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Still Digging Out!

I promised myself rather than just stuff things back in the cabinets once the flooring was in, I’d go through it all and reduce the amount of stuff I was putting away. So far, I’m sticking to it.

I knew doing it right would be a longer process than it was to just pull things out of shelves and drawers and stuff it all in boxes, but I’m beginning to think it will be months instead of weeks before it’s all back in place.

Man, I have a lot of junk!

…and multiples of some of the dumbest stuff. You’d think there was a paper shortage the way I hoard scratch paper! Pens, pencils and paperclips? Pretty sure I have two lifetime supplies… Extensions cords? I must have needed one and couldn’t find an extra so I bought a new one, like, 4 times. Dictionary? Can’t remember the last time I used a paper one, but if I ever need to, I’ve got several. Same with pocket calculators – yet another thing I don’t need with a phone that does everything but cook for me. All 4 of them are out of here! Three extra car chargers for phones (only one for the kind of phones we have now,) 4 decks of cards,  a pile of nail clippers, 6 partial containers of sunblock… This is really getting ridiculous. If I ever wanted to print photos from my computer I’d have plenty of paper, except that I haven’t done that in many years. I’m tempted to justify keeping it, but NO! Seriously. I can’t keep doing this.

And don’t even get me started on old electronic stuff. I don’t even know what half these cords and chargers go to. And how many sets of ear buds does one person need? 5? 7? How about 10? Again, my guess is I couldn’t find them and bought more. Over and over again.

I have a bag of papers to shred, another to throw into the recycle bin.

The frightening part is, as much as I’ve sorted through already, there’s still a ton left to do.

But the exercise has not been without its happy surprises – a check for $50 I never cashed from months ago, about $150 worth of gift cards, and two pairs of earrings still on the cards that I’ve never even worn.

I’ve gotten reacquainted with dishes, napkin rings and serving pieces I haven’t used in a long time, and found a few things I’d lost track of, including the charger for my fitbit. If I had been wearing it, I’m pretty sure I would have made my steps today with all the walking back and forth between rooms I’ve done today.

Hmmmmm. This is kinda fun. In a sick sorta way.



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  1. Wow, wish I lived closer. I’d take those dictionaries off your hands and use them in my art! I paid $5.00 for the last one I bought at a garage sale!


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