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National Letter Writing Month

I’m a little ahead of myself, because the celebration doesn’t start until April. But I thought I’d give you little reminder in advance, just in case you want to plan a little celebration of your own and need a little time to get it together.

National Letter Writing Month is a time to remember the days when we actually sent letters to each other instead of tweets or posts on our walls. A time when we went to the mail box and found something other than bills and advertisements. Remember those days?

Eleven months out of the year, going to the mailbox is nothing but a chore.

But the month of April is different. I can be sure nearly every day of getting a special little sumpin, sumpin I actually WANT to see.

I belong to a group sponsored by one of my art friends, Lindsay Ostrom. Lindsay is the queen of “Creative Cuteness.” She is a much published lettering artist who is probably the most creative AND productive person I have ever met – an amazing conglomeration of artistic talent, innovativeness and follow-through. She makes me look like a slug, so I NEVER compare myself (well, maybe once in awhile, but it’s such a painful endeavor I don’t do it often.)

Anyway, I’ve been joining Lindsay in this challenge for 4 or 5 years (I’m losing track now) and I look forward to it every year. I have gained a new appreciation for card making AND the joy of getting actual happy mail in my mail box for one wonderful month a year.

In order to join in, you have to sign a little letter of intent, PROMISING to send the pen pal Lindsay paired you up with at least 4 pieces of mail during the month. I am having a printing issue at home (long story) so I decided to wait until we got to Maui to print out my agreement, only to find that the ink i my printer is dried up and since we are probably NOT going to keep our storage unit, was less than enthused with the idea of buying $70 worth of ink to print one piece of paper, and even less enthused about finding someplace where I could do it. So I threw myself on Lindsay’s mercy and she basically said to sign something Hawaiian and take a picture of it to send her to show I was serious. Huh? Hey, her game, her rules! So I set off for the beach, collected a bunch of chunks of coral and shells, and signed the sand.


Now, not everyone can be a part of a group like that (I don’t know when the deadline is, but if you WANT to participate, let me know and I’ll see if there is still time to join in!)

But my point in bringing this up now is to challenge YOU, whether you are a creative type who wants to MAKE cards, or just a nice person who would like to brighten a few people’s lives, to send some snail mail during the month of April.

What if you just made a list of your 10 closest friends, and sent them a little note in the mail? Or you could get crazy and write a few full on letters! Do you even remember how? Have you EVER even sent one?

So, it’s time to get working on my cards. Not content to send 4 things to my individual pen pal, I like to send at least 2 pieces to every participant. This year year we’re looking at about 50, down from a high of 125 one year. I know, it’s crazy, but 50 really is a manageable amount. You just have to decide on a design and mass produce. Here are some from years past (we aren’t supposed to post what we’re sending until they are received!)








In case you didn’t see my supplies yesterday, here’s the THEME for this year…I’ll probably tease a little between now and next month, but I can’t show the whole thing until then!


So what do you think? Wanna join in? Are you tempted to participate in your own little celebration?

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  1. I love doing this and I think I’m going to start making my envelopes soon.

    • Good for you! I’m hoping to get a prototype for my card finished this week, then have them finished by the 3rd week in the month. That’ll give me a week to get them addressed, and out by the 1st! Woohoo!


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