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Multiple Personality Crafting Disorder…

If it isn’t a real, medically diagnosable disease, it should be. And I have it. Bigly. Or big league. Whatever.

There are numerous personalities inhabiting this body of mine (which, I suppose could be why I’ve gained weight – they each need their space, right?) and each of them have their own idea of a perfect crafting day. One can’t get enough knitting, one loves beading, one adores making cards, and yet another would scrapbook all day, given half a chance. And really, those are only the MAJOR bossy ones. There are other secondary personalities with other interests – the mosaic person, the painter…I left them home this trip, but you get what I’m saying, amirite?


Here I am, with lots of time on my hands, and I’m frantically moving back and forth between knitting and beading, while the card maker and scrapbooker wonder when they get to come out.

The knitter just finished her scarf, and wants to get going on another.


The beader has two simple necklaces strung (they won’y get completed because they need to be measured on the recipients before they are finalized.




She’s chomping at the bit to get going on some “ocean inspired” sets done, and Bea has requested some earrings, so those HAVE to get done. The earrings won’t take but a short time, so I’ll probably let her stay for awhile.

The card maker has been shoved back waiting to get permission to participate in her yearly National Letter Writing Month project even though she has no access to a printer at the moment and can’t sign her life away SWEARING to be a good pen pal. This will be my 4th year, so if I can’t be trusted by now, no contract is going to make a difference, but hey. I get it. Our fearless leader wants to make sure everyone who is participating is ACTUALLY participating, so she has to do SOMETHING. Although, for the life of me I can’t figure out why someone would sign up for it then leave their pen pal high and dry unless they were in the hospital on death’s door, but I guess some people don’t follow through. Anyway. Permission granted, so she’s going to need to get a mess of cards made.

I’m going to go with an ocean theme this year (wonder why I have the ocean on the brain?) They had some cool paper I’m going to use at Ben Franklin’s, and I’m anxious to see how they turn out.


Scrapbook girl is probably the most likely of the four to be ignored, because even though the supplies are here,


the pictures haven’t been ordered. That was SUPPOSED to happen before we left, but I figured I could just as easily do that here and save myself lugging them one direction. I’ve thinned out the photos, and I’m ready to load them onto the Costco website, but if I have them printed, the need to actually produce will be exacerbated, and who needs the stress, right?

If one HAS to have a disease, this is definitely the one I’d choose.


Crazy Addicted!

What can I say?

I know I’m getting VERY BORING!

All I want to do in every spare moment is knit, knit, knit!

Isn’t that funny? Whodduh thunk?

It’s not a terribly creative endeavor. Just a repetitious  motion. The same thing over and over and over. Almost a little OCD-ish. What does THAT tell you?

But, the very nature of how portable it is makes it a good “to go” project for a busy Gaga who is on the move from house to house throughout the day! I can pack it with me while I’m waiting for kids to get out of school. And then, when I’m home, it’s something I can be doing while I’m sitting with Mr. Tattered discussing the day or watching some tv. No need for a ton of supplies, or a big work space.

So, I finished Hannah’s scarf. I love, love, love the color all by itself, but it’s a GREAT color on her, too!


And, I’m making good progress on mine. I still can’t believe I’m actually working on one for myself. Once again, LOVE the color. Hard to find a nice, variegated red for a red lover!


I’m also making progress on the torn fabric scarf for Hannah. It’s not really for warmth, but a fashion statement. It will be interesting to see if she even likes it when it’s done. I’m liking how it’s looking, but I’m not sure how “wearable” it will be from a comfort standpoint.


AND… the beginnings of yet another.


This photo doesn’t do the colors justice – the pale gold, shades of beige and soft terra cotta are just so luscious. There’s a possibility I may not be able to give this one away!

I keep thinking I need to move on to other things (there IS a huge list, after all…) but, really, why? If I’m having fun, what difference does it make? Aside from the fact that the repetition must be getting a little boring for y’all. SO, if I’m going to keep knitting, I at least need to dabble in SOMETHING else for you, right?

Oh, I know! How about digging out the Cuba photos and FINALLY filling you in on that trip before we start the next one!?




I NEED More Yarn…

Okay. I’m about to run out of yarn.

I finished one scarf,


…and 2 more are in progress.




Now that I’m this low, I’m starting to panic.

But the weather is so yucky I hate to drag Lexi out in it for non-essential stuff. I DO have to go pick Josh up from school, anyway. I could leave a little early and make just one stop, right? It’s just a little water, and we have raincoats. And I don’t have to go on any freeways or high-speed roadways.

I think I have myself convinced. But then there was a break in the rain, and the deal was sealed.


Here we are. The yarn department. And my very favorite yard is on clearance.


Now to decide…do I get more yarn for family? Start on the 12 I’ve vowed to make for the homeless by this winter? I’m going with both. 3 for family (including one for me – I love this yarn so much!) 12 for homeless. 15 skeins.


This one is for me!


These are for everyone else!

