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Continuing The Portland Experience

Yes, we started the day the same as yesterday – Cheryl’s on 12th – same dishes as yesterday. We tend to get in ruts quickly, but hey, we know what we like!

I was hoping to be sporting a new “do” by now, but, alas, that was not to be. “Glow” was completely booked, so I’ll have to find someone at home…Meegan says she “has people,” so I’ll be able to blame her if it doesn’t go well. (Just kidding, Meegs!)

Then we wandered the streets of “the Pearl.”

I read that Powell Bookstore was not to be missed, so we spent some time browsing what felt like miles of books. The building takes up a full city block and is 3 stories high for part of that area. They feature both new and used books and tons of fun little gifts. I could seriously have stayed all day.

This (all you can see in the photo) is their vegan cookbook section…I’m dying right now. If only someone would cook for me!


The Pearl area boasts some of my favorites, a giant Anthropologie and Sur la Table to name just two. There weren’t any gift shops in the area we walked, so that was a little disappointing, but Mr. Tattered isn’t much for shopping, and just walking and looking at the interesting buildings that have been restored was enough. The rain stopped, so although we weren’t getting drenched it was cold, and we didn’t last long.

Back at the hotel, Mr. Tattered checked on our reservations for dinner tonight and discovered the menu had changed and had only one veg option, so he got to researching and found a better option for us, Andina, a Peruvian restaurant with a whole separate veg/vegan menu that sounded amazing, along with pisco sours and alfajores (Peruvian cookies that are to die for.) My mouth was watering just thinking about it.


So, are you ready for just a little more food porn?

We started out with the Pisco Sours, the national drink of Peru – a little like a margarita. We took a little class on making them when we were in Peru, and bought some pisco to bring home with us, but never made them. I’m hoping we will, now that we’ve reminded myself how much we like them!


We opted for 4 “small plates” – a far cry from the 12 different tastes from last night, but more traditional.

The 1st  was root vegetable chips w/ 3 different sauces, and the 2nd, peruvian baby potatoes with inca corn and 3 more sauces…





Next up was a a plate of “humitas de queso,” tamales stuffed with 3 Peruvian cheeses (which turned out to be my favorite! No big surprise, I love tamales, and these were super creamy.)



And our last small plate, Yucca Rellena.



The sauces were all amazing…

Mr. Tattered was stuffed and opted out of dessert, but there was no way I was leaving without having an “alfajores,” a shortbread cookie with dulce de leche filling and a cup of luscious decaf.





The little serving pot was just my style, too!

Maybe next trip we won’t do Farm Spirit twice. Maybe once, then another trip to Andina, and a night free to try something new…

That marks the end of our little foodie trip. Thanks for coming along with me!

Tomorrow we head back to the real world. You know what they say, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diet.”  Actually, when all is said and done, we did a lot of walking, so maybe this little foray into eating a bit too much won’t be so bad.

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