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What A Difference A Day Makes!

January 8th, I was totally, completely unmotivated.

There was NOTHING I wanted to do, other than sleep.

Today is different.

Our contractors got the flooring laid in record time. Instead of being displaced for a week, it was really just over night. Now I have a gorgeous new floor, and it has motivated me to get the house looking good. They got the furniture back in place before they left, and I was able to start getting the house put back together.



Dusting isn’t normally one of my favorite chores, but when you get to dust furniture when it doesn’t have a bunch of stuff on it, it’s MUCH easier, and much more rewarding. Dust rag in hand, I ran around like a white tornado for hours.

When I woke up this morning, I was excited to start emptying boxes.

I’m doing this project a little differently than normal. I’m not just putting everything back in cabinets. I’m going through every single piece of paper and every single piece of junk to see if I REALLY need it. If I don’t, it’s going bye-bye, whether that means seeing if someone else can use it, donating it, or tossing it. I have literally GOT to reduce the clutter in this house. I’ve only got so much space, and I am determined to live comfortably within it.

Drawers like this drive me nuts, and they are getting sorted as I try to find more space for stuff I need easier access to.

The most fun part is finding things I forgot I had!

These got shoved in a high drawer without even taking the price tags off. I love them, and they are going to go into the lower drawer that I open regularly, so hopefully they’ll actually get used! I’m finding lots of stuff like this, which really makes the cleanup less painful.

Now, when I get to the boxes of paperwork, that will be a different story! But, I’m hoping that having those boxes emptied out and gone from my life, will make the trauma worthwhile.

Maybe a little decorating, then paper sorting, then a little more decorating will make the job less overwhelming.

I think I’m even going to treat myself to a few larger decorating pieces – not adding, but replacing. It’s time to shake things up in “tattered world” just a little! Shhhhhhhh! Don’t tell Mr. Tattered – I’m starting a list…






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  1. Those floors are out of this world. I would gladly have them in my home if I thought my floors would look this good!


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