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May Challenges

Hard to believe the first quarter of the year is about to close. Tomorrow is May Day (did you ever make woven paper May baskets, fill them with wild flowers, put them on the neighbor’s porch, ring the bell and run?) and the day after that is National Scrapbook Day.

I used to participate in a May blog challenge to post something floral every day for the month, but the hostess’s life got in the way, and the she’s no longer doing it. I’m trying to work up the enthusiasm to do my own personal flower challenge.

AND, I thought about doing my own personal challenge to do a 2-page scrapbook layout a day in honor of National Scrapbook Day.

Then I looked at the calendar. May is filling up fast and there is soooooooo much going on, and I’m wondering just how smart it is to intentionally, and with malice of forethought, set myself up to make me even crazier than I already am.

Then I thought, “why the hell not?” How much crazier can I get?

So. I’m going for it. Two challenges. Something floral every day (even if it is just a photo of something from the garden – and no fair pulling out old photos!) and a 2-page scrapbook layout every day. If I’m smart, I’ll figure out a way to make them do double-duty (layouts with a floral theme, maybe?) Taking a flower photo every day will be interesting – my poor garden is a MESS! I guess this will give me some incentive to get it cleaned up a little!

Here’s a little something from last year, just whet your whistle!


And SOMEHOW I also need to finish Bea’s magnets, make a cake for her birthday party, go to a retirement party (all this weekend) and plan a graduation party for our nephew who is graduating from law school in two weeks.

Yikers! I haven’t had this much on my plate since I had the store – back in the days when I could do 5 things at once blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back! I wonder if I still have it in me?

Guess we’ll find out!

Now I just need to remember 1) I did this to myself, and 2) it’s all in fun, and I’m not allowed to be mad at myself if I can’t follow through every single day.



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