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Do You Pinterest?

I’d been hearing little rumblings about Pinterest…a comment here, a link there, but I didn’t really get the point. Why would you want to “pin” pictures you like on the web onto a bunch of pages to look at? Seemed like a waste of time to me.

Then the group of gals I’m taking “flying lessons” with (no, not in airplanes, just soaring creativity!) started talking about all the cool ideas and great pictures they were seeing, so I looked into it.

Uh-oh…I’m still in the justification stages, so I’m not quite ready to admit it was a mistake. But I should have known to run when I saw this:

I mean, I’m aware that I have an addictive personality, but I really didn’t think that this was going to be a problem. I set up my pages, and began selecting photos that spoke to to me to “re-pin” onto my pages. I even figured out how to pin my own photos from other sources. Next thing I knew, I was a “curator,” curating my own pages. Sounds fancy, huh?

Then I started getting notifications that people I don’t even know were beginning to follow my pins. Huh! People liked what I was re-pinning, enough to want to see what I’m doing…it’s CRAZY!

Then I started seeing things that were keying me on to ideas for things I could make, or cook…I saw party ideas the kids would LOVE, and shoes…OMG, the most amazing shoes. I saw ideas for the garden, clothes I would just LOVE to be thin enough to wear, ideas for scrapbook pages, and cards…gorgeous vacation photos (I’m almost certain I need to go to France!) and saying after saying that either had me laughing or really thinking.

Once I realized my creativity was being tickled, I knew I was toast…now there was a reason why I NEEDED to pin. A justification to spend lots of time scrolling down page after page, making notes, pinning things onto my pages, following leads to recipes…

So, if you dare, come on over and see the things that interest me…it’s all kinds of fun, but keep in mind, it can be habit forming!

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