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Ocean Hearts

We’ve been coming to Hawaii for over 20 years, nearly every year. And, yes, I appreciate just how very spoiled we are. Maui is our favorite island, and the one we come back to every year.

Part of the ritual is walking on the beach and looking for sea treasures. Hawaii has very little in the way of shells, but loads and loads of coral washes up. The types and shapes never cease to amaze me.

My favorites are the “hearts,” bits of coral that have broken off and been tumbled into heart shapes.

Sometimes you have to look for quite awhile to find any.

Some have tails that make them look more like “Ys.”

Other don’t have the tail, but really look more like “Vs.”

And some you have to use your imagination a bit to see the heart shape.



Most years I only find a very few that are no doubt about it “take-home-quality” hearts.  This year I don’t know if I’ve just spent more time walking the beach, or have developed a better eye, but I’ve found so many I’m going to either take home a bunch, or figure out how to whittle them down to a more manageable number.

The problem is, they each have their charms.



And then there is my very, very favorite, which can’t come home with me because it’s too big…


I do love my ocean hearts. And I love the name Ocean Hearts. It would make a cute name for a shop, don’t you think? Oh, Lord. I’m losing my mind. But there is an empty commercial building just down the street…

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