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Have I mentioned…

…that I have a very addictive personality? Who me?

Yes, sad, but true. With me, any little thing can be come and obsession. And, what begins as a way of not obsessing about one thing, leads to an equal obsession to something else.

So what is a girl to do? Pick my poison, or balance out multiple obsessions, I guess!

A few days ago it was knitting.


And, no I haven’t given it up. I’ve just slowed down a bit to make way for a much less productive obsession.

A parallel obsession was paying way too much attention to political going on (PLEASE don’t get me started on that…) So it was really necessary to find something to occupy my brain in those few minutes between other obligations. I can’t stand just sitting with nothing to do, not even for 5 minutes. If I’m not going to be checking FB, I HAVE to be doing SOMETHING.

So. You know that feeling you have when you are about to do something you know could be a big mistake?

Yeah, that one. I ignored it.

By way of background, one of my guilty pleasures is playing spider solitaire. My dad was a huge solitaire player his whole life and my sister followed in his footsteps with spider solitaire. Once I tried it, I was hooked. But my phone has decided it doesn’t want to shift to a horizontal display, making the cards awfully squished up. I was getting annoyed with it, so when a screen popped up inviting me to try a different game, I tried it.

Toy Blaster. If you ever see it, close your screen immediately. DO NOT under any circumstances play it. Not even once. It is pure evil. Cocaine in game disguise. Seriously. One snort round and you’re done. Life will never be the same.


Yeah, level 142. And there’s only one way to get there – one level at a time. And sometimes it takes many hours to get through one level depending on how quickly you learn (and whether or not you seek help, which I do.) It can also be incredibly expensive if you don’t figure out how to “game” the system. I figured it out (with a little help from anonymous criminals friends on the internet.) So far I’ve managed to get playing time and pass levels without having to resort to paying the piper, but I’m fully aware that may come crashing down at any time and then I’ll either go broke or find a new obsession. I suspect it will be the latter.

But in the meantime the lizard brain joy of figuring out strategies surpasses the frustration of the “groundhog day” effect, and it’s keeping me from watching/reading every appalling program and/or article about the latest debacle going on in Washington, and by extension keeping an ulcer at bay.

Is it healthy? I don’t know. And to be honest, at this very moment, I don’t care.

I just want to blast 240 of these little suckers to smithereens and watch the fireworks showing me what a good girl I am.



God help me, I love this stupid game.


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