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Well, I’ve started (Journally Speaking!)

So, you remember my crazy idea about re-creating the 1st 5+ months of the year in a journal, then continuing on for the year?

Well, I actually started it.

The idea of going back to the 1st of the year was a little daunting, and some friends suggested I just start with June and not worry about the rest of the year, but my anal-ness won’t allow it. It was all or nothing.

I started by going over my calendar, my blog and my daily check-in with my on-line art group friends to make notes for each day. I used sticky notes to put on each day, and got caught up to the end of May in just a few hours. I’ll go over photos to add even more information.

It was a lot easier than I thought it it would be. It won’t be as complete as it will be going forward, but I’ll be able to do something for each day. An added photo here and there will help to fill the pages on the days where there is isn’t a lot of detail, and I can always do a little extra art or find sayings I want to remember if I need to fill in space.

I’ve put a little date on each page in the corner with pencil for the 1st six months, and now that the last three journals have arrived, I’ll do the same for July – December.

The plan is that I will start with a current date, and work on the earlier months as I have the time. Having the pages all set up will make it so I can work on whatever day I want, whenever I want. If I want to work on the trip to Ecuador, I’ll find those days in April. Feeling more in a Maui frame of mind? Flip to February/March. I can even work ahead on embellishing a page if there is a theme or season coming up I want to play with.

So today I decided to jump in – that’s usually my biggest issue, just actually starting that first page. And, I was glad I’d set up the dates on pages, because I decide to start with our Maui trip which was back in February.

I’m not declaring victory yet, but I’m starting, and for me, that’s a good thing!



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