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Lindsay’s Fall Fling

I was in desperate need of a “creative day,” and Lindsay stepped up to the plate with the offer of a Lettering Class/play day at her house!

Who is Lindsay, you ask? She is Lindsay Ostrom, an extraordinary lettering artist. I met her many years ago at CHA when I was buying for the scrapbook section of my store, and she had a line of products she sold to the industry. Fast forward about 15 years and we re-connected through Facebook. Since then I’ve been a pretty good customer for her art, and we’ve become “actual” friends in real life.

It had been on my calendar for WEEKS and I was so excited I could hardly stand it.

It didn’t even really matter WHAT we were doing (heeheehee! I never even asked!) I just knew that whatever Lindsay would plan would be tons of fun, and I HAD to go!

The hour-long drive was a little daunting in the rain. In the back of my mind I was afraid the rain would turn to snow, but even that couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm. There was an awful accident going the opposite direction on I80, but I sucked it up. I COULDN’T let a little weather cheat me out of the fun.

I arrived just a little late, and everything looked so cute!

The table was decorated in fall motif (well, of course, it was “Fall Fling” after all!) complete with party favors!

And the work table was even cuter, each place set with a special folder full of fun instructions, decorated with our names in yummy Lindsay fashion.

Our first project was a monogram surrounded by Lindsay flowers. Before working on the actual project, we practiced a bit. (Yes, even me, in spite of the fact that I HATE to practice!) I was slow as molasses in January, constantly second-guessing myself, but I at least got it to the point where you could see what I was doing before it was time to move on to the next project. That means HOMEWORK. What are the chances? I suspect Linz isn’t going to let me slide by without finishing it!


Next up was lunch. Linz made sliders, mac and cheese and fruit, so we retired to the kitchen to wolf it down before getting back to work!

The afternoon project was a wooden sign for Fall. I opted to make mine a tree-topper for my Thanksgiving tree, and actually completed it. Lindsay offered a few suggestions along the way, and it turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!


All too soon it was 3pm and time to head back down the hill. Never has a day gone by so quickly.

I haven’t worked on my homework yet (I will, I promise!) but I have gotten my journal page for the day almost done!

And my special sign is adorning the tree!


And I have about a dozen ideas for other projects that the class inspired. Oh, GREAT! Just what I need, more ideas!


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