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Year ’round Tree

Once upon a time, a tree up in the house meant that Christmas was coming.

Not any more!

A couple of years ago I added a super skinny tree to my hallway to showcase my “shabby chic” ornaments. They were getting lost on the eclectic “big” tree. I loved it so much I really hated to take it down.

So I decided to leave it up and do a Valentine’s Day tree. And after Valentine’s Day was over, I really didn’t want to put it away yet, so I did an Easter tree. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of them, but if I’m being honest, they really weren’t all that “photo worthy.”

Christmas 2016 my daughter-in-law decided SHE wanted a skinny tree, too, so that was her Christmas present – a tree and some ornaments to get her shabby chic tree started.

I think she was being funny when she said she wanted to leave it up all year, but I thought, why not? Surely we can come up with cute things to do trees for holidays and/or seasons.

And the year of  a “year ’round tree” began.

Valentine’s Day was easy. I had some decorations from the last year’s decorating that could be modified for the tree, and lots of heart-shaped ornaments that had been on the main tree – it was totally doable.

For me, anyway. Finding ornaments for her was a little trickier, having waited until after the stores had put away their Christmas decor to make the decision. We’ll beef hers up next year.







Then came St. Patrick’s Day. Much more difficult. The whole “year ’round tree” thing is not really a thing. Yet. I’m on a mission to make it one! So, it was pretty weak. But next year, watch out. It is going to rock.




I never did find a garland I liked. I’m pretty convinced I’ll need to make some ornaments.

Easter was easier. Not even close to perfect, but we’re getting there. I don’t have a topper, and the few decorations I “thought” might work either went on a bit of a walk-about, or I hallucinated the whole thing, so it isn’t nearly full enough. But I have ideas…

After Easter I went to Spring. Now we’re talking.





It was a bit of a challenge, but with a little improvising, it worked. Pretty well, actually. I particularly like the hose “garland.” My friend, Lindsay, made me a topper for it that says “Spring has Sprung.” I lOVE it! I need to make some ornaments to match.

I thought the little girl’s gardening gloves were a nice touch, as were the seed packages!

Now I’m onto 4th of July (Meegan went right from Easter to patriotic.) I’m not sure why, but ornament-sized decor was much easier to find for this. I love the wild garland, the topper, and the lights! The lights are a bit on the gaudy side, but I think they look festive!





After this, the plan is a summer tree, but I have 2 thoughts that I’m not sure can be combined onto one tree…one is summer fun (lemonade stands, bicycles, ants, watermelon, campers, s’omores, picnics…) The other is beachy, as in mermaids and shells. I’m not sure I want to combine the two, but doing them separately would mean neither would be up for very long.

I guess I don’t have to decide right this minute…


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