Ahhhh, obsession, sweet obsession. What would I do without you? Ha! It’s better than being on Facebook 24/7, amirite?


Lexi said, “You need more yarn, Gaga. More and more and more.” That’s my little enabler!

It COULD have been worse!

Day #21 GBII – Yes, I’ve Been a Craft Snob

Before I get onto the actual post, let me say, today is the last day of my 21 day “Getting Back Into It” (GBII) challenge.

21 days ago, I decided I either needed to get back to tending my blog, or retire it. After much consideration, I decided I wasn’t ready to give it up, so I set up a challenge for myself to blog every day for 21 days, whether I felt like it or not. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I used that for the basis of deciding on a timeline.

Now that day 21 is here, I feel like I’m getting ready to leave rehab, and I’m a little scared. There is no halfway house to back me up and help me work back into daily life on my own. Please don’t feel like I’m making light of “actual” rehab. I know this isn’t NEARLY as difficult, but it’s the closest analogy I could come up with.

So, I’m going to keep going on “my program.”

I’m not going to continue to number the days, but I am going, to the best of my ability, to continue to blog every day. At least until I feel certain I can a break for a day and jump back in. I’m not there yet. Reminds me a little of the trauma I’ve had with my fitbit. The first day of not hitting 10K steps was painful, then day 2 was easier, and before long, I just quit caring.

I don’t want to do that again with my blog.

And on that note, Day #21 GBII.

What is a craft snob, you wonder?

It’s someone who thinks that not every “handmade thing” rises to the level of an “acceptable” craft.

I remember well, back in the days when I took my art/crafts to shows to sell, walking through the show and thinking to myself pejoratively, “jeez, there’s not much here other than knitted scarves and crocheted baby booties. How can this be considered a craft show?” That perception continued for decades. Knitting and crocheting were not, in my mind, crafts. It was something old ladies did in their spare time.

Fast forward to about 4 years ago.

Hannah, my eldest grandchild, was 8, and she decided she wanted to learn how to knit. Neither of us can remember why (there’s probably a post back then explaining why, but I’m going to go with “we’ve forgotten!”)

I “think” I learned when I was a child. It would have been my grandmother who taught me (assuming I’m not hallucinating the whole thing – I can’t recover a single memory of learning, or of seeing her knit, but the steps were familiar enough that somehow I had to have been exposed to it.)

If I was going to teach Hannah, I was going to have to re-learn (or learn!) myself. So, I pulled up a beginning knitting tutorial on youtube and began to practice. Well, for me, practice meant “doing it.” I rarely have the patience to practice ANYTHING before jumping into an actual project.

I was thrilled to pieces with my finished scarf, even though it had MANY booboos in it, and I was addicted.


Seeing a photo of it now, it wasn’t really as bad as I remember it being! Heeheehee!

Then, novice that I was, the lessons began – a little like the blind leading the blind. She completed a little “rug” for her dollhouse, and never picked up the needles again. She just didn’t have the patience to put in the time necessary to get good at it.

I went on to make another 6 or 7 scarves, then put away the needles and didn’t pick them up again until recently. Mr. Tattered found the scarf I had made for myself hanging in the closet and asked if he could wear it out for a walk one chilly morning. He wore it every day for weeks before I decided I should make him one of his own for Christmas. He is SOOOOO difficult to buy for, and normally buys himself whatever he wants, so it was a perfect plan.

But it had been quite awhile since I’d knitted at all, and it was almost like starting all over again. And I was VERY rusty. I made mistake after mistake. Intellectually I knew he would love it mistakes and all, but this wasn’t for a kid who couldn’t tell the difference. He would know. And although he wouldn’t point them out, or ask, “what happened here?” I would know. And it just wasn’t acceptable. So I started over and over again until the mistakes were small enough that I could live them, and eventually I completed it. In time for Christmas. Barely.

That was followed by one for Lexi who wasn’t around for the first series.


Doesn’t that look snuggly around her little neck?

And then I found a lavender/purple yarn that Bea would love and made another,


She loves it!

…and found the one I had started for Josh half finished (I wondered why he never wore his! Ha! It would be pretty hard since it was still on the needles and tucked into a bag – another example of “unfinished projects!) And now I find myself addicted once again.

I carry around a bag of 3-4 scarves in varying stages of completion, so if I have a few minutes of downtime, I can knit away. Josh’s had more mistakes in it than I could live with this time around, so 6” from completion, I ripped it apart and started over. At first I was slightly appalled at myself, but the new version is on larger needles, and I’m much happier with it. Sometimes being anal is a good thing.


I now consider myself to be an acceptable basic knitter. I know one stitch, and I can do it over and over with no easily discernible errors. I can’t tell you how many hours I have under my belt, but it is in the hundreds, I would think. And I can’t do ANYTHING fancy. I can do one basic stitch, well enough. I’m trying knitting with fabric strips, which is a little more difficult, and I’m also trying to work up the courage to try a new stitch. I cannot consider myself to be an accomplished knitter, even after all the hours I’ve logged.

