding one back which will go onto another site as a part of a challenge, but here are 3 of them.

Additionally I finished the 12×24 canvas. This one is for me. Woohoo! My first piece of my art on my wall! The picture is crummy. I’ll take another one in natural light in the morning. The picture doesn’t do it justice, as I can’t get close enough to read the print and still see the whole picture.

It says, “Having someplace to go is home

Having someone to love is family

Having both is a blessing”

I can hardly wait to get these to a printer. My task for the day on Monday will be to track down some places to try out. I am so ready to get them onto my Etsy store, but I want to have them photographed/scanned before I do. I’m really excited by the prospect of having an actual line for sale!

So, now I’m ready to start another set. I’m not sure what color palette I want to try next. What color combinations do you decorate with?

Day #16 Art Every Day Month – Very Successful Day in the Studio!

Today was probably one of my best creative days ever. Not only did I accomplish a lot, but the ideas just flowed effortlessly, and I had no major boo boos.

So, without further ado, here are the 6 canvases I started yesterday complete except for a little housekeeping (like getting the backing glued on and a final coat of gel medium.) When I look at them tomorrow I may decide to add a smidge here and there, but basically, I think I’m done.

“Fly Girls” dedicated to my Fly Tribe

And the last one is my favorite of this group. OMG! If my husband every got something like this for me, I’d turn into a puddle right in front of him (and then he’d get lucky!)

Now my question is, why do they not know that?

I’m out of canvas, so I’m taking the rest of the night off. Tomorrow? Maybe it will be a good day to play with making some of my own collage paper!

Day #12 Art Every Day Month – Live and Learn

Yeah, it’s a little like deja vu all over again…these could be the pictures I posted 2 days ago when I first started my canvases. Actually they ARE the same canvases, it’s just that they have new layers of paper over my once pretty decent looking backgrounds.

Today I learned a little lesson about mixed media painting. “Thou shalt not put matte gel medium on top of pigment ink.” Because if you do, it runs all over the place and you end up with a mess. I spent the better part of the day trying to salvage them, but it just wasn’t happening. So, I sucked it up and started over.

I’m not as distraught as I thought I would be. I had a lot of fun, so it isn’t like it was wasted time, and, truth be told, they were coming out a little darker and more orange than I would have preferred, so in the repeats I’ll start with a little lighter base.

So, now I have a great excuse to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, AND to go over my art supply budget. I mean, I NEED new ink, right?

On another note, I hung one of the pieces I got last time I went to Hobby Lobby.

This is one of my core beliefs, and I was so pleased to find it on a sign that I’m just nuts over!

Tomorrow is a new day with no obligations or plans of any kind, so I intend to spend it happily playing in my studio, and hopefully tomorrow night I’ll have beautiful new backgrounds to show you!

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