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Wreck This Journal

Have you heard of these journals?

They are designed to be trashed. Seriously. Trashed.

A friend of Hannah’s bought her one last year, and she liked it so much, when the new version came out, they gave her a new one. She immediately jumped into trashing it, and it looked so fun it made Josh and Bea wish they had one, too.

So, in typical Gaga fashion, off to Barnes and Noble we went.

I don’t know if it was a good idea or not. This whole thing is giving me heart palpitations.

I’m not a “trashing things” kinda girl. I’m all about creating beautiful things, not taking beautiful things and ruining them. But ruining is what this all about, in fact, there’s a little contract inside,

whereby the owner promises to trash or “wreck” it in every conceivable way, even over and above the suggestions.

So after I chastised Hannah for being over the top, she read me the instructions, basically demanding that the owner go over the top! Ha! Boy did she get me!

So, let me show you around the “Wreck This Journal…”

It starts out quite cute.

Then it gets slammed around, bent, twisted, the spine broken, things dripped on it, holes punched in it, screws driven through it,


And even gets driven over…(yes, we did that!)



I don’t think I’ve ever heard them laugh so loud.

So, here’s a sampling of pages, some started, some pristine (so far!)










..and so much more!

I’m trying to get past my reservations, and look at it from their perspective. I have to admit, it DOES seem like good summer fun, doesn’t it?!


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  1. I have a couple of friends who made their own wreck-this-journal journals. They exchanged them and loved every minute they worked in them. I’ve never seen the lick one, though. Think I might pass on that one, depending on how many people had already handled it.


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