And with admitting that came the realization that I had been a “craft snob” when I looked down at all those women practicing their craft hour after hour, day after day, year after year, and getting REALLY GOOD at it. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Now, Bea, who is 8, wants to learn. I had yarn left from her scarf, so we got her started on one for her American Girl doll. And as I watch her struggle, but persevere, I am reminded again that learning to knit is not easy.








There is a lesson there.

It may not have been anything I was interested in at the time, but I should not have allowed that to give me permission to look down on what they were doing. It was their “craft” and they were very good at what they did. I’m hoping that I now have a better appreciation for ALL arts/crafts. They may not all be “my style,” or anything I would want to own, but I will appreciate it for the skill/effort it took to do it, and the courage shown by putting it out there for people to see.







Day #14 GBII – Balancing My Obsessions

Or are they addictions? I guess it doesn’t really matter what I call them – they have a tendency to take over my life!

I’ve given up trying to change the fact that I have an addictive personality. It seems to be imbedded in my DNA. But I AM learning to manage them. Mostly.

Or at least I’m “participating” in more of them at the same time, allowing for a little more diversity. Instead of having laser focus on one thing, I’m spreading it over a variety of things. Projects don’t get completed as fast, but progress is made in a variety of areas.

I guess that’s what you call balance. (Although in my life, balance is normally a cookie in each hand!)



Of course, I’m writing about balance on a day/evening when nearly every extra moment was spent knitting, or getting ready to knit.

Lexi was very focused on her puzzles, and didn’t want any help (Uh-oh! Is she obsessive like her Gaga?) So I guess I worked on my obsession while she worked on hers.


She did come and watch while I turned a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn, and another skein of fabric strip in to a ball. She couldn’t believe how they turned from tiny little balls into big balls!


I mostly worked on Josh’s scarf, but then that ball of fabric strips called me, and I just HAD to see what it will look like, and how it would be to work with…


It’s not as hard as I was afraid it would be, and looks great. BUT, I had envisioned an infinity scarf kinda thing, and initially, I think it is going to be too stiff for looping. So I guess I’ll just knit away and see what happens. If Hannah doesn’t like it, it can always go into the pile to give away.

Then this evening I shifted to working on photos from Italy in 2014 (I’m not too far behind, right?) This is what 1900+ photos look like,


On their way to going into a box (in order, and trust me on this, they don’t come from Costco in order, so I pull up the photos on the computer, which ARE in order, and match them up. It’s QUITE a process. But as soon as I get them sorted, I can pull them off the computer to make room for the ones from Cuba… Lord have mercy.


Then they’ll start going into what is now a BORING album, but I have big plans for fancying it up!


I think creative people should get about 20 more hours in their days than regular people. Is that too much to ask?



Day #13 GBII – Celebrating the Little Things

I have to call today a surprisingly successful day.

Before I even had my coffee, I put a bunch of the large Christmas decorations up into the overhead storage in the garage. That leaves just a few smaller boxes that need to stay down until the Valentine tree goes away. And, a task crossed off the to do list!

The horrific storm we were supposed to get hasn’t materialized, so I took a quick trip into town to get a darning needle and crochet hook so I could finish up a couple of scarves.

I finished the fringe on Lexi’s scarf using the crochet hook, and was able to cross one line off the project list.


Then I secured the tail on Mr. Tattered’s scarf with the darning needle. He’s been wearing it since Christmas with a string hanging down! Woohoo! Another project crossed off!


While I was looking through the knitting bag I haven’t had out in a couple of years, I found an unfinished scarf – the camo one I was making for Josh that I thought I’s finished a long, long time ago. Uh-oh! I wondered why he never wore it. Well, duh!


It’s now been added to the project list.

I also made some progress on Bea’s scarf. I love the color, but the photo really doesn’t do it justice. She’s a lavender/purple girl, and this yarn goes from light to dark and back again!


This last photo is of the “fabric yarn” I want to try for Hannah. I’ve heard it’s a little harder to work with than regular stretchy yarn, but I’m anxious to try something a little different. I love the colors!



I don’t even remember why the knitting got put away when it did. Having something to do with my hands other than being on the computer is good for my mental health!

THEN, I went to Yoga this afternoon! My daughter dragged me there practically kicking and screaming (thank you Andra!) but I could have refused, so I have to give myself a teeny pat on the back.

In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a HUGE amount of progress, but I’m using my lists, and I’ve blogged now 13 days in a row…I’m celebrating the little things.


More Projects!

I have become a knitting fool all of a sudden! There is something about the repetitive motion that just soothes me, and before I know it, hours have gone by.

I stopped into Hobby Lobby to buy another skein to finish my latest scarf, and ended buying the makings for three more!

Then I got another idea for a set of Victorian style Christmas trees to add in with my angels, and it was off to JoAnne’s for what I needed for them.

The best part? When I’m crazy creating I don’t even THINK about eating! Not the best way to lose weight, I know, but I figure if it gets me fixated on something besides food for a few days, it’s all good!

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