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Remember That Trip To Aloha Bead Co.?

By now you know, that with me, there’s always a story.

And here’s the latest.

So, last week I went to Aloha Bead Co. in Paia and fell in lust. Big time. I’ve been dreaming about those garden bracelets I told you about. Day and night. Night and day.


I got on line looking for their web-site (there isn’t one) and stumbled upon their Etsy store. The owner literally has everything you need to make the bracelets, as well as kits, available on-line. So the pressure was off. I could think about it, mull it over, and if the urge was still there months from now, I could always order it and have it shipped.

Have you met me?????

That’s just not how I roll. I spent way too much time scrolling through all of Sarah’s offerings (Yes, Sarah. We’re on a first name basis now.)

I ended up messaging her through Etsy to tell her what I was looking for, and she said she could make up kits for me in whatever color combination I was interested in and ship them within a few days. I told her the color I was interested in, and mentioned I was on the island. She suggested that I come in and she’d show me how to get started.

And then she went to her studio and MADE some lamp work beads she thought I would like for the project. OMG. How can you not instantly LOVE this woman? Of course, I didn’t know this in advance.

Wednesday just couldn’t get here quickly enough. I was beside myself excited.

So I walk in and she’s got “our” project laid out on her table, including the newly made beads I ADORE, and we set to work. Well, she started to work. I never dreamed she’d do the set up for me.

She very patiently explained the process as she went along along with the whys. I watched her every move.

You start with the basic set-up on wire…

…measuring along the way to get it the right length.

Then she started sewing on the beads with thread, one little set at a time.

When she had to stop to wait on a customer, I summoned the courage to try myself, and from there, she just coached. Here’s my very first bead! There, that little bell-shaped one. I did that!!!

I was very slow, and made a lot of mistakes, which I caught and fixed, but every second of it was fun. As it got more and more beautiful, my excitement grew. And with each little set, I got a little more confident, and a little faster.

All my fears of not completing the project flew out the window.

By the time I left, I’d completed half of the first phase.

Once I get the second half done, I’ll go back over it and add a few larger accent beads. We decided the pendant heart I purchased would match these beads quite well if we introduce just a touch of pink. So I’m going for a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and then the pendant on a simpler beaded necklace. We tossed around a few ideas, and she included enough extra beads for me to play with.

I have to confess, I purchased more beads for more projects, but…

…at least until it’s time to blog about it, so you’ll have to wait to see just how naughty I was.

Now, I have to tell you, had she not shown me how to do it, we would probably be looking at a very different outcome. I am a visual learner, and I’m not sure reading directions would have been enough. But watching, then doing under supervision, I’m sure I can do it, and I love it so much, I’m convinced I will follow through! Thanks, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart. As you would say, “much aloha!”


Now, you may not be able to get to Maui to meet Sarah in person, but she has an Etsy shop that contains everything you need to make these wonderful bracelets, as well as kits if you’re afraid to just dig in and try them on your own.  But even if you don’t like the bracelets, her beads are really quite amazing, and she is even open to custom designing lamp work beads for you!

You haven’t heard the last about Miss Sarah on these pages. I’ll be sharing with you my treasure trove of purchases along with my finished pieces in the days and weeks, and hopefully months, to come, and I’ll be giving credit where credit is due.

And before I close, I need to give props to Mr. Tattered. The plan was, I’d go play with beads for a couple of hours, then pick up a flat bread pizza to bring home for dinner. Well. I called to check in mid-afternoon, and it was pretty obvious I was having a blast, so he suggested I stay longer and we’d do pizza another time – he’d figure out dinner for himself. I think I’ll keep him.



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  1. SO glad this story has a happy ending, or at least a happy beginning and middle!

  2. Janet, I have NO idea why or where you thought you saw me. The photo was of my friend Kathy, who also made the books. She is 30 years older, six inches taller, and 60 lbs heavier than me. SORRY. Bleubeard is the face of our blog.


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