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It’s Puzzling

I love doing jigsaw puzzles.

It seems like such a waste optional use of time that I don’t do them often. My parents used to do them when I was growing up. It seems like there was one going fairly often, especially at Christmas time.

Over the years I’ve tried sporadically to get my family to do them, but there hasn’t been much interest. Two or three Christmases in a row I started one and left it out on a table for anyone to jump in, but it was mostly just me, so I quit.

Now with the grandkids, I’ve been trying again. Surely SOMEONE will want to puzzle with me!

Hannah liked them when she was little, but not so much any more. Bea likes them, so there is hope there. I haven’t been able to get Josh interested at all. I don’t know if I just haven’t been able to find one that sparks his interest, or if he just isn’t a puzzle kinda guy. Lexi, at least so far, seems to be a puzzle FREAK. She’s almost 3, and has gone from 4 piece puzzles, to 12 piece to 24 piece in just a couple of weeks.

She’ll take 3 of the 12 piece puzzles and dump them on the floor, sort them by which one go into which frame, then systematically do each one, all by herself. The fact that she was looking for ways to challenge herself just blew me away!




That told us she was ready for the 24 piece puzzles. I’d only gotten her 2 of the 12 piece puzzles (thinking she’d be ready for them in a month or two) and before I could get her more, it was obvious she was ready to move up. She’d mastered them both in just a day or two, doing them over and over and over.


Before I even said out loud she was ready to move up again, she said to me, “Gaga, we need to go on the “compooter” and find me some harder puzzles.” So we did! I ordered 8 of them from “Melissa and Doug.” They’re my favorites. They seem to be well made (not that it matters since she’s blowing through them before she can wear them out!)  and have a variety of subjects.

They arrived today,


and for some reason I got to wondering why I think puzzles are so good for kids, which sent me on an internet search to see if I was even right, and if I was, why. Turns out that I WAS right.

There was article after article about the benefits of doing puzzles at a young age.

They help with eye-hand coordination, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, memory, and problem solving. And besides that, they are fun, portable, can be done alone or with a sibling or parent, and give kids an immediate sense of accomplishment.

I rarely leave the house with Lexi any more without taking a couple with us for her to do if we have down-time.

Yesterday I noticed that Bea had pulled out some of her old 100 piece puzzles and was doing them on her own. It may be time to find her a more challenging one and see if she enjoys it.




Maybe I’ll have some puzzle buddies yet! I got so excited at the very thought of it, I went over, grabbed Bea and we went puzzle shopping and found her a 300 piece one she wanted to try.




That’s my girl! When we get interested in something, we don’t mess around!

Side note:  As I researched, I discovered January 29 is National Puzzle Day. That was timely!




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