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Creative Bliss

It took a little over a week to get there, but I’m now firmly in the zone. The “creative bliss” zone.

I realized it last night as I surveyed my little crafty kingdom away from home. I am beyond collecting supplies, and onto actually having something to show for my efforts beyond dreaming about what I COULD do.

But it’s not just producing that makes the “zone.” It’s LOVING it. Feeling totally energized by it.

I remember back when I had my store that I would reach the point where I was toast. No creative mojo, no energy…just dragging.

The market time would come and I’d be off into creative Disneyland. The inspiration was everywhere, and before I knew it ideas were coming faster than I could write them down. My team and I would plan a minimum of 6 months of themes, windows, and displays to highlight the merchandise we were buying and we could hardly wait to get home and start executing them. It was like being plugged into an electric socket and totally recharging the batteries.

It didn’t mean that every day life sucked, it just meant that we burned so bright we had to have some recharge time.

And so it is with me now. I LOVE my life, and I love what I do every day. But I do it with passion, and I need recharging from time to time.

So here I am. I am charged.

I’ve soaked up all this yumminess…




Now it’s time to get to creating.

Finished another simple pair of earrings for Bea.


And of course, that means she’ll need a bracelet to match, so I started a new bowl of lavender/purple beads.

When I was at the mall (buying more beads, of course…) I ran across a jewelry artist whose ankle bracelets spoke to me. I didn’t even argue this time, just got out the money…

It’s a pretty clever design. 2 wraps around and it’s a ankle bracelet, 3 a bracelet, and just a rope and it makes a necklace. Yep, I’ll be adapting a design of my own.

And then I decided my cards for National Letter Writing Month are screaming for a tag…


Just found out there are 71 participants this year instead of just 50. Still doable, but I need more tags and a bit more paper. Bummer. Another trip to the bead craft supply store.

Yep. Creative Bliss. Just love it.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Looks awesome!! I am so glad you are energized and recharged!! XO


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