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Artistic License

Normally I’m not one to mess with other people’s art.

But sometimes I can’t help myself.

Case in point, the Lori Mitchell figurines I’ve been buying for my grandchildren (well, I’m buying them for me, for now, but with them in mind.)

If you’ll remember I started with the Christmas ones,

and now am basically going to all holidays. If there is a hall tree for the season or holiday, there will be a set of kids to go with it!

Sometimes it’s easier said than done. For example, St. Patrick’s Day. There are plenty of leprechauns, but I needed three girls (or at least I THOUGHT I did when I was doing the ordering for that holiday.) And she only had two.

So, I ordered a 4th of July girl,

and am in the process of turning it into an Irish girl. The original was holding a flag (which I cut off before I photographed it) and I will be replacing it with a shamrock. The star on the dress will also be transformed.

Sorry, Lori, but a Gaga has to do what a Gaga has to do.

So with these three, the set will complete.

I hadn’t yet ordered the Thanksgiving figurines, and Hannah informed me she would rather be a turkey than a girl. SO I’m going with it. Josh will be the pilgrim boy, Bea and Lexi will be the pilgrim girl and an Indian girl (I haven’t decided which will be which yet,) and sweet Hannah will be a turkey. I’m laughing so hard!

Looking back, I’m not sure I showed you any of them other than the Christmas ones, am I right? I think I only had two of the Valentine’s Day kids the last time I wrote about them, and they are safely packed away now, as are the Easter ones. I haven’t yet found any for plain old spring.

These are the 4th of July ones that are on display now (Hannah lucked out and it a firecracker, so she doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of being an obvious girl!)

And I also have summer and Halloween, but I’ll save those to show you later.

My daughter decided there should be a “Gaga” figurine as well, and got me one for the summer set, so I’m thinking of expanding the fifth figurine into the other seasons, as well. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Tattered will get one, too!




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  1. OK, I admit I’d never heard of Lori Mitchell or her figurines. But I did an internet search and I see you are in luck because they show a male and female pilgrim on turkeys. No turkeys, though. I’m surprised you didn’t get the Uncle Sam with his big hat and firecrackers shooting out of it. That’s my favorite. Good luck with your make over!


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