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AEDM Day #29 – Closing in on 1000 – Snowmen/women

No, not 1000 snowmen/women!

Just realized today that I am only 7 posts away from having done 1000 since the inception of this blog in August of 2011. Had I been a good big girl and actually done “art every day” in November, I’d be there already!

Well, there are times when art is hard to get done, and this has been one of those times for me. I have a tendency to only allow myself to do it when I am reasonably caught up with “life.” And right now, I am anything BUT caught up, with life or anything else.

We’ve traveled a lot this year, and I’m making that my scapegoat, but it’s not really true. I could have fit it in if I’d wanted to. Or I should say, if I wanted to bad enough, but I obviously didn’t. Which kinda bugs me. I only ask myself to do actual art for 30 straight days once a year, and I didn’t do it. Grrrrr. Well. Can’t get the month back, so the best I can do is move forward.

I’m tempted to throw a challenge for myself out there into the Universe in hopes of following through on it. But, the reality is, even a challenge does not appear to be enough to get me motivated right now. So, I’m going to avoid setting myself up for yet another failure, and simply say that for the rest of the year, I’ll post when I have something I want to post about, and just see what happens.

SO. Today, I actually have something I can show you – the BEGINNINGS of snowmen and snowomen!

They started like this…


and with some help from my daughter-in-law on one of them, turned into this…


Okay, so at this point you have to use your imagination a little. But in a few days, they WILL be snowmen and women.

No, REALLY, they will!

I’m wanting to be indignant that you’re laughing (HA! Like I’m really going to actually finish a project!) but it’s hitting a little too close to home to dismiss. I am very good at putting things out there that I don’t follow through on. But this will be different. Why? ‘Cuz I’m going to pretend like y’all said I can’t do it, and there’s nothing that will motivate me more than telling me I can’t do something! Oh, and I still have the handprints we did one year in clay when my kids were little, and I wish we had done more as they grew.



Yep. My “kids” are 37 and 38 (ages 3 and 4 when these were done!) and I STILL have them on the wall!

The grandkids hands will never be this size again. Heeheehee! If that isn’t motivation enough, I can’t imagine what would be. So, I think I’ve got this.

Anyway. It’s not an original idea. Back a few months ago, somewhere (heck if I remember where) I saw a bunch of ideas for turning your children’s handprints into little works of art, and this was one of them.

Last year we did wreaths.


I’m already thinking about next year – any suggestions?


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