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I Can Create When I Need to!

A couple of weekends ago (yikes, is it 3 now???) was a major blast of creativity for me. A much needed one, I might add!

It was Bea’s birthday, and she requested a “bee” cake. This is not the first time she’s had a “bee” themed birthday, but last time she wanted a lavender bee cake.

This time she wanted a more traditional color theme.

Which reminded me that I had purchased a length of “bee” fabric to make her a dress a few years ago, and getting it made never got to the top of my to do list. I found it and ta-dah! Birthday dress. Since I bought it, she has grown quite a bit, so it needed a little extra length and I was able to find a coordinating fabric to make a ruffle. She also felt like she wanted it to cover up a little more than a sun dress does, so I got a white tee shirt and found some little coordinating bows to fancy it up, and added them to the dress as well to tie the look all together.


At the last minute I realized I hadn’t gotten her a card, so in Gaga fashion, I made one – a cute little tag using fabric from her dress to embellish it.

Now I’m pretty full of myself again, and in “need, need, need to create” mode.

Thank goodness I still have a bunch of cards I “need” to get made. Heeheehee!


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