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Succulent Fountain

A few years ago I rescued a large fountain that had been heading to the dump. Instead of using it for its original purpose, I made it into a container for succulents.

When Mr. Tattered and I had had a little blow up about the backyard – as my irrigation specialist he was taking exception to the “jungle” of plants I’d planted, leaving him no way to check for leaks, etc. – I lost interest and let everything go. If I couldn’t have the backyard I wanted, why have one at all? (I can be bad at adulting sometimes!) I ignored the succulent fountain for years, but somehow it survived, although not in its original beautiful state!

Ultimately, I turned the back yard over to Mr. Tattered to do with as he wished, but kept the fountain and a small area for flowers for myself. However, they’ve remained unimproved.

He wanted to move the fountain to a different area, so I used the need to empty it to move it as a launchpad for starting over. I should have taken a photo of it in it’s ignored state, but trust me, it was not pretty.

Because I am basically a frugal person, it is difficult for me to just toss things, so I sorted through the mess and pulled out plants I thought could be salvaged.

Then I went down to Green Acres, our local nursery, to pick up some new potting mix and a first batch of new succulents.

I don’t know how these ended up in my cart (but aren’t they just me?)

Anyway. The better part of the afternoon was spent returning the planter to its original glory.







It still needs more plants, but I’m going to hold off for awhile to see how many of the “salvage” plants survive.

Even unfinished, I like it. Again. I threw a regular plant into the cart, so that tells me I may be ready to get over my hissy fit and go ahead and get my little part of the garden spiffed up. It’s hard to stay uninterested when you’re strolling through Green Acres!


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  1. Recently, I lost all my blogs that were on my sidebar. I’ve spent TWO months searching for your blog. I finally found you again tonight. I’m thrilled. Now I can keep up with you again.

    Your succulent garden has survived this long with no love and no care, I’m fairly certain it’s going to thrive under your love. I have great hopes for it that it will fill out on its own.


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