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Yeah, I disappeared again. But this time I have a plausible excuse (or reason…take your pick!)

I have photo issues.

That’s not news, but it has impacted my blogging these days.

Mr. Tattered calls my computer the “world’s most expensive thumb drive.” This is where I store my photos. Needless to say, it is a bone of contention.

My last computer was a Mac Air. I filled it with 20,ooo photos (which, apparently is the point at which the whole system goes tilt.) So, I bought a new Macbook Pro, telling myself I would manage my photos better this time. (Yeah, I tell myself a lot of silly things!) Makes, sense, right? You fill up your computer with photos, so you buy a new computer…

See, I just don’t trust the cloud yet. At least not with important things like my photos. And if I print them all up, I have real world storage problems instead of digital ones (plus it’s a way too disturbing visual of how far behind I am on scrapbooks, and who needs that?) Anyway.

Fast forward 2+ years (or let’s be charitable and say 3,) and I’m approaching capacity again. I did NOT manage them better, but then that doesn’t come as big surprise, does it?

Now what? I’m afraid to load anymore photos on the computer, but I NEED to in order to blog. So, I need to either dump photos off the computer, or buy a new computer. You can imagine I’m not wanting to have THAT conversation.

So, I printed the photos from 2 segments of a vacation in 2014, (to the tune of 3,000 photos give or take,) copied them onto a hard drive, and dumped them off of iPhoto.

Then I was able to copy 2,000 photos off my iPhone (I know! It’s just crazy! Or I’M CRAZY!) including the ones from our recent Galapagos trip, AND this last trip, plus all the every day photos in-between, and have a little wiggle room for more.

I haven’t gone through and thinned them out, which will be even more space, but I have to let a little time pass to be able to jettison them.

So, I think I’m ready to get back at it!


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. You’re welcome! Lmao jk

  2. There are external drives you can buy for what you would probably consider next to nothing. You can store your photos there and pull them in as needed. Just a suggestion. You can also buy more memory, but if your computer dies, so do your photos.

    • Yep, that’s what I’m doing, transferring them to an external hard drive, but not until I get the printed. Slowly, but surely…I really need to take fewer photos. One of these days I’ll get this through my head!


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